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The Uprising is the third episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. Written by Donald Diego and directed by John Putch, it aired on October 11, 2017.


Oliver has an embarrassing incident in ballet class, which has Greg recounting some of his most embarrassing moments. When this fails to console Oliver, Katie causes public embarsment for Greg while he does a reading from his upcoming book. Meanwhile, Tara tries to get revenge on Katie by turning Anna-Kat into a vegan, which makes Katie to get revenge back on Tara.

the episode starts with Katie and Tara. Taylor asks Katie if she can ride home with her friends and Katie said yes. Oliver quits ballet and moves on. Tara gets revenge on Katie for Anna-Kat that she’s decided to be a vegan. Katie calls Tara a bitch. Tara told Anna-Kat that the sausage is made. Taylor dyes her hair blonde without permission. Which makes Katie and Greg very disappointed in her. Both Taylor and Tara are annoying Katie. Katie turns the service off for Taylor. At the store, Tara keeps annoying Katie about Anna-Kat. Tara tells Anna-Kat that leather comes from cow skin. Katie’s purse used to be an animal. Tara feels Katie’s purse and says no not this purse. Anna-Kat then gets shy so she gets a hug from Katie and Anna-Kat gets her hair in her face so see seems sad and shy. So Katie annoys Tara back by calling an arm-pit woman. She tells the woman that Anna-Kat is shy of strangers. Tara then gets offended back and gets ruined by Katie. At Dinner, Katie gives Anna-Kat her unvegan food. Taylor calls child services and orders a Pizza and an Air Mattress. Anna-Kat tells Greg that brown loaf is her new favorite. Greg agrees with Taylor and Tara. Katie has really lost control. Katie apologizes to Taylor. The whole gang eats veggie chicken for dinner. Katie has ruined Tara’s life. Greg buried himself in the dirt in the backyard. The whole gang is offended because of him.

You bitch. Katie to Tara.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Carly Craig as Tara Summers
  • Mallory Jansen as Nina
  • Sophia Coto as Autumn
  • Madeleine Woolner as Hairy Armpit Woman
  • Brianna Askins as Blonde Teen #1
  • Sterling Griffith as Blonde Teen #2
  • Lena Torluemke as Blonde Teen #3



This is the first episode with Taylor and her blonde hair.

This is the second episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie and the third episode in which Taylor confronts Katie.

This is the only episode in which Anna-Kat gets shy.


Katie narrating: you gotta love public school, free babysitting and conveniently throw away my car garbage. (Throws the stuff down in the garbage can)

Tara: you ruined my son’s life.

Katie: ah Tara Summers. My daughters boyfriend’s mom. Or also known as my enemy. If I had one free hit punch for anyone in the world, it would be Bryan deguller. But if I had two, it would be Tara Summers.

Tara: Eyo doesn’t wanna be an anesthesiologist anymore. He wants to be a cartoon artist.

Katie: hmm.

Tara: He spends the day at your house and now he wants to follow his dreams.

Katie: Sounds like a real bad scene.

Autumn: hi Mom.

Tara: hi honey.

Anna-Kat: mama, can Autumn and I have a play date later after school today?

Katie: sure. That can also be part of the reward systems list.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yay.

Autumn: hey Mom, can we have a play date later after school today?

Tara: fine. But It has to be at my house, because if Autumn doesn’t even give you she’ll be something awful when she grows up. Like a teacher. Come on.

Taylor: hey Mom, is it ok if I ride home with my friends today?

Katie: yes. And nice joining the most popular side. Do you know I was the most popular girl at high school of 5000 people?

Taylor: I did. Because you talk about it constantly.

Katie: well somebody sounds jealous.

Taylor: (rolls her eyes)

Katie: have you seen Oliver?

Taylor: yeah he took the bus to ballet practice. I’ve been seen taking to my Mom for a very long time so I’m gonna go while I still have friends. (Walks away)

Katie: hmm. Bye Taylor have fun first day without your blanket I’m so proud of you.

Taylor: (glares at Katie and walks away angrily)

Katie: (looks offended because Taylor glares at her and stomped away angrily because of Katie)

Katie narrating: is it possible I came to school for nothing? I’ve achieved what every stay at home mom dreams of. A free afternoon. I’m going to Target to sit on the lawn furniture.

