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"Graduation" is the first episode of the fifth season of American Housewife and the ninety-first episode overall. Written by Rick Weiner, Kenny Schwartz and Sarah Dunn and directed by Melissa Kosar, it aired on October 28, 2020.


Katie goes to great lengths to appease Principal Ablin in order to ensure Taylor graduates high school. Meanwhile, Greg finishes ghostwriting the final chapter of Lonnie's book. And while Oliver is devastated to learn Cooper's family will be moving out of Westport, Anna-Kat tells Franklin she is ready to venture outside her comfort zone and plans to attend sleep-away camp during summer break.

The episode starts where Anna-Kat tells Katie and Greg that she is going to sleep away camp with her best friends. Katie tells Greg that Anna-Kat is no longer annoying Taylor and Oliver anymore and is starting to be a grown girl. At lunch, Franklin tells Anna-Kat no about the camp. There is water skiing which Franklin calls water dying. Franklin isn’t talking to Anna-Kat. At home, she tells Katie and Greg that Franklin isn’t talking to her. She says to herself that she doesn’t need to listen to a boy. Greg tells her that, but she tells Greg to shut up because he is also a boy. Lonnie puts slime on Greg, and Greg says he’s had enough with his pranks. Taylor gets ready to graduate because Tara is the sub for Taylor’s librarian. At graduation, Ablin gets ready for Maria. Trip does the words, and both Maria and Ablin kiss, and everyone applauds. Taylor graduates high school, and Katie starts to break down in tears because Taylor graduated high school, so Katie is happy for her. Anna-Kat apologizes to Franklin. Then she kisses him, and they both high-five and hug. The whole gang takes pictures. Katie tells Cooper to stay with the Ottos, making Cooper very happy. At the end of the episode, Katie and Greg look at pictures from Taylor’s graduation.


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  • Production of this episode began in August 2020.
  • Giselle Eisenberg’s first appearance as Anna-Kat Otto.
  • The show decided to pretend the COVID-19 pandemic does not exist.
  • This the last appearance of Angela (played as Carly Hughes) before her parted ways from her toxic environment.
  • This is the Season 5 Premiere.
  • This is the third time that Katie cries.
  • This episode was originally written as the preceding season’s finale, but aired as the season premiere because of production shutdown due to the impact of COVID-19.


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Katie: Anna-Kat, are you done with your breakfast?

Anna-Kat: Did you know the wildflower girls camp has a rope horse, canoeing, and horseback riding?

Katie narrating: Yeah. Kids change.

Anna-Kat: The packing list says that fifth graders need to bring feminine hygiene products. Which means this could be my year. (Gives Greg a high five and runs upstairs)

Katie: You see that Greg? Anna-Kat is going away to sleep away camp. We have taken her from becoming a weirdo into a strong confident girl.

Greg: She still has some weirdo left in her.

Anna-Kat: (claps her hands for 10 minutes because she loves to do that)

Franklin: Hey Anna-Kat are you ok?

Anna-Kat: A little. (Sighs sadly and goes on the verge of tears)

Franklin: Aw, you’re a little sad. What’s wrong? