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The Man Date is the fifteenth episode of the first season of American Housewife. Written by Donald Diego and directed by Melissa Kosar, it premiered on February 21, 2017.


Katie finds it hard to put aside her ongoing feud with Chloe Brown Mueller when Greg becomes good friends with Chloe's husband, Stan. Meanwhile, Taylor learns that Anna-Kat is being bullied at school, but the advice she gives her little sister turns Anna-Kat into the bully.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Jessica St. Clair as Chloe Brown Mueller
  • Timothy Omundson as Stan Lawton
  • Eddie Shin as Richard
  • Christopher Gehrman as Colonial Farmer
  • Chris Alvarado as Minuteman
  • Mary Buckley as Colonial Woman #1
  • Pam Cook as Colonial Woman #2
  • Mary K. DeVault as Colonial Woman #3



Chloe Brown Mueller and Stan appear in this episode.

Katie and Greg do not interact with Taylor in this episode.

Greg does not interact with Oliver and Anna-Kat in this episode.


Anna-Kat: move. (Stomps angrily)

Oliver: (puts his hands up and lets Anna-Kat sit)

Katie: whatever happened between the two of you? I love it.

Anna-Kat: (relaxes)

Taylor: (glares at Anna-Kat)

Oliver: (glares at Katie)

Anna-Kat: (to Taylor) what?

Taylor: how dare you?

Anna-Kat: hey don’t be mad at me. Mom is right. You have to stop being very rude.

Katie: (to Taylor) Anna-Kat is right. If you keep being rude and aggressive, you’re not gonna be going to the party with your friends.

Anna-Kat: (chuckles) Ooh you’re gonna be so grounded for the rest of the day Taylor. And PS, you’re gonna be grounded forever in your entire life. (Giggles)

Taylor: you’re gonna let Anna-Kat on your side?

Katie: some of it I am because you don’t do what to do sometimes so yeah.

Anna-Kat: (smiles annoyingly at Taylor and raises her eyebrows at her when she is still smiling Taylor annoyingly)

Taylor: (growls rudely at Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (gets scared)

Taylor: (rudely) yeah you should be scared of me you bitch.

Katie: uh-uh-uh. Remember? No aggressive. Right?

Taylor: (sighs) right.

Katie: thank you.

Taylor: (starts to break down in tears)

Katie: are you gonna cry?

Taylor: (voice breaking) I think so. (crying)

Anna-Kat: aw Taylor it’s ok. (Goes to Taylor, her and Taylor hug and Anna-Kat rubs Taylor’s back during their hug while Taylor is still crying) it’s ok my favorite sibling. I cry like almost every week because something is wrong or I’m talking back to Mom. But she’s not wrong. Sometimes, you are aggressive.

Taylor: (gasps sadly and cries some more)

Anna-Kat: aw it’s ok. (Both hug some more)