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Kate "Katie" Otto is the main protagonist of the show. She is Greg's wife and the mother of Taylor, Oliver, Anna-Kat, and Baby Otto. She is played by Katy Mixon. She is a housewife managing three kids and raising them.


She is originally from Florida. In college, she had a roommate named Billy, who is a huge prankster, especially when it comes to Oliver. She graduated from Duke University with a marketing degree. College rival is UNC Chapel Hill. She is a mother of a child with special needs. She has had a previous career in marketing; she left to focus on her family. After quitting from her event planning job due to indifferences, she started her own catering business (with the help of her son Oliver). Her mom is a funny, self-centered retired airline attendant that drives Katie crazy. Katie has raised a pet pig.


Season 2[]

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Katie becomes fed up with Hans Gruber's residency in her home and decides he has to go. The pig has outgrown the home and the family. She sets out to convince Greg and Anna-Kat that the pig would be better off the farm animal sanctuary Angela is associated with. Meanwhile, Taylor is kicked out of the blondetourage which gives her an even bigger attitude. Katie confronts the blondetourage during second breakfast, against Doris and Angela's advice. Taylor eventually returns to the sweet girl Katie missed so much, so she blocks Zola's attempt at reconciliation. When Taylor finds out, she's furious and accuses Katie of ruining her life. Things aren't much easier with Oliver, who is spending time with Spencer now that his ankle monitor is off. Greg and Katie worry that Spencer is corrupting Oliver and being too involved in his life, so she goes over to his house to confront him. She finds him dead in a lawn chair by the pool. Greg and Katie gently break the news to Oliver, who seems fine, which worries Katie because she thinks he might be a psychopath. Greg assures her that he'll feel the loss eventually. Everyone goes to the animal sanctuary and says goodbye to Hans Gruber, who is already making new pig friends. Anna-Kat accepts that her first true friend has to leave. Katie is grateful for the time Hans ate a dirty napkin after seeing her eat a box of girl scout cookies. She thinks he did it to make her feel better about herself, and it worked. Greg and Katie coax Oliver into saying goodbye to Hans. While he's casual at first, he becomes emotional as he realizes he's saying goodbye to both Hans and Spencer. He sobs into his moms arms. That night, Anna-Kat worries that Katie will die so Katie assures her that she won't die for a long time.

The Inheritance

Following Spencer's death, Katie and the Otto's learn Spencer included Oliver, Katie, and Greg in his will. They also run into Katie's mom, Kathryn, who has been having a secret affair with Spencer since Thanksgiving. Believing themselves to be millionaires soon, the Ottos begin acting differently. Katie worries the money will negatively affect her family, confiding her fears in Angela and Doris, who agree money makes everything better. Finally giving into her impending financial security that means she can buy anything she wants at the store, Katie tells Greg not to worry about his tenure meeting. Kathryn also becomes the mom Katie always wanted because she believes her daughter will be rich soon. During the VHS recording of the will, Spencer announces he's left his entire estate to Katie and Greg. In the second video, he renounces this decision because the most important thing is family, and he doesn't want their perfectly imperfect one to change. Katie initially resists telling her mom the truth out of fear she'll leave and be horrible again. Greg tells Kathryn immediately because he knows Katie will only keep up the lie. Greg's care-free and nonchalant attitude wins over the tenure board, securing him a spot and long-term job security.

