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Hip to Be Square is the ninth episode of the fourth season of American Housewife, and the seventy-ninth episode overall. Written by Henning Fog & Nick Roth and directed by David Bertman, it aired on November 29, 2019.


After hearing how Doris and her estranged husband Richard grew apart, Katy worries that she and Greg have nothing in common anymore and resolves to do something about it. Similarly, Anna-Kat wants to indulge Franklin's passion for square dancing, even though she hates it. Elsewhere, Cooper tells Oliver he wants to say "I love you" to girlfriend Charlotte, which makes Oliver worry that Brie will expect the same thing because she and Charlotte are so close. Also, Trip keeps interrupting the musical audition Taylor is making for Carnegie Mellon, and she later realizes it's sabotage because Trip doesn't want her to move away.

the episode starts with Anna-Kat and Franklin doing square dancing. Anna-Kat has been harsh with Franklin so Katie teaches her a lesson. So Anna-Kat agrees with Franklin to do square dancing. Taylor sings her song to get ready for college. She sings a million dreams by Pink from the greatest showman. Oliver, Brie, Cooper and his girlfriend have a bowling contest. Cooper annoys Oliver about Brie. So Brie says alright jerks rematch. Making Cooper offended. Anna-Kat and Franklin are at school doing square dancing at the gym. Principal Ablin does the talking. Anna-Kat messes up. Franklin tells her when she messes up, they mess up. Franklin ditches Anna-Kat for another girl so Ablin kicks them out of the contest. After their principal kicked them out of the square dancing contest, Anna-Kat is crying so Franklin comforts her and says it’s ok. Taylor still practices for her sing along for her to leave for college. Trip catches a flight to Pittsburgh because he has a wedding to go to. Oliver blames Cooper for Brie. She dumped Oliver because of Cooper. They both apologize to each other and play a video game at the castle.


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This is the last episode in which Brie appears in.


Franklin: Hey Anna-Kat, Do you want to do square dancing with me?

Anna-Kat: No. I'm not doing it with your yee-haw and little lady thing. no.

Katie: Anna-Kat, can you come here for a second please? (Anna-Kat goes to Katie) I think your a little harsh with Franklin. Don’t you think?

Anna-Kat: (sighs) Yeah.

Katie: ok so let me teach you something. I think you should do it with him. and I know it's a lot. But in a relationship, you have to make more of an effort. Do something that another person likes.

Anna-Kat: (sighs) I think you're right. (to Franklin) I will do it. But I will do one thing with your yee-haw and little lady thing once.

Franklin: OK.

Anna-Kat: Sorry.

Franklin: Come on Anna-Kat. When you mess up, we mess up. now do what I do.

Principal Ablin: That's it. You're both eliminated for the rest of the dance.

Anna-Kat: (gasps and starts crying)

Franklin: aww Anna-Kat it's ok. (hugs Anna-Kat and Franklin rubs her back while she is still crying)

Trip: I gotta catch a flight to pittsburgh. It's just a coincidence my cousin's getting married there. (walks away)

Taylor: (crying and hugs Trip because she doesn't want him to go)

Trip: aww baby (hugs Taylor while she is still crying) it's ok. I never leave you always. I'm just going there because I want to see my cousin. Just like when you go and see your cousin. Right?

Taylor: (still crying) Right. (continues crying)

Trip: aww (rubs Taylor's back) but don't worry. On the way back here I'll get you something for Christmas later. Do you want that?

Taylor: uh-huh.

Trip: OK. I'll bring you something back here. I love you.

Taylor: I love you too. (both kiss and hug)

Oliver: What did you do?

Cooper: What do you mean?

Oliver: Turns out you and I aren't the only ones in lockstep. I just got a text from Brie. She and Charlotte were two. So if Charlotte's gonna be single?

Cooper: Brie's gonna be single.

Oliver: That's right. She dumped me because of you. (walks away)

Cooper: were still playing Seal Force Delta later right?

Oliver: Of course we're on the same patrol.