Anna-Kat: I’ve decided to become a vegan. (Walks upstairs to her room)

Katie: you bitch.

Tara: hmm. Have fun with your daughter’s new lifestyle. PS, I literally told her how the sausage is made. Bye. (Walks away and opens and closes the door)

Taylor: Hey guys. What do you think?

Greg: Never mind three for three.

Taylor: So you like it?

Katie: What has gotten into you?

Katie: You are not allowed to dye your hair without asking for permission.

Taylor: Um, I’m pretty sure I can because I just did. And it’s my hair.

Katie: That is not your hair. As long as you live in this house, it’s my hair. Everything you have is mine, your liver I’m letting you borrow it.

Taylor: You could at least ament it’s cute.

Katie: Cute? It’s not cute.

Hans Gruber: (oinks)

Katie: a pig in a skirt, that’s cute. (groans) these girls are killing me, I need to lie down.

Greg: Were are you going?

Katie: Target.

Carly: so we decided about this. Taylor dyed her hair blonde without Katie’s permission, Oliver isn’t doing ballet anymore and Anna-Kat has been into a vegan by Tara.

Sonny: yeah. Tara Summers can be a bitch.

Carly: damn right she can be. I’m gonna kick her in the ass.

Sonny: oh that’d be great.

Carly: well damn right it would be. She should be screwed, not Katie. Tara.

Taylor: Mom get your keys we got to find a new phone.

Katie: well too bad. I can do with it whatever I want because it’s my phone. You see it’s mine because I paid for it. So I turned the service off.

Taylor: (rudely) you are the worst. (Walks upstairs to her room)

Greg: so a day without her phone?

Katie: mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And just to be sure

Taylor: (opens her door) WERE’S ALL MY STUFF?

Katie: if your old enough to dye your own hair then your old enough to get your own stuff.

Greg: you got rid of all her things her bed her laundry?

Katie: all of it is in the garage.

Greg: how did you?

Katie: you know how a child is stuck under a mother’s love can give so human strength, turns out it also kicks in when a mother’s really pissed. (To Anna-Kat) and you, are coming to the store to buy your special dinner.

Anna-Kat: sounds like fun.

Katie: (offended)

Greg: Katie I can’t just get my headliners in these things. They only weigh 2 pounds.

Katie: rage Greg. It makes me strong.

Greg: alright you can stop.

Katie: fine. I’m sorry.

Tara: Katie Otto in my aisle. Buying tofu.

Katie: give it a rest Tara.

Tara: no it’s still fun. Anna-Kat do you know leather comes from cow skin, your mothers purse used to be an animal. (Feels Katie’s purse) no not this purse (chuckles)

Anna-Kat: (makes sad sounds and gets shy)

Katie: aww baby, don’t worry. It’s ok.

Anna-Kat: (hides her hair in her face, gets sad and shy and Katie hugs her)

Katie: aww my sweetheart (feels very sad for Anna-Kat) it’s ok. Listen, when I was your age I got shy because of a person who was bullying me. And it happened.

Anna-Kat: but mama, I’m just shy because of her. (Points at Tara)

Katie: Tara? Yeah. She can be a gank. But listen. I understand.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Continues being sad and shy)

Katie: aw my baby princess sweetheart it’s ok. (Both hug for a while of time) (to the armpit woman) excuse me, can you get the vegan aise for me?

Woman: my pleasure.

Tara: (gets offended)

Katie: no. My pleasure. (To Tara) back in your face Tara. (Smiles rudely at Tara and walks away with Anna-Kat) (to Anna-Kat) come on.

Anna-Kat: (continues being sad and shy)

Katie: I understand. It’s ok. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during it)

Taylor: ok Mom. Haha. I get it. But it’s sloppy joes I’ll make a mess.

Katie: actually blondie, you don’t get it. If your old enough to dye your own hair then your old enough to get your own food, with your own stuff.

Taylor: I’m calling child services.

Katie: with what?

Taylor: (sighs angrily and walks away)

Katie narrating: uprising crushed. Opinions and ideas squelched. Children sad. Mom happy. Husband messy.

Katie: how does it taste Anna-Kat? Brown and loafy?

Anna-Kat: tastes like dirt. I love dirt.

Katie: (looks offended)

Taylor: I just used a family computer to order myself a pizza and an air mattress. Should be here in 30 minutes, or less.

