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The Inheritance is the twentieth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the forty-third episode overall. Written by Lindsey Stoddart & Anthony Lombardo and directed by Helen Hunt. It aired on April 4, 2018.


In the wake of Spencer's death, the family prepares in different ways for the news that they might be inheriting money. As Oliver is at Spencer's house arranging things, Grandma Kathryn (Katie's mom) shows up at the door in a trench coat and lingerie. The family learns she's been visiting Spencer for sex ever since they met at Thanksgiving. As Katie and Greg are coming around to the idea that they may soon be rich, Greg intentionally blows his interview with the tenure board, thinking it no longer matters. Kathryn is being exceptionally nice and helpful, in hopes of gaining favor with her daughter. Oliver tries to figure out the best place for Spencer's ashes. The day comes for Spencer's lawyer to share his video will. In it, Spencer first says he's leaving everything to the Ottos. But moments later in the tape, he says he's changed his mind because he knows that Oliver will be successful and doesn't want to rob him of the sense of accomplishment. Everyone is let down except Greg, who learns that the tenure board actually liked his cavalier attitude, saying it's just what the school needs. The kids fear that Katie and Greg are taking a little out of hand with their own stuff so they ignore them for the rest of the day. Elizabeth and Jason have their first scene for sex so they can go as much as possible.

The episode starts with the Ottos cleaning up Spencer’s house. Kathryn has been coming over for sex ever since she’s known him. Kathryn talks about Spencer because he loved to record everything. Making Katie and Greg offended and Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat happy because Katie and Greg are failing their parenting. Which makes Katie and Greg more offended and the kids more happy. In a deleted scene, the kids confront Katie and Greg because they don’t want to do their chores so they tell them to focus on anyone else. Katie and Greg are offended because of the confrontation that happened between them and Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat. Taylor asks Oliver about what is he gonna do with Spencer’s ashes, He decided to spread him into the Will. Taylor drives Oliver for $20,000, and a pony for Anna-Kat, which makes Oliver unappreciated. Katie and Greg talk about the death without their kids disrespecting them because the kids were out. Katie and Greg talk about the kids because they’re happy because they’re gone and Oliver tells them rudely to shut up. Making Katie and Greg offended. Taylor appears with her brown hair from the old times. The kids meet a golfer of Spencer’s. Kiki gets the old fashioned way of her lunch. She gets extra salad with some chicken tenders and the steak. Taylor thanks Oliver and gives him $20,000. Katie talks to Angela and Doris about Spencer. Katie tells Greg that she talked to Angela and Doris about Spencer. Carly and Sonny deal with Spencer about Spencer’s ashes. Taylor returns with her blonde hair while going downstairs to eat breakfast. Katie comments nicely on Taylor about back to blonde instead of brown. Taylor glares at Katie after that. Making Katie sigh offendly. Katie, Greg and Oliver were at Spencer’s house watching a video on Spencer’s Television. The three are outside after they watched the video. Oliver confronts Katie and Greg about the Will. He’ll make it on his own, and it’ll mean it more that way. Which makes the parents very sad for him. Katie and Kathryn are cheering because they got the money. The kids go downstairs glaring at Katie and Greg because they’re not talking to Katie and Greg. Making the parents very sad. Taylor tells Oliver that he did the right thing. He owes her $70,000. Taylor and Anna-Kat clap for Oliver because he did the right thing. Then the kids go back upstairs glaring at Katie and Greg. Katie and Greg were a lot out of hand with the kids in this episode. The episode ends where Katie, Greg, Oliver and Spencer’s lawyer talk about the stuff that Katie and Greg give Oliver and Katie tells the lawyer to have a nice life.

And a pony for the kid. Taylor to Oliver about Anna-Kat.

I’ll make it on my own. It’ll mean more that way. Oliver to Katie and Greg about the Will.


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Katie and Taylor do not interact with each other in this episode. They only interact in the deleted scene where the kids confront Katie and Greg.

Katie and Anna-Kat do not interact with each other in this episode. They only interact in the deleted scene where the kids confront Katie and Greg.

Taylor isn’t rude to Greg about why is good afternoon funny. She asks him nicely.

