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Grandma's Way is the nineteenth episode of the third season of American Housewife, and the sixty-sixth episode overall. Written by Lauren Caltagirone & Jeremy Hall and directed by Paul Murphy, it aired on April 23, 2019.


After complaining about Katie's parenting, Taylor is forced to be somewhat of a parent when Katie falls ill and takes some questionable medication that Grandma Kathryn provided. Meanwhile, Kathryn is left to manage Anna-Kat's playdate and try to keep Oliver from seeing Gina, who is back and wanting forgiveness after failing in the ballet academy. Anna-Kat's playdate goes off plan but is a success, and Oliver does see Gina but makes the correct decision to stay with his current girlfriend, Brie. Also, Greg tries to be supportive and accompany his assistant Grant to his first comedy performance, only to find that most of Grant's jokes are at his expense.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]


Brie, Who is Oliver's girlfriend appears in this episode.

Gina, Who is Oliver's Ex-Girlfriend appears in this episode.

Kathryn appears in this episode.



Katie: you’ll probably learn some day.

Taylor: FINE-UHH. (Walks upstairs angrily)

Katie: (gets offended by what Taylor said)

Greg: why is she grounded?

Katie: her back talk is out of control.

(flashback starts)

Katie: don’t forget to return your library books today.

Taylor: (rudely) you’ve got your own bedroom why do you have to live up my ass?

(flashback ends)

Katie: (sighs) it’s gonna be a hell of a weekend. (Vomits)

Greg: I thought you were gonna do that in the garbage bag. (Gets offended and walks away)

Taylor: what do you think you’re doing? Pull over.

Katie: hell no.