Katie: how the hell did you do that?

Taylor: I have some birthday money saved up and the internet is awesome.

Greg: that’s awesome

Katie: (glares at Greg)

Greg: the internet not the Schweppes part that’s awful. Brown loaf awful.

Anna-Kat: brown loaf is my new favorite.

Greg: wow Katie you have really lost control.

Katie: (sighs upsetly)

(10 minutes ago, just Katie and Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (stops eating her dinner and starts crying tears of sadness)

Katie: aw my baby princess sweetheart I know you don’t like being a vegan like Tara it’s ok. (Touches Anna-Kat’s back and rubs it while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness)

Anna-Kat: (crying) I know but now I want to eat meat again mama. I should have never been a vegan. I want to eat meat now. (Continues crying tears of sadness)

Katie: aw I know my baby. Come here. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during it while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness) it’s ok. I know I know. Let’s check your reward systems list. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: (shows Anna-Kat the reward systems list) so here. For the first one for crying, I added I feel very sad and start to break down in tears because an enemy of my mom’s has tricked me into a vegan.

Anna-Kat: I pick that one. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: aw I know that she can be a pain in the neck sometimes I know. Come here. (Both Katie and Anna-Kat hug) it’s ok my sweetheart. It’s ok. I know my baby princess sweetheart. It’s ok. (Sighs) listen, I’ve known you for 8 years now. You are my hero.

Anna-Kat: but what if your going anywhere without me. I don’t want you going anywhere without me. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: sweetie, it’s ok. (Says all this kind of stuff when Katie is rubbing Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying) I’m not going anywhere so I’ll always be with you. Especially when you’re out from school. I love you so much and no matter what, I will always love you and you always make me smile and I always make you smile. We always watch movies together, play together and sometimes we sleep with each other. So you can do it immediately and I understand you know how much you like eating meat and I understand. We’ll make you do that stuff starting tomorrow. And I know you like meat I know. But sometimes we fight but we always get along. We love each other, just as I love you. And I will always love you with all my heart, kisses and hugs. I know you’re a little too scared about brown loaf, but every time you disrespect me, you have to think about it. It’s ok to cry because you were a vegan I know, but it’s not ok to be rude about it. It’s not. Stop being rude and disrespectful. You have to think about it before you speak. Whether you like it or not. And I know you’re not happy about a vegan. I know your crying tears of sadness because of it I know. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness) it’s ok. I understand that you don’t like it but sometimes we are frustrated over things and we all know about it. Maybe during school tomorrow you should talk to Ms Meltzer or Dr Ellie about it. How much you hate being a vegan. You might wanna tell Dr Ellie because she’s your counselor, like Nancy is your therapist. Dr Ellie is like her. And you always respect her because you like her. And she always makes you feel better by telling you what to do because when your told not to do, you start getting cranky. It’s not ok. I know that your a little off today but listen, I know it’s a lot of work for you to do by turning yourself by into meat again I know it’s hard, but you got it. You are the best kid that I had. You were always my favorite and now you are for a little short of time. So sometimes we have to get up and get going so we can earn our tallies. And you have. And I’m so proud of you my baby princess sweetheart. You are 8 years old and I love you so much no matter what. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: so no more tears of sadness about being a vegan. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: aw come here. It’s ok. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during their hug while Anna-Kat is still crying) do you wanna sleep with me in my room tonight because you were crying tears of sadness because you were a vegan?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: ok. (stops for 5 seconds so she sees Anna-Kat’s tears and Anna-Kat wipes them away while crying) aw my baby princess sweetheart. It’s ok. (Both Katie and Anna-Kat hug and Katie rubs her back during their hug while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness and sniffles)

Sam: (sees Tara and starts to confront her)

Tara: Sam McCall.

Sam: Tara Summers.

Tara: Anna-Kat’s a vegan because I annoy Katie a lot.

Sam: (rudely) you ruined my daughter’s life.

Tara: aw well Anna-Kat can be vegan as long as she wants. Katie is so screwed. (Giggles) and so are you.

