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Sliding Sweaters[1] is the twenty-second episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the forty-fifth episode overall. Written by Donald Diego and directed by Helen Hunt. It aired on May 2, 2018.


As Katie prepares to meet Ashley Clark is a woman she once mentored who then took her job after Katie had children, she can't decide which sweater to buy for the occasion. Her day is shown going two different ways, depending on whether she wears a blue sweater or a pink sweater. Meanwhile, Greg finds that tenure isn't all he hoped it would be, as he deals with a tiny, makeshift office and his annoying new assistant, Grant.

The episode starts where Katie gets a pink sweater. On that version, Katie helps Anna-Kat with her shoe and they both hug and giggle. Taylor and Oliver aren’t getting along so Katie tells them to be nice to each other for the rest of the day so they can earn their phones back. Taylor and Oliver agree. Anna-Kat tells everyone in a polite way to leave the bathroom because she has to go. So everyone leaves. In the blue sweater version, Anna-Kat throws a fit and Katie tells her to stop but Anna-Kat keeps throwing a fit so Katie can’t help Anna-Kat with that kind of behavior. Katie handcuff Taylor and Oliver. In the pink sweater version, Katie tells the kids why didn’t let anyone tell Katie that it was teacher planning day at school. The kids confront Katie because Oliver tells Katie she’s the mom. So the three of them confront Katie. In the blue sweater version, Katie throws a fit and tells an Uber driver to take her and the kids to work. In the pink sweater version, Taylor and Oliver get along and share their things. Anna-Kat asks Katie to get the jar open and Katie helps her. Anna-Kat gets super happy because Katie helped her. Ashley has arrived. After Ashley tells everyone something, Anna-Kat claps her hands for Ashley and Ashley takes a bow while Anna-Kat is still clapping for her so Anna-Kat is still clapping her hands for Ashley. In the blue sweater version, Taylor calls Oliver a bitch. Anna-Kat spills her juice on Katie and confronts Katie and then Katie tells Anna-Kat to go to Katie and then Katie confronts Anna-Kat and then Anna-Kat goes in her seat and hugs her stuffed animal bird while crying. So Katie and Anna-Kat hug while Anna-Kat is still crying so they have a conversation outside and Anna-Kat cries more so they both hug more. In the pink sweater version, Taylor and Oliver have coffee. In the pink sweater version, the Ottos make Greg proud while in the blue sweater version, the Ottos cheer Katie up. Katie invites Ashley for dinner.

Well it’s because your the Mom. Oliver to Katie


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Ravi Patel as Grant
  • Mary Holland as Ashley Clark


This is the only episode in which Ashley Clark appears in.

In the pink sweater version, Taylor and Oliver get along and share their things.

in the blue sweater version, Taylor and Oliver fight a lot and get handcuffed by Katie, so Katie tells Taylor to use the other hand for her coffee. Which means that they are not sharing their things.

The kids don’t disrespect Katie in this episode.

Anna-Kat doesn’t annoy Taylor and Oliver in this episode.



Katie: come on Anna-Kat. Your gonna be late.

Anna-Kat: (makes nervous sounds)

Katie: aw what’s wrong?

Anna-Kat: I’m nervous for a spring assembly that’s happening. (Continues nervous sounds)

Katie: aw don’t worry. It’s gonna be ok. Do you wanna bring your stuffed animal bird to school today?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: then go get it girl.

Anna-Kat: ok.

Oliver: guys are we raising ourselves?

Taylor: (rudely) nope.

Kristina: (rudely) tell the parent failure and how she’s raising hell.

Oliver: (to Katie rudely) well it’s because your the mom.

Kiki: (rudely) yep. Listen to that man of yours you bitch.

Molly: (agrees with Kiki and smiles rudely at Katie)

Anna-Kat: I’m going to woo for Ashley. (Goes outside and waits for Ashley)

Ashley: (gets out of her car and goes inside to Katie but stops because Anna-Kat is smiling at Ashley)

Anna-Kat: yay Ashley. (Claps her hands for Ashley for 8 minutes)

Oliver: Sugar for your coffee?

Taylor: thanks bro. Our bond will truly last a life time.

Doris: how much?

Katie: 40 bucks a piece. Don’t judge me.

Kristina: wow. I saw something right here. (Shows Kiki the ring on Facebook)

Kiki: yeah. That’s amazing.

Ashley: (comes in Stewart and Kingston’s)

Kristina: hey. (Gets all happy with Ashley and they both hug) congratulations.

Ashley: thank you.

Taylor: sweet. That’s good to hear from them.

Anna-Kat: mama, I got my juice.

Katie: ok sweetie.

Ashley: Katie Otto.

Katie: Ashley Clark it’s great to see you. (Both hug)

Kiki: (rudely) stop.

Kristina: ok. I will. (Slaps Kiki)

Kiki: (gasps)

Kristina: BITCH!!!!!

Anna-Kat: mama I can’t get this open.

Katie: no problem honey.

Oliver: cut it out.

Taylor: ok fine you can have it, I promise I won’t jerk my hand this time.

Oliver: (tries to eat it but Taylor flew it away)

Taylor: BITCH!!!!!

Anna-Kat: mama, I got my (spills her juice on Katie and they all gasp)

Carly: (bleep)

Kiki: This is a disaster.

Kristina: mm-hmm.

Molly: What the hell happened?

Kristina: Anna-Kat ruined Katie's sweater.

Molly: Damn. That sucks.

Katie: what the hell Anna-Kat you ruined my sweater.

Anna-Kat: and you ruined my first grade project. That’s right I forget nothing. (Walks away)

Katie: Anna-Kat, (Anna-Kat looks at Katie sadly) come here right now. I think you are a little harsh with me. Right?

Anna-Kat: right. But I was going to say that I was still on my own.

