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Surprise is the twelfth episode of the first season of American Housewife. Written by Vanessa McCarthy and directed by Stuart McDonald, it premiered on January 17, 2017.


Oliver insists he doesn't want a birthday party with friends because he's embarrassed over the size and amenities in the Otto home, but Katie and Greg throw one anyway with an escape room. Despite some problems, the party winds up working in Oliver's favor. Meanwhile, Taylor starts to get romantic with her classmate and new math tutor, which angers the boy's adoptive mom.


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This is the first episode that Eyo appears in.



Taylor: well if we have a party, maybe you should invite Alice McCarthy. Maybe that can work.

Anna-Kat: Ooh. (Giggles)

Taylor: I’m not annoying you about that I’m just telling you.

(during dinner)

Katie: well Alice was doing fine with Oliver. Taylor, let’s talk about Eyo. Maybe you should love him some day. Maybe invite him to dinner.

Taylor: are you crazy?

Elizabeth: your mother is right. You should be loving Eyo because he loves you too. And your ok high school now you gotta start loving a boy.

Taylor: (gasps sadly at Elizabeth)

Elizabeth: (nods her head yes and agrees with Katie)

Taylor: (puts her head almost down and her hand goes on her right cheek)

Anna-Kat: Ooh you love Eyo just like he loves you. (Giggles)

Taylor: ugh Mom

Katie: Anna-Kat does make a good point.

Anna-Kat: (smiles annoyingly at Taylor, giggles at her, waves to her flirty and raises he eye irons at her annoyingly)

Taylor: UGH. (Goes to Anna-Kat) you annoy me one more time about me and Eyo and I will sue you.

Anna-Kat: (looks at Taylor grossly)

Katie: Taylor you can’t sue Anna-Kat. She’s not old enough to make money yet. And you have to learn that things aren’t about you.

Anna-Kat: Ooh you’re gonna be so grounded forever. (Giggles and waves flirty to Taylor)

Taylor: UGH! (Gets her dinner and puts it in Anna-Kat’s hooha)

Anna-Kat: oh my hooha. (Exhales sharply)

Taylor: (throws her plate and sits down at her seat angrily)

Katie: OK. Taylor I know you’re upset but we don’t put our dinner in girls’ hooha. OK?

Taylor: (sighs) ok.

Anna-Kat: (sighs) Taylor listen, when I was having lunch at school yesterday, I dumped my Mac and cheese in Franklin’s scrotum. So I felt pretty bad and he ended the friendship with me and then I apologized and started crying right after I gave him the flowers to him and he hugged me when I was crying.


Anna-Kat: how could you?

Franklin: how could you what?

Anna-Kat: ugh. (Puts the Mac and cheese in Franklin’s scrotum)

Franklin: hey Anna-Kat, that’s not ok. I’m done with you. (Walks away angrily)

Anna-Kat: (feels very sad because of what she did to Franklin and starts crying)

(another flashback)

Anna-Kat: (knocks on Franklin’s door)

Franklin; (answers the door) oh hi Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: I’m sorry.

Franklin: and what are you sorry for?

Anna-Kat: for putting Mac and cheese in your scrotum. (Voice breaking) I’m sorry. (Starts crying after he gives the flowers to Franklin)

Franklin: aw Anna-Kat it’s ok. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it)

Oliver: (opens and closes the door and takes the sunglasses off) huh, no one’s home. That’s strange.

Both Taylor and Anna-Kat: surprise. Happy Birthday. (Both giggle and touch each other and rub each other’s backs)

Oliver: woah. How did this happen?

Katie: happy birthday my sweetheart. You are awesome. We got a surprise for you. (Everyone especially Oliver’s friends pop up) SURPRISE!

Oliver: wow. Thanks everybody. This is awesome. Taylor, Anna-Kat thanks for the first surprise. All of my friends, thanks for the second one.

Taylor: Anna-Kat, please go away.

Anna-Kat: hmm..nope. I’ll still annoy you. (Giggles)

Taylor: UGH! (Goes downstairs angrily)

Anna-Kat: (feeling very sad)

Taylor: Mom, we want in. Anna-Kat won’t leave us alone.

Katie: (Groans) I will have a word with Anna-Kat. (Walks upstairs) Anna-Kat, front and center. I don’t appreciate that your still annoying Taylor and Eyo. You’re grounded for the rest of the week.

Anna-Kat: but

Katie: no buts. Go.

Anna-Kat: (gets sad and goes upstairs to her room)

Tara: Katie, where is my kid?

Katie: getting him. (Sighs) son of a bitch.

Tara: that is not happening. I don’t want my son com-boarding with your daughter.

Katie: that’s flirting Tara. If you flirt with your husband, that’s a shame on you then because you were the one who lied to him then.

Tara: (sighs and goes to Taylor and Eyo)

Oliver: this is the best party ever. And your the best mom ever.

Anna-Kat: (knocks on Taylor’s door)

Taylor: (goes to her door and answers it)

Anna-Kat: I’m sorry for annoying you and Eyo a couple hours ago.

Taylor: I accept your apology. (Both hug)