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It's Hard to Say Goodbye is the nineteenth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the forty-second episode overall. Written by Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz and directed by John Putch. It aired on March 21, 2018.


Oliver excitedly tells the family that Spencer no longer has to wear an ankle monitor, and is taking him golfing the next day. Following golf, Spencer says he's taking Oliver yacht shopping in the morning. At home, Taylor says she wants to ditch family game night to hang with the Blondetourage, but comes home earlier than expected. Katie coaxes an upset Taylor until she admits the Blondetourage kicked her out. Meanwhile, Greg and Katie tell Anna-Kat they can no longer care for Hans Gruber, and make arrangements to take the pig to a farm animal sanctuary. At the end of the episode, Katie goes to confront Spencer about how he may be corrupting Oliver, only to find Spencer dead in his lawn chair.

The episode starts where the gang is playing a game and Taylor comes home and Greg says hey Taylor you’re home early. Taylor gives an unrepsponsible answer. Katie asks Taylor if something is wrong. Taylor replies rudely no why does always have to be something wrong, and why are you guys always in my business? I just want to be left alone, god. Katie and Greg were unhappy because the blondetourage kicked Taylor out. Katie and Greg talk to Taylor about it but Taylor says don’t even know it because you don’t. Taylor stomps away from her room crying. Greg tells Katie that Taylor stormed out of her own room. Taylor then comes back with no tears and tells them to get out. Katie and Greg tell Anna-Kat that Hans Gruber needs to be go back to the farm. So Anna-Kat cries because of what they said to her so she tells Greg to leave, not Katie because she wanted Katie to comfort her. Taylor gives Katie and Greg their breakfast. Which was very sweet to her. Greg feels Katie with Taylor’s phone. Taylor asked Katie that Zola stopped by last night, and Katie didn’t tell Taylor. Katie ruined Taylor’s life. Oliver goes yacht shopping with Spencer. He sets the parents up to fail the parenting they’ve got. Katie finds Spencer in his chair. He passed away. Katie told Oliver about the news. Everyone goes to the farm to say goodbye to Hans Gruber. Oliver says goodbye and breaks down in tears because of Spencer. So Katie comforts him. Taylor says that Katie and Greg were right and she’s now free from her blondetourage world and starts spending time with the family. At the end of episode, Katie tells Anna-Kat that she is not going to die for a very long time.


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  • This is the last episode with Spencer Blitz, as he died in this episode.
  • This is the first time that Oliver cries. His tears appear to be CGI’d in.
  • This is the first time that Taylor cries because of the blondetourage who kicked her out.
  • This is the tenth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie, and the third episode in which Taylor disrespects Greg.



Anna-Kat: This is the way Taylor flips her hair with her stuck up friends. (Imitates her flipping her hair)

Katie: Does this mean you're annoying her?

Anna-Kat: Some of it.

Katie: Not happening. mm-mm.

Anna-Kat: (gets all sad)

Spencer: (rings the doorbell)

Oliver: hey Spencer.

Taylor: (opens the door and closes it)

Greg: hey Taylor you’re home early.

Taylor: ehh.

Anna-Kat: what’s wrong? Did you get annoyed by people? (Giggles)

Katie: (glares at Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: what?

Katie: not happening. Because if it does happen again, you’re losing a tally.

Anna-Kat: (makes a sad sound)

Taylor: (sighs sadly)

Katie: something wrong?

Taylor: (rudely) no. Why does something always have to be wrong? And why are you guys always in my business? I just wanna be left alone. GOD! (Stomps upstairs to her room)

Katie: (offended) wow. That was embarrassing.

Greg: yeah.

Anna-Kat: she never talks to me. And ever since then she never does and I get really sad. (Gets sad)

Katie: c’mon let’s go talk to her.

Greg: she said she wants to be left alone.

Katie: I’m always left alone Greg.

Greg: (offended) well!

Katie: (opens Taylor’s door) what’s going on?

Taylor: I love my life ok? I’m fine and it’s over it. Now GET OUT!

Carly: what the hell.

Katie: something is obviously wrong and we are not leaving until we find out what it is.

Taylor: you won’t understand.

Greg: try us.

Katie: mm-hmm.