Anna-Kat doesn’t annoy Taylor in this episode.

It is mentioned that money changes people.

Katie does not do reward systems with Anna-Kat in this episode.



Kathryn: snack bars open.

Oliver: GRANDMA?

Greg: or I should say good afternoon. (Laughing)

Taylor: why is good afternoon funny?

Kiki: yeah why?

Greg: because when you know...oh crap.

Kristina: (rolls her eyes angrily)

Kathryn: oh that man. He loved to record everything.

Katie and Greg: ugh!

Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat: (about Katie and Greg) oh we’re glad that they’re failing. Excellent.

Kristina: (falls down in her knees because Katie and Greg are failing the parenting they’re doing to Kristina and the rest of the kids) oh thank god. (To Katie and Greg) you two are the worst parents ever to us. (Chuckles) you two are so screwed.

Katie and Greg: ugh!

(Deleted scene)

Katie: you six have to take the garbage down tonight.

Taylor: um no.

Katie: excuse me?

Taylor: (rudely) you heard me. (Nicely) Oliver go ahead.

Oliver: (rudely) you guys think that we are capable of doing our own chores but really you can do whatever you want but we can’t do whatever we want.

Taylor: (rudely) yeah you guys are really screwing us up. We want our stuff back, our phones back, and our old stuff back.

Anna-Kat: (rudely) you guys don’t know what is going on though huh you two.

Kristina: (rudely) but we don’t talk like that. We have respect for you guys but it turns out you guys have no respect for us. You don't even understand the definition of shut the hell up because if you do, good. because you should be using that word from now on.

Molly: (rudely) until you guys learn your lesson, we’ll do our chores.

Kiki: (rudely) But if your gonna treat us like old people, we’re not going to do them. We have been doing them since we moved here to Westport and you guys have no influence on us but you guys who are raising hell, good god give me a break.

Katie: Guys the thing is that you guys don’t understand what your father and I are talking about.

Greg: do you guys have any potential on you three? Do you?

Taylor: (rudely) um yes we do, and your potentials from you guys are out of control.

Anna-Kat: (rudely) do you ever feel like good parents right now? Because if you don’t? Good because you shouldn’t be.

Molly: (rudely) So this is what I see from you two and (chuckles rudely) wow Katie and Greg you have really lost control.

Taylor: (rudely) so from now on, get out of our lives like this and focus on anyone else. (The kids walk away glaring at Katie and Greg)

Katie: (offended) wow that was the worst.

Greg: (offended) I know. I can’t believe they talked to us like this.

Katie: I know. I think the next time they talk to us like that they need to be taught a lesson. What do you think?

Greg: I agree we should ground them if they disrespect us again.

Katie: good idea.

Carly: So this is Spencer's thing that what we wanna do. Oh please?

Sonny: yeah sometimes we can't get the whole T.V. set for Oliver, Katie and Greg and we all weigh 20 pounds a day.

Elizabeth: so Spencer had Kathryn come over for sex every day and had just like us.

Jason: damn. Thought we was too cool to do that.

Elizabeth: ehh. He can go alive anyway. For that thought, he loved to record everything.

Jason: damn.

Taylor: (nicely) so what are you gonna do with Spencer’s ashes?

Oliver: (nicely) I decided to spread him in his motor court.

Anna-Kat: (nicely) why would Spencer want a driveway to be his final resting place?

Oliver; because he loved cars and it’s his favorite place’s right across the street.

Kristina: (nicely) Cool.

Kiki: (nicely) Yeah I agree.

Molly: (nicely) How much does it weigh?

Oliver: Like 20 pounds and 35 inches.

Kristina: Damn.

Josslyn: you can’t just phone this in because I’d you don’t know what to do.

Anna-Kat: yeah. If you disrespect the dead, they’ll haunt you.

Oliver: Spencer isn’t gonna haunt us.

Kristina: then how the hell do you know where his ashes are?

Oliver: well it’s exciting. Because...I’m doing it. Spencer’s spirit.

(glass chatters)

Anna-Kat: (gasps) Spencer’s spirit. He’s communicating that we are not on board with your stupid driveway scheme.

Oliver: I don’t know but what else am I supposed to do?

