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Other People's Marriages is the seventeenth episode of the first season of American Housewife. Written by Donald Diego and directed by John Fortenberry, it aired on March 14, 2017.


When Viv proclaims her husband Alan has cut off her credit cards, Katie suggests she stand up to him, despite Greg's advice that she stay out of other people's marriages. The result is that Viv leaves Alan and moves in with the Otto's. Meanwhile, Greg tries to find a way to discipline Oliver and Taylor for constantly leaving cupboards and drawers open.


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Viv and Alan appear in this episode.



Oliver: thanks Mom. (Opens the drawer and leaves it open)

Greg: (comes downstairs and hurts his knees in the cabinets)

Brook Lynn: (laughing hysterically because Greg hurt his knees in the cabinets)

Elizabeth: what’s up with Greg?

Katie: it’s because of Taylor and Oliver. They left cup drawers and cabinets open.

Greg: I can’t believe you two.

Taylor: yeah but it’s fair for us.

Greg: Taylor, Oliver I am taking away your allowance.

Anna-Kat: (to Taylor and Oliver) Ooh you guys can’t drive anymore. (Giggles because Greg is punishing Taylor and Oliver) you guys are gonna be so grounded forever. (Giggles)

Taylor: UGH! (Gets Greg’s cup of coffee and dumps it in Anna-Kat’s hooha)

Anna-Kat: (gasps upsetly because Taylor dumped coffee in Anna-Kat’s hooha)

Katie: come. We’ll change you.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Her and Katie go upstairs to Anna-Kat’s room to get Anna-Kat changed)

Taylor: I (bleep) hate her.

Oliver: so do I. (Both go to school)

Greg: (sighs offendly)

Elizabeth: how are they gonna listen?

Greg: I don’t know?

Elizabeth: yeah neither do I.

Greg: (hurts his knees in the cabinets)

Carly: holy crap.

Anna-Kat: Ooh you guys are gonna be grounded forever. (Giggles)

Greg: (to Taylor and Oliver) you guys have to start closing these doors.

Oliver: Dad that’s true. But maybe next time you should watch were your waking.

Taylor: (agreeing with Oliver) that’s just good advice.

Greg: Taylor, Oliver, I’m sorry to say this but no dessert tonight.

Anna-Kat: yeah Taylor and Oliver no dessert for you tonight. (Giggles)

Taylor: UGH MOM!

Katie: Anna-Kat stay out of this or you’re in your room for the night.

Anna-Kat: (gets all sad)

Greg: you guys can’t be having dessert tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Taylor: ehh. I’m off sugar anyway.

Oliver: and since dessert’s rice pudding, I put a blow off of it so nah.

Greg: (offended)

Kristina: (laughing hysterically)

Carly: yep. That was very funny.

Sonny: so I’ve thought we could think about what we got into our old stuff from last night.

Elizabeth: sure. I went out with Jason, we went to this fancy restaurant called On The Border, then I had sex with him and then it happened. We had sex. (Says sex 5x)

Sonny: (laughing hysterically)

Kristina: damn. Sonny’s laughing like me. (Laughs)

Katie: I would just think about when I first met Viv.

Elizabeth: well Viv is a nice person, and I think she should stay with us for a little while. Then, she and Alan can get back together as we speak.

Katie: cool.

Sam: I think Viv is a hell of a mother. I think that she can be sometimes cuckoo pants but she’s very sweet and nice. Cheers to Viv.

Everyone: cheers. (Everyone clinks each other’s glasses)

Greg: close the cabinets, go upstairs and do your homework and now, you two are in charge of putting Anna-Kat to bed.

Taylor: ugh! (Her and Oliver go upstairs to their room and do their homework)

Katie: so that is their punishment?

Greg: don’t let the nice parent fool you. (Walks away)

Katie: Bart Thompson.

(9:30 PM)

Taylor: (rudely) good night.

Anna-Kat: but Dad is right. You still have to put me in bed. Aw poor Taylor who has a punishment from her daddy. (Giggles)

Taylor: (rudely) that’s it.

Anna-Kat: that’s it what? Is it done for you to be grounded forever cause you are. (Giggles)

Taylor: (rudely) that’s it. I won’t tuck you in for the rest of my life. Now shut up and go to bed.

Anna-Kat: (gets all sad because of what Taylor said)

Greg: Taylor I think your being rude to Anna-Kat.

Taylor: well I’m done with it. And she annoyed me, so from now on she can go (bleep) herself.

Greg: uh-uh-uh. We watch our language.

Taylor: but I hate it so much. Putting my sister to bed sucks. You know what? I’m done with her for the rest of my life.

Greg: I know it’s hard, but that’s your punishment and if you keep this up, you’re gonna be losing your phone for a week.

Taylor: (sighs angrily)

Anna-Kat: Ooh you don’t get to go electronics anymore. (Giggles)

Taylor: (growls at Anna-Kat)

Greg: uh-uh-uh.

Anna-Kat: (gets scared because of Taylor)

Greg we have to remember that life isn’t all about you. It’s about everyone.

Taylor: well how am I gonna stop being aggressive?

Greg: well think. If something happens and you get rude to sometime, what do you do?

Taylor: fix my attitude.

Greg: exactly. So sometimes we are a little bit aggressive at each other. Right?

Taylor: (sighs) yeah.

Greg: so next time, you should think before you speak. OK?

Taylor: OK.

Anna-Kat: and some of it like that Taylor, if we ever get mad at something or someone, we ah e to sit in our rooms and take a deep breath. OK?

Taylor: OK.

Greg: ok. Do you promise you’re not gonna be rude to Anna-Kat?

Taylor: until she doesn’t annoy me.

Sam: she does make an amazing point.

Greg: (sighs) (To Anna-Kat) are you gonna annoy Taylor?

Anna-Kat: no.

Greg: ok. Because if you do, electronics are token away for a week. Understand?

Anna-Kat: yea.

Greg: good. Now apologize to each other and mean it.

both: I’m sorry. (Both hug)