Sam: (rudely) well that’s what you think of Anna-Kat? Her being a vegan like you, Eyo and everyone else who is a vegan can go (bleep) themselves. You are the one who ruined her life and now you think you’re gonna be capable of annoying Anna-Kat as well? You could’ve heard her breaking down in tears an hour ago. She was crying because of you. No one deserves to be your friend like this. And so do I. We aren’t friends we are enemies and you are my arch enemy. I dare you to shut the hell up.

Tara: well well well that’s too bad so sad. Sam you are so screwed. Stupid stupid Sam.

Sam: (rudely) stupid stupid Tara. I could’ve wrote you up a minute ago. Standing there watching you, Eyo, Autumn and Bruce. You did this to me. And now she was supposed to be vegan and now you got revenge on Katie for that so her and I have revenge on you by you stinking up your damn hell armpits. You agreed with Katie to attend a play date for Anna-Kat and Autumn and then you tricked Anna-Kat into a vegan on purpose. You are a lying bitch and a selfish hypocrite. And now everyone in Westport knows. Even better, Katie knows.

Tara: well then Patrick or Jason might kick you out.

San: (rudely) give it a rest Tara.

Tara: no it’s still fun. And by then, Anna-Kat well be vegan forever. Just vegan and vegan until she dies forever. (Laughs and smiles annoyingly at Sam)

Sam: (glares at Tara while Tara smiles annoyingly at her and then she slaps Tara)

Tara: (gasps because Sam slapped her) how dare you?

Sam: (rudely) you tricked my stepdaughter into a vegan. How dare you? I could’ve been the one. For you annoying Katie about Anna-Kat as a vegan, you have no one to blame but yourself. You are the one who caused her and annoys Katie and every time you annoy Katie, you’re paying her back for the repairs. And I don’t give a damn what you want but you are annoying and very laughy at Katie. You did this to me. (Walks away angrily glaring at Tara)

Tara: (sighs offendly and gets offended because Sam confronted her)

Sam: (opens the door and closes it) alright. So I confronted Tara and now she has no one to blame but herself.

Katie: well I hope she does.

Sam: yeah I don’t give a damn after what she did to Anna-Kat. I heard Anna-Kat crying tears of sadness because of herself being a vegan and you hugged her. I heard her and she’s sleeping with you?

Katie: yes she is tonight.

Sam: ok. Were are the sloppy joes?

Katie: there right here.

Sam: thanks because I didn’t have dinner. (Eats the sloppy joes) they’re so good. Mm. (Eats them again)

(8:30 PM)

Katie: so Anna-Kat I got you something. (Gives her the iPad)

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and claps her hands) thanks mama. (Both hug)

Katie: your welcome my little princess. (Both stop hugging)

Anna-Kat: (uses the iPad)

(9:30 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat I’ll be there in a second.

Anna-Kat: ok mama.

(9:40 PM)

Katie: alright. OK. (Turns the light off) my sweetheart come here. (Both hug Goodnight) I love you so much and I’ll hug you when your asleep to cheer you up more.

Anna-Kat: ok mama. I love you.

Katie: I love you too. (Anna-Kat goes to sleep and Katie hugs her during Anna-Kat’s sleep and Anna-Kat loves it so much from Katie)


Katie: I crapped down on my kids like you suggested but it only made them crappier.

Doris: well then you have to double down. Give Taylor a one way bus ticket to Norwalk. Let her defend for herself, live in a box with her friends and see what’s going on like a hawk. Looking at her trying to think about it and what I’m thinking for Anna-Kat is dog crate for a few days and then throw a hamburger at her so she can be your dog for a couple day.

Katie: yeah she’s always my little weirdo doggy because she’s always like a weirdo and a little doggy. She’s been since the day of the first day of school for the kids. It’s always happens and it’s always funny when she’s my little doggy.


Anna-Kat: (continues barking like a dog)

Katie: I know my little doggy I know. (Giggles and rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still acting like a weirdo and a dog) you wanna little hamburger?

Anna-Kat: (barks yes and pints like a dog)

Katie: get it my girly.

Anna-Kat: (eats the hamburger while acting like a dog and barks and pints like a dog while acting like cuckoo pants and a weirdo)

Katie: aw. (Chuckles) come here cuckoo pants.

Anna-Kat: (acts like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants while her and Katie hug while Anna-Kat is still acting like a weirdo and a dog)

Katie: (chuckles with Anna-Kat while they’re both hugging)

(flashback ends)

Katie: she’s my little cuckoo pants doggy.

