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The Maze is the fifth episode of the fourth season of American Housewife, and the seventy-fifth episode overall. Written by Anthony Lombardo and directed by Melissa Kosar, it aired on October 25, 2019.


Trying to reconnect with Anna-Kat, Katie decides her daughter is old enough to go through the town's haunted maze with her. Oliver is in a bind, as he's afraid to go through the maze but even more afraid that Brie will see him as a chicken. Meanwhile, after dropping off Trip, Taylor is followed by a mysterious vehicle.

The episode starts where Anna-Kat finds a piece of a skeleton. Taylor confronts Katie about her schedule. Katie is suffocating Taylor. Anna-Kat wants Katie to take her to the zombie maze, but Greg say no and they both ignore their warning and do it anyway. Anna-Kat gets scared so she lays on Katie’s arms. Taylor cuts a psycho off the road. But she calls Trip about the car who’s following her. Taylor goes to Doris for help, but Taylor cut her off. After Taylor cut Doris off, Doris confronts Taylor about her driving. Taylor went out on Halloween without her phone charged. Katie warned Taylor about that. Taylor asks Doris what is she doing? Doris then tells Taylor that she is gonna scare the hell out of her kids. Katie apologizes to Greg for taking Anna-Kat to the zombie maze. They talk about when she was a baby, and breaking down in tears all night and Taylor and Oliver were clingy. And Katie and Greg were completely exhausted. At home, Taylor tells Katie that she’s home. Taylor goes in Katie’s bed and goes to be in Katie’s arms because she had a long night and also because of Doris. The episode ends where Katie and Greg see pictures of the maze.

Don’t you know the crazies are on full force tonight? Doris to Taylor.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Peyton Meyer as Trip Windsor
  • Jerry Lambert as Principal Ablin
  • Julie Meyer as Maria
  • Reylynn Caster as Brie
  • Ben Seaward as Zombie #1
  • Bryan Coffee as Zombie #2
  • Herbert Russell as Zombie #3
  • Jarred Harper as Carnival Worker


Brie appears in this episode.

Trip appears in this episode.

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Taylor: (screams)

Doris: Use your blinker. (Takes the mask off and glares at Taylor)

Taylor: Doris? (Sighs) you scared the hell out of me.

Doris: you cut me off so I decided to teach you a lesson. What we’re you thinking driving like that on Halloween, don’t you know the crazy’s are on full-force tonight?

Taylor: that’s what my mom told me.

Doris: well call her this second and tell her she was right.

Taylor: I can’t my phone’s dead.

Doris: you went out on Halloween without your phone charged?

Taylor: (sighs) she warned me about that too.

Doris: (sighs) you’re 18 and you think you know everything and you know nothing. Now go home and be thankful that you cut off a nice person, and not some psychopath. (Walks away into her stoup)

Taylor: what are you doing?

Doris: my kids are coming home from trick or treating. I’m gonna scare the innocence out of them.

Taylor: (looks offended and walks away)