It's Not You, It's Me

Katie worries that Franklin is Anna-Kat's only friend and that he's too weird for her daughter. She sets her sights on a pair of twins and decides they'll be Anna-Kat's new best friends. She purposefully excludes Franklin from carpool and play dates, which eventually upsets Anna-Kat. Simultaneously, Katie runs out of gas in the car and decides that if Taylor is going to use the car, she must pay for gas by getting a job. After getting Anna-Kat to annoy Taylor, the girl gets a job at Katie's second breakfast spot. Taylor learns the staff call her mom "crispy" because she always sends her bacon back to get crispier. Katie feels intruded upon, but Greg insists she has to learn to deal with it. Katie decides to treat Taylor just like any other waitress by insisting she get the right pastry. Taylor argues and things escalate until a manager intervenes, later firing Taylor, which upsets her. The kids unionize and confront their parents. Anna-Kat is mad her mom is trying to control her friend group and only be friends with whom Katie likes - Franklin is Anna-Kat's best friend and she likes him. Taylor feels that Katie only wanted her to get a job at a place that was "good for you." Oliver is mad at Greg for trying to get the grade on his paper lowered because he bashed recycling. The parents send everyone to their rooms which gives them time to regroup. Katie apologizes to Taylor and lets her go to the concert in New York. She promises to help Taylor find a job she likes when she gets back. Katie then makes things right with Anna-Kat by letting Franklin back into the carpool group. Because even if he is weird, he's Anna-Kat's friend.

Sliding Sweaters

Katie's old colleague Ashley Clark is in town visiting, so Katie wants to impress her by making her thing Katie's life is perfect. In reality, she's having a lot of feelings about leaving work to become a mom. Her decision on which sweater to purchase for their breakfast meeting - blue or pink - ends up defining her day. With the pink sweater, the day goes perfectly, with Katie coming out on top in every decision and situation. She and the kids help Greg through his tough first day at tenure, which means a lot to the struggling professor. With the blue sweater, everything goes wrong for Katie. If something can go badly or be spilled, it does. Her crappy day continuously gets worse with every corner. Greg tell the kids they have to stop fighting and help their mom feel better, because that's what family does. When one of them is sad or having a hard day, they have to put aside their own feelings to help that person. This ends up with everyone in bed together trying to cheer her up by showing her pictures that prove Ashley Clark's life isn't as perfect she pretends it is. In the pink sweater, Katie invites Greg's new lonely assistant Greg over for dinner. In the blue sweater, she invites Ashley Clark over to help her feel a sense of family again. In the green sweater version, Katie and Greg have sex and she ends up pregnant. Katie decides not to buy any sweater - she'll find something on the floor of her closet instead.

Finding Fillion

With the Spring Gala just around the corner, Katie is feeling the pressure from the Westport moms to fulfill her promise of getting ABC's Nathan Fillion to ride into the gala on an elephant. Taylor wants to go to New York that same weekend with Trip so she can pick out a prom dress. Katie initially vetoes the idea until she learns Nathan Fillion going to be in New York for a sci-fi convention for his old TV show, Firefly. Tripp thinks it's a good idea for Katie to take Taylor dress shopping since it means so much to her. Taylor caves in but needs to be in line at a certain time for the half-off sale. In order to make it in the convention, Katie needs a Firefly nerd to go with her. She makes Oliver stay up all night to binge the series and its movie so he's an expert by the morning, when he'll go with them to New York. Meanwhile, Katie makes Anna-Kat sign up for an extracurricular activity at school, which annoys the girl. Once in New York, the convention line is very long and Taylor quickly misses the opening of the store, which means she can't get her prom dress. Greg, who is at home helping Anna-Kat practice flag football with help from Tripp, calls Katie in a panic. He found a motel reservation in Tripp's backpack and assumes Tripp is planning to have sex with Taylor that weekend. Katie confronts Taylor about it, calling Tripp a bad guy who is going to pressure her into sex. Taylor admits that she booked the motel, not Tripp. They go backstage to talk and end up in a model of a ship from the show. In the cockpit is Nathan Fillion, eating a PB&J and animal crackers. The Otto women argue and Nathan ultimately takes Katie's side. He offers her some good advice too. Taylor realizes she's not sure if she's ready for the next step in her relationship, with Katie lamenting this is why she should wait. After a group hug, Katie asks Nathan to come to her spring gala next week in Westport, Connecticut so he can ride in on an elephant. Elated at the idea of an elephant, Nathan agrees. He sees this as a sign since all his animal crackers were elephants, and Katie connects this to Angela telling her about "double signs" earlier. Taylor is still upset about her dress, so Nathan calls the store so it can be put on hold for her. Back in Westport, Katie shows Tara Summers a video of Nathan telling her how excited he is to come to the gala and, on Katie's request, to stupid,, stupid Tara.

