Oliver Jason Phillip Angelo Otto is the middle child and only son of Katie and Greg. He has two siblings named Taylor (older sister) and Anna-Kat (younger sister). He is portrayed by Daniel DiMaggio. He is attempting to learn to live the rich lifestyle. Oliver was really snobby and only cared about being rich and preppy in the beginning of the series, but he has become less of a snob since he started dating fellow ballerina Gina.


Oliver moved with his family to Westport, Connecticut (because of his little sister Anna-Kat).


In the beginning of the series, Oliver was very snobby. and materialistic (though not coming from a rich family, like his friends). But during season 2 Oliver starts to care less about money because of his girlfriend Gina. He was also misunderstood to be gay (by his parents).


  • His enemy is Doris.
  • He practices ballet.
  • He is business savvy.
  • At age five, he peed on Greg's shoes on Halloween.
  • He's a fairly good student, and often tries his hardest at school.
  • He used to be somewhat obsessed with the Harry Potter series as a young boy.
  • He cares more about money than anything.
  • He is a volunteer for Teen Help Line Center.
  • While Volunteering once, he gets a prom date, Lindsey Coolidge.
  • In S1 E12 - Surprise, it's stated that he was born November 28th, 2004


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