Taylor: fine. We were at Tom Garry’s house just hanging around and my friends wanted to be with my old friends and I tried talking to them and they just kept ditching me. They’re reevaluating their friend group.

Katie: Taylor you’ll have friends.

Taylor: but I have no one. NO ONE!

Carly: you have a great personality and we love you so much and you have friends in your life. Just remember that. (Touches Taylor’s hair and walks out of Taylor’s room and goes downstairs to talk to Sonny)

Greg: you’ll always have us.

Katie: oh Greg.

Taylor: is that what you think of me? That I’m just some loser who’s friends are her parents?

Greg: no that

Katie: (interrupts Greg) Taylor, I understand

Taylor: don’t even. Maybe in the 1900s something like this happened to you, but it’s different now. (Starts to cry) you don’t know what I’m going through and don’t say you do because you don’t. (Storms out of her room)

Greg: she stormed out of her own room. I wonder how she’s gonna realize

Taylor: (comes back to room with no tears) GET OUT!

(both Katie and Greg leave Taylor's room)

Carly: Reevaluate their friend group? (scoffs) Something is happening with these morons.

Sonny: Yeah. Some of which is the perfect way to be Taylor's friends to be cool and not just mean all the time.

Carly: Yeah I don't want her friends to be bitchy to her. Because if that happens, Her friends are getting their asses kicked. By Me.

Sonny: Well yeah but you can't kick someone's ass with this type of anger.

Carly: This is my type of anger. Who cares about it anyway? No one. NO ONE!

Sonny: (offended)

Elizabeth: When does Hans Gruber get returned?

Greg: Apparently we get the new stuff done and all that is. (To Hans Gruber) How did you get up there?

Taylor: (crying)

Anna-Kat: (knocks on door)

Taylor: Go away. (Continues crying)

Anna-Kat: it’s not Mom or Dad. It’s Anna-Kat.

Taylor: (sniffles) come in.

Anna-Kat: (opens Taylor’s door) Taylor what’s wrong?

Taylor: (still crying) my blondetourage kicked me out and they’re not talking to me. (Crying)

Anna-Kat: aww, (feels very sad for Taylor and touches Taylor’s back and rubs it while Taylor is still crying) it’s ok. I know your upset about it but don’t worry. It’s going to be ok. When you came home, you were lashing out. Why?

Taylor: because Mom and Dad should not be in my business and now they keep doing it to me. (Crying)

Anna-Kat: I know. But they have to tell you what’s wrong or else it’s going to be more sadder. Are you just sad because your a little off today?

Taylor: mm-hmm. (Looks extremely sad)

Anna-Kat: but it’s ok and I know and love you. So your a nice sister of mine. I think Mom and Dad are sometimes right. Right?

Taylor: yeah. (crying)

Anna-Kat: aw it’s ok Taylor. It’s ok (hugs Taylor while Taylor is still on tearful mode)

Hayden: (packs the stuff up for Hans Gruber to play in the farm)

Elizabeth: what the hell are you doing?

Hayden: packing up some stuff for Hans Gruber so he can have something to play with at the farm.

Elizabeth: that’s very sweet of you.

Katie: Anna-Kat, we need to tell you something. Hans Gruber needs to be returned.

Anna-Kat: (gasps and starts crying) daddy please leave. Mama please stay. (Continues crying)

Katie: oh sweetie, it’s ok. (Hugs Anna-Kat and she hugs Katie back). Here is the list. (shows Anna-Kat the reward systems list) So I added I'm very sad because an alive animal of mine is leaving the house.

Anna-Kat: OK. I pick that one. (continues crying during her and Katie's hug)

Molly: Well it's the one in charlotte's web.

Greg: So

Molly: I had to pick the one book you read. (walks away angrily)

(Katie and Greg look offended)

Greg: Sweetie, Hans Gruber lives in a farm

Anna-Kat: But I don't want him to go.

Katie: I know. But if you love somebody, you need to let them grow. And sometimes that means letting them go.'

Anna-Kat: (rudely) And then you'll put my hair in a bow stop trying to Dr Seuss me. (walks away angrily to her room)

Katie: Oh god.

Greg: Yeah.

