Greg Dennis Otto is Katie's husband and father of Taylor, Oliver, and Anna-Kat. He is played by Diedrich Bader.


Greg believed he was an only child in his side of the family, but as it turned out, his father had a second family he was keeping from Greg. His father had another son with the same name, so it was easier to keep the secret.


A loving, caring father to his three children, Greg is a seemingly perfect father. He has a lot of problems though, much like everyone in Westport. He appears to be stricter with the eldest daughter, Taylor, than his other children.

Greg Otto is a well-educated history teacher; he is warm, and loving, and has a sharp, dry wit. Greg is married to Katie and father of teenagers Taylor and Oliver and Anna-Kat, 7. Greg loves Katie and has no problem with the fact that she is a plus size woman. Actually, it really makes him go! He is always reasonable, the voice of logic, and often the only barrier between the rest of the world and Katie's ill-conceived plans. Greg is a good father, but he takes his wife's paternity tips


  • He's a book author.

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