Katie: apologize to me or you lose a tally.

Anna-Kat: I’m sorry.

Katie: I hope so. Now sit down and drink your juice.

Anna-Kat: UGH! (Goes in her seat and breaks down in tears and hugs her stuffed animal bird while crying)

Katie: I’m so excited you’re here.

Ashley: thanks. Why are those two handcuffed?

Katie: because they haven’t been getting along with each other so they are still going to be on their best behavior.

Kiki: hey Kristina can you pass me the salt?

Kristina: absolutely. (Passes the salt to Kiki but Kristina spills her coffee) ugh! (Bleep)

Sam: Katie if Jason and I were married him and I would be having sex every day.

Katie: (laughs)

Sam: yeah. Every day Elizabeth was meeting me here and she is.

Elizabeth: yeah but we’ve all known each other since you Katie have moved here in Westport.

Carly: yep. Especially when we all have a nice breakfast together.

(everyone laughs)

Sam: (about Taylor and Oliver) ugh how long are they gonna be handcuffed?

Katie: well they haven’t been getting along so they’re trying to be on their best behavior.

Anna-Kat: (hugs her stuffed animal bird while crying)

Sam: so this is why Ashley is here huh?

Katie: yep.

Carly: and actually nothing ever for nothing than having sex with Sonny.

Sam: yeah. I’ve seen Jason before but he had plans with someone.

Elizabeth: yeah but definitely not me because another rich girl.

Katie: yeah. Because about Spencer and his ashes.

Carly: absolutely. Doris were you talking about Spencer’s ashes?

Doris: oh I have Carly. They’ve been good.

Carly: I agree. Especially when Sonny and I talked about it when we were all discussing about this kind of death.

Katie: absolutely.

Anna-Kat: (continues hugging her stuffed animal bird while crying)

Katie: (looks at Anna-Kat and sighs sadly) I’ll be right back. (Goes to Anna-Kat) what’s wrong sweetheart?

Anna-Kat: I’m sorry for ruining your sweater with my juice mama. (Continues crying) I’m sorry. (Continues crying)

Katie: I accept your apology. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back when Anna-Kat is still crying) (says this paragraph during the back rubbing) it’s ok.

Taylor: I am not going with you.

Oliver: it’s either pee there or pee out here your choice.

Taylor: that’s it. I’m telling Mom.

Oliver: please don’t.

Taylor: then don’t think about it ever again.

Katie: my baby aw. (Hugs Anna-Kat and rubs her back during it while Anna-Kat is still hugging her stuffed animal bird while crying) do you want to talk outside?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: come on. (To Doris, Angela, Carly, Elizabeth and Sam) I’ll be right back. Come in the parking lot so we can have privacy. So I understand that you know but you can’t talk to me like that. Were did you get that from?

Anna-Kat: (holding her stuffed bird) probably myself.

Katie: yourself?

Anna-Kat: (holding her stuffed bird) mm-hmm.

Katie: you can’t talk to any grown ups like that. Do you understand?

Anna-Kat: (crying) I understand. (Continues crying and hugs her stuffed animal bird while crying)

Katie: sit. (Touches Anna-Kat’s back and rubs it while Anna-Kat is still crying) You are almost 9. Right?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm.

Katie: and you are a nice beautiful young lady and daughter of mine and I love you so much with all my heart. You are so special and so powerful and strong and beautiful and independent. You have to be with who you are and what you got.

Anna-Kat: (still crying) ok. (Continues crying)

Katie: aw my baby. It’s ok. (Both hug and Anna-Kat’s stuffed animal bird joins in and Anna-Kat holds her bird while crying)

(Pink sweater version)

Taylor: did you give me my coffee?

Oliver: yeah. I got it.

Taylor: thanks Oliver. A nice person.

Olive: you’re welcome Taylor. A nice person.

(Both hug)

(Blue sweater version)

Taylor: (rudely) I can’t believe you.

Oliver: (rudely) well I can’t believe you.

Taylor: (rudely) you’re the one who ruined my life.

Anna-Kat: alright stop guys. Listen, when we fight, we aren’t sharing our things with each other. Right?

Taylor and Oliver: right.

Anna-Kat: so maybe Dad might have something with his thing over there. Maybe me. I’m gonna get it. (Gets the scissors and she cuts Taylor and Oliver’s hands off the handcuffs) better?

Taylor and Oliver: yes.

Anna-Kat: that’s excellent my factor sibling, who is Taylor. (Hugs Taylor and Taylor hugs her back)

Katie: GREG

Greg: yeah I’m up.

Katie: we got 7 minutes until our night out to dinner.

Greg: just us?

Katie: no. The whole family. I told Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat.

Greg: cool.

Katie: I think we should be ready now.

Katie: LETS GO.

Greg: oh my god Katie you just hurt my ears.

Katie: I’m sorry. I should’ve been getting them from their rooms. Anna-Kat, come here. Do you wanna bring your stuffed animal bird with you to dinner so your a little off today?

Anna-Kat: sure mama.

Katie: come.

Anna-Kat: (barks and comes to Katie)

Katie: aw my little baby is feeling a little off well you’re here with me.

Anna-Kat: yay. (Her and Katie hug)

Katie narrating: Anna-Kat was a little off today so she brings her stuffed animal bird with her to dinner.

(At dinner 6:12 PM)

Katie: do you like it.

Anna-Kat: the Mac and cheese? Uh-huh. I love it.

Katie: feel better with this day now?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. Your the best mama. I love you so much. (Both hug)

Katie: I love you so much too.

(9:00 PM)

Katie: good night sweetheart. I love you so much. I’ll see you in the morning. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok mama. I love you.

Katie: I love you too. (Turns Anna-Kat’s light off, shuts her door me let’s her sleep)