Taylor: I can give you $20,000.

Oliver: $20,000 for what?

Taylor: just fun. There’s an only new way for it. Meet Spencer’s friends and neighbors of his.

Oliver: huh, that’s a really cool idea Taylor.

Taylor: I can drive you there.

Oliver: thanks.

Taylor: for another $20,000.

Anna-Kat: (whispers to Taylor and a pony for me)

Taylor: (to Oliver) and a pony for the kid.

Oliver: (very offended)

Kiki: Taylor makes a good point.

Katie: what if Spencer did leave us his fortune and we’re rich? I’m not sure that would be good because money changes people.

Greg: (nods his head because he agrees with Katie)

Katie: also we were still in this kitchen because the kids are out.

Greg: yeah I know. It’s so happy.

Oliver: SHUT UP!

Greg: (offended)

Taylor: (appears with her brown hair while walking to the car)

Oliver: why are you back to your old hair?

Taylor: because I just want everyone to know the hair I have when we are at the place.

Kiki: back to the old times for you then hug Taylor?

Taylor: yep.

Anna-Kat: (hugs Taylor)

Taylor: ok let’s go in the car. (The kids go in the car)

(When they were at the golf place)

Taylor: so this is were Spencer was?

Oliver: yep. He loved golf.

Kiki: excellent.

Taylor: what do we want for lunch?

Kristina: I’m not sure. Maybe some clams with shrimp on the side.

Taylor: sure yeah.

Carly: So I talked to Angela and Doris with Katie about Spencer.

Sonny: Cool.

Carly: yeah and what I did was that this is right here for my new body and Spencer's body. So I have a new plan. From now on, We're rich and no poor.

Sonny: Yeah we're rich. We were starting being rich the first week of school for the kids.

Carly: Yeah and also rich are Katie, Greg, Taylor, Oliver, Molly, Sam, Elizabeth, Kristina, Kiki, Molly, Lulu, Brook Lynn, Tara

Sonny: which Tara the nice one?

Carly: Yes. Also Doris, Angela, Josslyn, Jason, and.....that's it.

Sonny: What about Anna-Kat?

Carly: She's poor. She has to pay more if she wants to be like us.

Sonny: Totally.

Katie: so Carly and I had a discussion and now we might be rich.

Greg: cool honey. By the way Taylor appeared with her old hair from a couple months ago.

Katie: oh wow. I can’t believe it. (Voice breaking) she’s going back to the old times I guess were she had her brown hair.

Greg: yeah. I don’t know how long.

Katie: neither do I. Her and the other kids are still not talking to us.

Greg: I know. Did you call her?

Katie: I did but she’s not picking up her phone. She keeps denying and avoiding me. (Sighs offendly) I am so screwed. (Continues being sad and offended)

Greg: yeah so am I.

Katie: I can’t believe what we did was wrong.

Greg: I know. It’s hard for our kids to grow up and let them do whatever they want and now they can because now, we can’t do whatever we want.

Katie: I know. They’re parenting us the way we parent them.

Greg: yeah. It’s the worst. Anyway let’s go to bed.

Katie: good idea. (Turns the light off and her and her Greg go to sleep)

Elizabeth: so I saw Spencer’s spirit in Oliver’s bedroom and he loved spirits.

Jason: wow. That’s so awesome.

Sam: yeah. And the purpose of that is that I saw Taylor appear with her brown hair from when she was born.

Elizabeth and Jason: (gasp seriously) what the hell.

Sam: yeah.

Elizabeth: I thought she was gonna be blonde for the rest of her life.

Sam: well probably I saw them go to a golfing club that Spencer went.

Elizabeth: oh. So it’s just for today?

Sam: yeah. She called me that she’s returning to blonde tomorrow.

Elizabeth: cool.

Jason: damn.


Taylor: (appears with her blonde hair while coming downstairs)

Katie: look at you back to blonde instead of brown.

Taylor: (glares at Katie and touches Anna-Kat’s hair while eating her breakfast)

Katie: (sighs offendly because Taylor is still not talking to her) morning.

Kathryn: morning. I made breakfast for everyone. Yours is on the counter.