Katie: (to Taylor) you shouldn’t be dying your hair without permission ever again.

Anna-Kat: (to Taylor) Ooh you can’t do anything that you want to do now (giggles).

Taylor: UGH MOM!

Katie: Anna-Kat, you’re gonna lose another tally. Remember what your working for. Right?

Anna-Kat: right. I’m sorry Taylor. (Both Taylor and Anna-Kat hug)

Katie: so we are going to your Dad’s show.

(When they were there)

(7:15 PM)

Greg: hello. My name is Gregory Otto. And this is a John Stuart Mill book that I am going to read today.

Anna-Kat: (claps her hands quietly for Greg)

Everyone: (like what is happening when Anna-Kat claps her hands for Greg)

Katie: (smiles at Anna-Kat when Anna-Kat claps her hands for Greg)

Johnny: what the hell is she doing?

Anna-Kat: (still clapping her hands for Greg)

Lulu: probably clapping for Greg.

Brook Lynn: probably.

Anna-Kat: (Continues clapping her hands for Greg)

Greg: oh. Just thought one person applauded for me. Thank you. (Reads his book) long long day, a man named John Stuart Mill had good hair.

(10 minutes ago)

Greg: and then the man lived happily ever after. The end.

(everyone is like what the hell)

Anna-Kat: (starts clapping her hands for Greg)

Taylor: what the hell.

Oliver: what kind of book was that?

Sonny: (laughing hysterically while Anna-Kat is clapping her hands for Greg)

Anna-Kat: (continues clapping her hands for Greg)

Brook Lynn: what the hell was that?

Lulu: I have no clue.

Anna-Kat: (Continues clapping for Greg)

(5 minutes ago)

Taylor: that was the worst.

Molly: yeah totally.

Anna-Kat: I liked it though.

Oliver: well you do but not me.

Anna-Kat: I liked it daddy. (Claps her hands for Greg)

Greg: (takes a bow while Anna-Kat is clapping for Greg) thank you. I actually got this book a week ago and it was a hit.

Sonny: well I don’t clap I laugh hysterically after you read the book.

Greg: Anna-Kat, do you know how long does this take?

Anna-Kat: honestly I don’t remember? You hooked me up to the spot and then I pointed.

Greg: (groans)

Kristina: I don’t know what is going on. Do you?

Taylor: some of it yes and no.

Katie: why don’t you just buy a new belt?

Greg: I’m not buying a new belt if there’s some belt buried in this backyard. (Buries himself)

(everyone gasps)

Brook Lynn: (bleep)

Greg: this is the worst. (Buries himself again)

(everyone gasps again)

Oliver: OK. That’s it. I’m not having kids. This madness ends with me.

(the next day)

(10:30 AM just Katie and Anna-Kat at the house because Greg, Taylor and Oliver had plans so Katie is watching Anna-Kat for the whole day)

Anna-Kat: (crying)

Katie: You weren’t gonna do your chores so you get no electronics for today.

Anna-Kat: but mama

Katie: it’s disrespectful. Do I talk like that to you?

Anna-Kat: (sniffles) no. I’m sorry. (Continues crying)

Katie: I know you’re sorry but you have to show me you’re sorry.

Anna-Kat: (throws a fit and continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: stop with this madness.

Anna-Kat: (continues with the madness and continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: this is not how you’re sorry to me. I think we should be grounded for a couple minutes. Go to your room.

Anna-Kat: UGH! (Stomps upstairs to her room and continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: and you think about your behavior because I do not appreciate it from you this morning. (goes upstairs to her own room and relaxes for a little bit)

Katie narrating: why does she do this? She annoys Taylor and Oliver and I tell her to stop and today she wants to disrespect me? That is totally out of control for Anna-Kat. I will never have that talk from her ever again. She can cry all she wants but I do not appreciate it from her today. Well maybe I hear her now so I think I feel pretty sad.

Katie: (hears Anna-Kat crying and sighs sadly because she made Anna-Kat cry)

Anna-Kat: (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: (watches Anna-Kat cry because she has an app on her phone)

Katie narrating: I can’t believe I made her cry. I feel very sad for her while I watched her cry because I have an app on my phone.

