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"Kids These Days" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of American Housewife and the ninety-fifth episode overall. Written by Anthony Lombardo and directed by Randall Winston, it aired on December 2, 2020.


Katie tries to get Anna-Kat and Franklin to be more active for her mommy vlog, but the kids are obsessed with being ultra-safe and are afraid to just play. Oliver asks his parents for a prescription for an ADHD drug, saying he needs it to be extra alert for his midterms that will be crucial for his Harvard dreams. Both parents refuse, but Oliver is able to obtain a couple pills from his classmate. Greg takes a pill that Oliver hid in a B-12 bottle, causing side effects to kick in during his city council debate. Elsewhere, Taylor is invited to an art exhibit by her TA, who clumsily insists it's not a date after Taylor asks to bring her boyfriend. Taylor is disappointed when Trip doesn't seem to "get" art the way she does, but he later makes a gesture that reminds her of all his good qualities that she fell in love with.


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Katie: Taylor, you have to put your interests on first so from now on, I want you to stay and be a strong independent woman.

Taylor: (rudely) how about you get your own life and STOP LIVING UP MY (bleep) ASS!

Katie: (offended) hey, that is the worst thing you’ve ever said to me. I don’t appreciate

Anna-Kat: Taylor, can I see you for a quick minute?

Taylor: uh-oh.

Katie: don’t let her annoy you.

Taylor: I won’t. (Walks away to Anna-Kat’s room)

Katie: good sweetheart because you know better.

Anna-Kat: (sighs) listen, were you yelling at Mom?

Taylor: yes because she has her own life and she needs to stop living up me.

Anna-Kat: I know but you can’t yell at her. Listen, I’m your sister. I’m your favorite sibling. Right?

Taylor: (sighs) right.

Anna-Kat: so I’ll teach you something. Here it goes. (Clears throat) sometimes we yell at teach other. Right?

Taylor: yeah.

Anna-Kat: ok. But we can’t shut people down. It’s very important because we love Mom so much because she cares about you, me, Oliver and Dad. You have to respect her or else you’re gonna be kicked out of the house and you don’t want that. Right?

Taylor: (sighs) yeah.

Anna-Kat: ok so what should we do when we are harsh with them?

Taylor; we take 5 minutes in our room and take a deep breath.

Anna-Kat: yes that’s right. we just take a couple minutes and I understand it’s hard for you I understand. But the way you spoke to Mom, that’s not happening.

Taylor: (sighs) I think you’re right. (Gets sad)

Anna-Kat: it’s ok. (Both hug) now apologize to Mom please.

Taylor: (goes to her room and apologizes to Katie) I’m sorry.

Katie: I accept your apology.

Anna-Kat: I took care of what she said.

Katie: thanks.

Taylor: thanks Anna-Kat for making me happy. You made me feel better.

Anna-Kat: your welcome. We just take deep breaths. OK?

Taylor: OK. You’re the best sibling ever.

Anna-Kat: thanks. (Both hug and Katie joins in)

Oliver: I'll have time to study.

Greg: Well good. you'll have plenty of time to study for mid-terms because your grounded in-definitely.

(Oliver and Cooper go to Oliver’s room)

Katie: how are you feeling?

Greg: like I’m gonna get my ass kicked on the election.