Anna-Kat: (opens and closes her door to her room and starts crying because she disrespected Katie) Why? Why did I disrespect mama? (continues crying so she hugs her stuffed animal bird while she is still crying)

Katie: I'll go talk to her. (goes upstairs to her room and sees Anna-Kat break down in tears because Anna-Kat disrespected her) hey, are you ok?

Anna-Kat: (sniffles) I should've been nice to you and when you tried to Dr Seuss me and now I feel very sad because of what I said to you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me? Please? (gives Katie puppy eyes when she is still crying)

Katie: I will always forgive you come here my baby princess sweetheart. (both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat's back during their hug while Anna-Kat is still crying) It's ok.

Katie: this is why we shouldn’t have Taylor being alone.

Greg: I know.

Taylor: hey, I also found a frisbee.

Greg: (feels up Katie with Taylor’s phone)

Taylor: what are you doing?

Greg: feeling up your mom.

Katie: mm-hmm.

Taylor: with my phone?

Katie: that’s what I’m into Taylor. Don’t judge.

Taylor: give me that.

Katie: (gives Taylor’s phone to Taylor)

Taylor: (reads the message) Zola stopped by last night, and you didn’t tell me?

Katie: we didn’t want you running back to those terrible girls they’ve already showed you who they really are. They’re the worst, and not to be trusted.

Taylor: kinda like my parents.

Greg: hey, were trying to protect you. When your mom yelled at them at Stewart and Kingston’s

Katie: (interrupts Greg) Oh Greg.

Taylor: (to Katie) you yelled at them?

Katie: they were asking for it. Who doesn’t eat potato chips.

Taylor: (to Katie) are you insane? You’re ruining my life. (Stomps upstairs)

Katie: (sighs offendly) she’s right. We are no better than the Blondetourage. We’re the parentourage.

Greg: Ottotourage.

Katie: no need to back me up Greg.

Oliver: I’m going out with Spencer later. Is there a rule about not wearing golf shoes while yacht shopping?

(Katie and Greg get offended)

Oliver: (chuckles) why am I asking you guys I’m just setting you up to fail. (Chuckles and walks upstairs to his room)

Katie: (sighs offendly) he never doesn’t listen to us.

Greg: yeah. So does Taylor.

Katie: mm-hmm. (Both of them get sad because they’re failing the parenting they’ve got) both of them are ruining our lives.

Greg: I agree.

Anna-Kat: mama, can I go on the iPad?

Katie: since you behaved for me today, sure.

Anna-Kat: yay.

Katie: but you have to get dressed though.

Anna-Kat: but mama

Katie: uh-uh-uh. We’re not playing that game today. Get dressed.

Anna-Kat: but mama I love my pjs.

Katie: you can wear them tonight while we’re making dinner.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Gets dressed)

Anna-Kat: Oliver is in so much trouble. (Giggles)

Oliver: do you mean that?

Anna-Kat: (chuckles) I’m just joking.

Oliver: oh ok. I understand.

Anna-Kat: ok.

Kiki: You ruined my life you hack.

Katie: Kiki, what are you talking about?

Kiki: (rudely) You got me a job at a place which was good for me and now you ruined my job.

Katie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kiki: (rudely) I got fired because of you. (walks away angrily)

Katie: (offended)

Katie narrating: Why am I letting my kids and my step kids down? I am a bad parent sometimes to everyone, especially my kids.

Molly: (opens and slams the door rudely) I am gonna kill her.

Katie: Who?

Molly: Anna-Kat. She's been annoying me all day.

Katie: Well as you can see when we were playing Monopoly when Anna-Kat was imitating Taylor to annoy her so I stopped her and she got all sad because I told her to stop imitating Taylor.

Molly: (rudely) Well next time, tell her that she's grounded for a month. (walks away angrily)

Katie narrating: This town may have corrupted my kids and step kids. Shame on me. Welcome to hell.

(6 PM)

Anna-Kat: (appears with her pjs from this morning and keeps rubbing Hans Gruber because she feels sad about Hans Gruber getting returned)

Katie: aw honey don’t worry. On the farm there’s a lot of room for him to run around and have friends to be free.

Elizabeth: yeah. Always every day there will be.

Anna-Kat: when is dinner ready?

Hayden: (laughs because of what Anna-Kat asked) not until 6:30 sweetheart.

(6:30 PM)

Katie: dinner.

(everyone comes down to eat)