The Spring Gala

The big spring gala has finally arrived and Katie's plans are falling perfectly into place. Greg takes over as parent so Katie can focus all her attention on the gala. The Westport moms, including Tara Summers and Chloe, are rooting for her downfall. Suzanne is the only one who is cheering for Katie, though she sides with the other moms so she'll have someone to hang out with. Katie is looking forward to telling them all to suck it when her gala is perfect. She gets an ominous call from Stacey Klouser warning that a mysterious "them" are trying to ruin Katie's gala just like they did hers last year. Doris and Angela aren't concerned since Stacey went off the rails last year by yelling at a seafood tower because the shrimp didn't arrive. The next morning, things start to fall apart. Doris tells Katie that nothing is set up for the gala and that someone cancelled all of her services. To top it off, someone called PETA and told them about Katie's plans to use an elephant for recreational purposes, which isn't allowed. She can no longer have in an elephant. Katie wallows in her defeat, though Greg refuses to let her give up. She keeps trying to throw this party the Westport way, when she should throw it the Katie Otto way. Feeling inspired by her husbands words, and with the support of her family and friends, Katie is ready to conquer the gala! She gets face licks from Luthor and Greg admits they got a dog. Katie calls Stacey Klouser to tell her that someone did sabotage her gala last year and tried to do the same to Katie this year. The person? Tara Summers. Katie then asks Doris to buy all the rugs and throws from the store that she can, asks Angela to borrow her Buddha paraphernalia, instructs Taylor, Anna-Kat, and Greg to decorate the tent, has Greg get procure a camel which they dress up as an elephant with help from Tara Summers's bullied assistant, and Greg's assistant Grant gets Indian food trucks. Nathan Fillion doesn't want to ride a camel since the sign was for an elephant. She gives him a new sign by switching all animal crackers he's snacking on out for camels and elephants. The gala is successful with everyone loving it. Stacey Klauser shows up at the gala to attack Tara Summers and get her revenge. Tara swears her innocence, though no one believes her. Unbeknownst to anyone, Suzanna is to blame. The gala reaches its peak when Nathan Fillion rides down the camel-elephant, and everyone dances together.

Season 3[]


Katie is brazen, brutally blunt to a fault, loyal, and funny. She cares for her family deeply, despite her frequent complaints over being a mother (which has ruined her body) and a wife. She is a grass-roots woman who was born and raised in a middle class family. She resents moving to Westport because of the privilege, attitude, and general extravagance the people of the town have. She doesn't want her kids to become entitled brats, which often leads her to make rash decisions. She can be a know-it-all and overbearing, especially in her parenting skills. She is originally very vocal about Anna-Kat being her favorite and isolates Taylor and Oliver as "the other two", failing to see how it hurts them and Anna-Kat's relationship with her siblings until Anna-Kat calls her out on it. This is often how Katie operates - thinking primarily of herself and her opinions without regard for others feelings. She understands how to treat people and wants her kids to treat everyone well. Her own lessons to her kids often end up being lessons to herself as well. Such as when she learned to not take Greg for granted through telling Taylor not to isolate the ones who have been nice to her. Katie loves a good secret and a bit of drama - as long as it doesn't involve her. Katie struggles with her body image off and on, especially around the skinny Westport moms, but always faces her fears and insecurities whether she likes it or not. She becomes more confident in her skin and comes to take pride in her body.

Katie's most negative and apparent quality is her selfishness. She often doesn't listen when others talk about topics that bore her (like Greg's book), thinks only of how situations will affect her (such as getting overinvolved in Anna's Kat's field day to win), and doesn't put the needs of others before her own. Even though as a mom she often helps her kids before helping herself, their are many instances where Katie bulldozes over others to get what she wants. She learns to be less selfish, but is still self-absorbed in many aspects of her life.