Katie: (sighs sadly and goes to Anna-Kat’s room, feels sad for Anna-Kat because she grounded Anna-Kat for a bit and hugs Anna-Kat and rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness because she lost her electronics for the whole day) (both stop hugging for Katie’s sentence) I told you to do your chores. Right?

Anna-Kat: yes. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: and you talked back to me and disrespected me. I think we should be having less time on the electronics for a couple days.

Anna-Kat: (gasps sadly and cries more) now I’ll never go on electronics again. (Continues crying and sniffles tears of sadness because she lost her electronics for the whole day)

Katie: I know. I know. I know. it’s ok. (Both hug more and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness because she lost her electronics for the whole day)

Anna-Kat: (sighs sadly while crying) I’m so mad for a little bit.

Katie: I know but here’s a thing that you might not want to hear. People think you’re cranky.

Anna-Kat: (gasps sadly) I am?

Katie: yeah. And we don’t want you to be cranky. We want you to be happy.

Anna-Kat: (sighs sadly) I’ll try. (Sniffles, wipes her tears away and her and Katie hug)

Katie: (sighs sadly while her and Anna-Kat hug) (says this paragraph during the hug) I think screen time should be a part of the reward systems list. What do we think?

Anna-Kat: (sniffles) ok. (Continues sniffling)

Katie: here. (Her and Anna-Kat stop hugging and shows Anna-Kat the reward systems list) so look at your tallies. You have 2 now and you’ll move on to 3 if you don’t give me a hard time. We’re almost to 18. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. But how am I gonna change my behavior mama? (Sniffles)

Katie: (sighs and rubs Anna-Kat’s back and says this paragraph during the back rubbing for Anna-Kat) I’ll tell you. When we are upset over something, we’re not gonna scream or yell. We can cry and you can hug me as long as you want because if you always cry, I will always love you and give you hugs. But no yelling. OK?

Anna-Kat: (sniffles) OK. (Sniffles and continues crying)

(Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while Anna-Kat is still crying)

Katie: (says this sentence during the hug) Don’t be sad. OK?

Anna-Kat: (continues crying and wipes away her tears and continues crying tears of sadness) ok. (Continues crying)

Katie: (sighs sadly and keeps comforting Anna-Kat) I know my sweetheart. I know. (Keeps comforting Anna-Kat)

Katie narrating: if Anna-Kat would be a good child, she can always use electronics. But she was rude. So she was crying because she lost her electronics for a little while. So I gave her a hug to make her feel better because now, since I yelled at her, I feel sympathy for her.

Katie: (sighs and her and Anna-Kat stop hugging) I think you owe me an apology.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Sniffles) I’m sorry mama for yelling at you. (Voice breaking) I’m sorry. (Continues crying)

Katie: I accept your apology Anna-Kat. come here honey. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness because she lost her electronics for the whole day) (says this sentence during the hug) It’s ok sweetie. I know baby. I know. Listen. (Both stop hugging for Katie’s sentence) When we use the iPad too much, our brains get hurt so that’s why I don’t want you on it too much. Do you get what I’m saying?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Sniffles and wipes her tears away)

Katie: and while you’re holding your stuffed animal bird, It’s here to cheer you up and so am I.

Anna-Kat: (Sighs and sniffles)

Katie: (sighs sadly) I know you’re upset because you lost your electronics. I know. (Keeps comforting Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (sniffles and wipes her tears away from her eyes)

Katie: (feels more sympathetic to Anna-Kat and hugs her while Anna-Kat is still in tearful mode) Don’t be sad sweetie. Do we wanna go downstairs and have a little mama Anna-Kat movie time?

Anna-Kat: (holds her stuffed animal bird) mm-hmm.

Katie: come on my baby. (Her and Anna-Kat go downstairs to the living room, Katie makes popcorn, Anna-Kat hugs her stuffed animal bird while Katie is making popcorn and when the popcorn was ready, Katie brings it to her and Anna-Kat, turns on despicable me and they both watch it while eating popcorn and Anna-Kat hugging her stuffed animal bird)

Anna-Kat: (hugs her stuffed animal bird while still crying)

Katie: I know. Come here.

Anna-Kat: (lays on Katie’s arms while she is still crying)

Katie: (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying in Katie’s arms while Anna-Kat is still crying) It’s ok sweetie. I know it’s hard. I’ll tell you what. If you be good, respectful and do not give me a hard time and do what I tell you to do, I’ll get you some candy.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) really?

