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Selling Out is the twelfth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. Written by Brian Donovan & Ed Herro and directed by Helen Hunt, it aired on January 10, 2018.


With his John Stuart Mill book coming out, Greg is worried about his future and the family's finances if the book flops and he doesn't get tenure. Katie badly wants Greg to spring for car repairs, so she has Doris and Angela write glowing reviews of the book to boost Greg's confidence. At the same time, Oliver has to write his school paper about someone important to him, and he chooses Spencer. To the surprise of all, Greg's book sells out, which causes him to get a big head and buy a brand new car. However, Katie later discovers that Spencer bought all 10,000 copies of Greg's book so that Oliver would see his dad as someone important.

The episode starts where Katie and the kids are in the car. The doors are locked but Anna-Kat made a plan to climb out of the window. New guy Trip Windsor is with the blondetourage. Taylor thanks Katie for ruining her life, so Taylor is mad at her. Anna-Kat is put in charge of Hans Gruber. Taylor tells Katie and Greg that Trip is going to ask her to a dance that’s happening at school. Katie doesn’t want Taylor to date another guy, but Greg tells Taylor go for it, and Taylor thanks Greg. Katie then tells Taylor that she’s not going out with a guy that they’ve never met. Taylor upset glances at Katie. Greg tells Katie to jump and the net will appear, making Katie offended. Doris and Angela are at the Otto house. Doris flips off Greg. They are outside waiting for Taylor and Trip. Greg buys a new car without consulting Katie. Greg likes Trip, but Katie doesn’t. Taylor high fives Katie, making Katie mad at Taylor. So Katie doesn’t think that Trip and Taylor should date. Trip then says oh we’ll keep dating as long as we want. Making Katie very offended and starting to cry, so her and Greg take the conversation to the kitchen and when Katie starts crying, Greg hugs her and tells her they have to date. Taylor really needs a boyfriend. Katie takes Hans Gruber to Spencer’s house so she can pay Spencer for the book that Greg is selling. When Katie and Hans Gruber return home, Katie gives Hans Gruber to Anna-Kat. Greg hugs Oliver because Oliver did the right thing.


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This is the first episode in which Trip, Who is Taylor’s new boyfriend because Her and Eyo broke up in the thanksgiving episode, appears in.

This is the first episode in which Taylor is mad at Katie.

This is the seventh episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.

Anna-Kat doesn’t annoy Taylor and Oliver in this episode.



Anna-Kat: (hugs Taylor and Taylor hugs her back)

Taylor: oh hi. You hug me a lot.

Anna-Kat: I do my favorite sibling. Because I love you.

Taylor: I love you too. (Both hug more)

(the doors get locked)

Anna-Kat: Mom the door won't open.

Taylor: thank you for the most humiliating moment of my life.

Katie: please? Wait till you here my speech at your wedding.

Taylor: (glares at Katie and walks away angrily)

Katie: (smiles because she annoyed Taylor but sighs offendly because she ruined Taylor’s life)

(10 minutes ago)

Katie: (calls Taylor from the car)

Taylor: (denies the call)

Katie: (sighs offendly) why is she denying my calls? She never does. (Calls Taylor from the car again)

Taylor: (rudely) why does she have to call me every time? (Answers it rudely) WHAT?

Katie: hey I was gonna say I’m sorry for annoying you about when you hear the speech at your wedding.

Taylor: (rudely) yeah I hope you are. (Hangs up on Katie)

Katie: (sighs offendly)

Katie: so that’s why I am never driving your car again.

Greg; well yeah but you have to stop ruining our kids’ lives it’s driving Taylor crazy so much.

Katie: well I did because now she’s not talking to me.

Greg: well yeah because you ruined her life. It’s never ok.

Katie: (sighs sadly)

(at school)

Anna-Kat: (hugs Taylor)

Taylor: (hugs Anna-Kat back and says this paragraph during the hug) oh hi.

Anna-Kat: hi. I just wanted to let you know that you like Trip. Right?

Taylor: yeah.

Anna-Kat: so I brought you some roses to bring to Trip. (Gives them to Taylor)

Taylor: aw Anna-Kat that is so sweet of you. (Both hug)

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. But although you might wanna think about the way you spoke to Mom this morning.

Taylor: well I hate it when she ruins my life.

Anna-Kat: I know but still, you have to think before you speak. OK?

Taylor: ok.

Anna-Kat: can we spend time with each other? Please?

Taylor: sure.

Anna-Kat: yay. (Clapping and both hug until Katie picks them up) (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you.

Taylor: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you too. (Both hug more)

(when Katie picks them up)

Katie: hey girls. I got something for you. (Shows them their presents)

(Taylor and Anna-Kat gasp happily and clap their hands)

Katie: yep. The big one is for Taylor because she’s the oldest and the little one is for Anna-Kat because she’s the youngest.

Both: thanks Mom. (Giggle and hug each other and rub each other’s backs during it)

Carly: So Taylor has blonde hair and now Oliver has stopped being a materialistic jerk according to Katie and Greg and Anna-Kat is not a weirdo anymore. She has now become mature and independent according to Katie.

Sonny: What does weirdo mean?

Carly: It means that your very happy and giggly.

Sonny: True.

Carly: Yeah. and Materialistic means that you're being rude and disrespectful.

Sonny: Damn right it is.

Carly: The real meaning of materialistic means that you’re obsessed with money.

Sonny: Exactly.

(Both Carly and Sonny laugh for a second)

Katie: you’re not going to any dance with a boy we haven’t met.

Taylor: (glances at Katie like she’s upset at her)

Greg: Katie, jump and the net will appear.

Katie: (groans and walks away angrily)