Katie: thanks Mom. (Eats her breakfast) it’s so good.

Kathryn: good. I’m gonna go to the grocery store. I’ll be right back. (Leaves the house and goes to the grocery store)

Spencer: you also get nothing.

Greg: a prince of (bleep)

Tara: Carly Corinthos

Carly: Tara Summers.

Tara: I can't wait for a month to watch Katie crash and burn. and also you.

Carly: Me?

Tara: Yes You. You are so screwed because you try to help her and you never ruin her life.

Carly: Well that's because she has my back, not yours.

Tara: Well that's a shame on her then. (chuckles) You and her are so screwed. Hopefully, to me, you guys are gonna be the worst at all this. It is a prince of crash and burn.

Carly: Really? That's what you think of Katie Tara? That is what you think of her? then I'll tell you something that's gonna sting and it'll be so bad.

Tara: Well well well look at you with a prince of crash and burn.

Carly: (rudely) A prince of (bleep)

Tara: (gets offended and walks away)

Julian: So this is the place where I tried to kill Spencer Blitz. Let me tell you.

Carly: (pushes Julian and slaps him) SAY IT AGAIN YOU BASTARD. (Glares at Julian)

Julian: (gets offended)

Carly: I want you to say one more pathetic word out of your mouth. You think that you’re now the king and you’re talking bad about my neighbor? Spencer’s dead because of you because you tried to rotten a prison in hell.

Julian: Nobody, asked Oliver any questions.

Carly: Get out of Stewart and Kingston’s. Get out of Westport. Get out of Connecticut. Everyone knows that you killed Spencer.

Julian: All right. I’m leaving.

Carly: Yeah. Get out. GET OUT. (Throws a utensil out the window)

Katie: ugh this is so depressing. Our rented house, our dented car, that dress shirt I brought you at the hardware store.

Greg: Spencer was thinking we were gonna be rich. (to Oliver) Why aren’t you upset? All you care about is money and you just lost millions.

Oliver: (rudely) because Spencer believed in me. I’ll make it on my own. It’ll mean more that way. (Walks away)

Greg: (offended) wow

Katie: (offended) I know. When Oliver makes you wanna be a better person, you know you’re in a bad place.

Greg: I think we’re both in a bad place because all of our kids aren’t talking to us.

Katie: I know. They always want to ditch us. (Sighs sadly) It is so unfair.

Greg: I think you should tell your Mom what happened. Now you can’t bribe your mother into loving you anymore.

Katie: and you gotta beg your professor for your stupid job back.

Greg: there’s gotta be nicer ways we can talk to each other.

Katie: yeah. (Her and Greg kiss and they both go in the house) oh my god Mom, the house is so clean and you made a crown roast of lamb.

Kathryn: so tell me how did the Will reading go?

Katie: we got the money.

(both cheering because of the money they got)

(The kids come downstairs for the surprise with Oliver and they are still glaring at Katie and Greg because they’re not talking to them)

Katie: why are you guys always glaring at us all the time?

Taylor: (rudely) because we are not doing our chores which means we are not talking to you two.

Oliver: (rudely) you guys were very all parenting failures because I hope you are.

Taylor: (rudely) you both were momming and daddying us? Who the hell do you think you two are? So this now we are not talking to you two.

(Katie and Greg get offended because of that confrontation from the kids)

Oliver: and now, the affection of it.

(Taylor and Anna-Kat clap their hands because of Oliver’s speech and Oliver lights the candle and Taylor and Anna-Kat clap more for Oliver)

Taylor: you did the right thing. (Hands Oliver the Bill)

Oliver: what is this?

Taylor; it’s your Bill. You owe me $70,000. (Her, Anna-Kat, Molly, Kristina and Kiki walk away) also congrats. (Her and Anna-Kat clap their hands for Oliver for 2 minutes)

Oliver: (takes a bow while Anna-Kat and Taylor are clapping for him) thanks girls.

(Taylor and Anna-Kat continue clapping for Oliver)

(the kids go back upstairs glaring at Katie and Greg because the kids are not talking to Katie and Greg)

Katie: why are they always glaring at us?

Greg: I know it’s very mature for them.

Katie: mm-hmm.