Katie: mm-hmm. If you’re good though. If not, then no candy for you. Got it?

Anna-Kat: Got it.

Katie: Good.

(Hans Gruber comes in the couch and Anna-Kat gives Hans Gruber love)

Katie: Aw. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is giving Hans Gruber love) (to Anna-Kat) I love you my sweetheart.

Anna-Kat: I love you too mama.

Katie: Feel better that we’re doing some movie time?

Anna-Kat: Uh-huh. I’m sorry for what happened earlier.

Katie: It’s alright sweetie. I’m sorry too. I just don’t want you to yell and talk back to me. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK.

Katie: And from now on, when I tell you to do something, what are we gonna do?

Anna-Kat: Do it.

Katie: Yep. We’re not gonna be rude or disrespectful. We just…

Anna-Kat: Do it.

Katie: Exactly. (Her, Anna-Kat and Hans Gruber watch Despicable Me along with Anna-Kat’s stuffed animal)

(In Kristina’s car)

Taylor: (checks her phone and sees a text from Eyo) Hey Kristina, can you turn up the radio a bit?

Kristina: Sure. (Turns up the radio)

Taylor: Thanks.

Oliver: (checks his phone and sees a post of Cooper) Who the hell would make Cooper into a clown?

Taylor: Probably weird people.

Kiki: I agree. Kristina, where are we going?

Kristina: We are going to the mall.

Everyone: YES.

Taylor: I’m gonna see if I get a great fancy shirt for Eyo.

Kiki: And I’m gonna get something sweet for Griffin.

Molly: And I’m gonna get TJ a little present.

Oliver: And I’m gonna see if Cooper wants more shoes.

Kristina: And I’m gonna make sure I get a mirror for my mom.

Everyone: HALLELUJAH! (All cheer)

(At home with Katie and Anna-Kat and the girls and Oliver come back to the Otto house)

(12 PM)

Taylor: (opens the door) Hey Mom.

Katie: Hi.

Kristina: Hey Katie.

Katie: Hello. How’s everyone?

Kiki: We’re doing alright. You?

Katie: Nothing much. Just having a little movie time with Anna-Kat. Anyone want to join in?

Taylor: Nah I’m good. However, I might come and sit on the couch in like 10 minutes.

Katie: OK. Take your time. There is no rush.

(The girls and Oliver go upstairs to have their conversation)

(12:30 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat lunchtime.

Anna-Kat: ok mama. (Comes downstairs for turkey and cheese sandwich)

Katie: did you wash your hands?

Anna-Kat: (washes her hands in the sink and then eats her lunch)

Katie: there you go.

Anna-Kat: (acts like a weirdo and giggles while acting like a weirdo while eating her lunch)

Katie: (chuckles) my little sweetheart.

Anna-Kat: (giggles)

(1 PM)

Katie: why don’t you come outside for a walk around the block with me.

Anna-Kat: ok.

Katie: We have to put socks and shoes on though. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. (Puts on her socks and shoes)

Katie: maybe walking around the block should be a part of the reward systems list so we can earn more tallies.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) ok mama. (giggles)

Katie: are we ready Anna-Kat?

Anna-Kat: I’m ready mama.

Katie: ok my princess. Let’s go.

Anna-Kat: ok.

(during the walk)

(1:55 PM)

Anna-Kat: mama, can I go on the playground?

Katie: no sweetie it’s just a walk.

Anna-Kat: aw. (Gets sad)

Katie: but don’t worry. You can go on the iPad when we get home.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and claps her hands)

Katie: (chuckles) my little princess. Come here. (Both hug while Anna-Kat is still acting like a weirdo)

Anna-Kat: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you mama.

Katie: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you too weirdo. (Both stop hugging) since you’ve been good, you can go on it (the iPad) when we get home. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Her and Katie continue walking home)

(when they got home)

(2:40 PM)

Katie: alright Anna-Kat. You can go on the iPad since you behaved for me when walking. And you earned a tally. (Writes a tally on the reward systems list)

Anna-Kat: thanks mama. (Both hug and Anna-Kat uses the iPad)

(the day after)

Anna-Kat: (clapping her hands to the beat for 10 minutes)