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"Psych" is the second episode of the fifth season of American Housewife and the ninety-second episode overall. Written by Rick Weiner, Kenny Schwartz and Sarah Dunn and directed by Chris Koch, it aired on November 4, 2020.


Without her lasagna business to keep her preoccupied, Katie feels like her life is once again off course. As she searches to find her life purpose, she redirects her energy toward Greg and the kids becoming overbearing and controlling. Meanwhile, after sabotaging Greg's efforts to preserve a historical landmark and putting the future of the Westport Historical Guild in jeopardy, Katie recommends Greg run for city council. And elsewhere, Franklin challenges an older boy to a duel in an effort to win back Anna-Kat's affections.

The episode starts where Katie tells Taylor to stop slouching, and Taylor tells Katie to stop momming. Katie sprays Anna-Kat and tells Katie to stop bullying her and Katie tells Anna-Kat that mothering is bullying. At school, Franklin tells Anna-Kat what’s wrong. And Anna-Kat confronts Franklin that when Katie sprayed Anna-Kat’s face, Franklin laughed at her, she’s her boyfriend and she’s supposed to have her back but Anna-Kat stops and starts crying so Franklin hugs her into a more private location, which is an empty classroom. Taylor confronts Katie to stop bothering her and focus on anyone else. Greg tells Katie about something big. Franklin challenges a boy to a fight. So Anna-Kat gets the Ablin to stop it now. Ablin tells Katie it wasn’t a fight.


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  • This episode not to have Carly Hughes (Angela) due to the toxic work environment.
  • This is the nineteenth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.


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Katie: Taylor stop slouching.

Taylor: Mom stop momming. I’m in college now I can slouch if I want to.

Katie: (puts something in Taylor’s hair)

Taylor: (gasps)

Katie: better. (Walks away)

Taylor: your a weird why academia call a textbook control freak.

Anna-Kat: look when my mom sprayed me all you did was laugh at me. Your my boyfriend and your supposed to have my back but (voice breaking) I think she’s right. (Crying)

Franklin: hey it’s ok. Do you want to take this talk to a more private location?

Anna-Kat: (nods sadly)

Franklin: ok. Come on. (Both talk to an empty classroom while Anna-Kat is still crying)

Franklin: hey it’s ok. (Hugs Anna-Kat and Anna-Kat hugs him back while she is still crying)

Franklin: aww my baby.

Taylor: my clinical recommendation as a member of the us academy is to stop bothering our boyfriends

Oliver: not my boyfriend.

Taylor: and focus on anyone else.

Oliver: Dad go after him he’s in love with a meadow.