Kate "Katie" Jane Otto is the main protagonist of the show. She is Greg's wife and the mother of Taylor, Oliver and Anna-Kat. She is played by Katy Mixon. She is a housewife managing three kids and raising them.


She is originally from Florida. In college she had a roommate named Bill who is a huge prankster, especially when it comes to Oliver.


Despite not taking any of the Westport bullshit, she seems fundamentally insecure.


  • Her weight is mostly boob.
  • Her two nemeses in Westport are Tara Summers and Chloe Brown Mueller.
  • She has a like/hate relationship with Viv.
  • Anna-Kat is her favorite child.
  • She delivered Viv's infant daughter, Violet.
  • She had a miscarriage before Taylor was born.
  • She had a glass of wine during her third trimester with Taylor (which she used to explain her daughter’s cluelessness).
  • She had sushi in her second trimester with Oliver (which she used to explain her son’s snobbish and materialistic nature).

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