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Violet is the daughter of Viv.

Viv came to visit the Ottos with her baby to come along with.

Viv was trying to get groceries from the house that Viv cannot afford. Then when Katie came to visit Viv if she took her keys. Then Alan appeared (Viv ex-husband) and Viv commanded that it’s Katie’s baby. And Katie was not ahh~ with it. Viv did not want to tell Alan about the baby because she thought he was going to be upset while she had a baby while the divorce.

In season 5, Violet is shown playing with Anna-Kats beloved ponies. Violet is with Taylor, because Viv is with british Greg Otto. Anna-Kat embraces Violet playing with the pony and offers for Violet to take them home if she likes them that much. Violet does not talk, and doesn't smile-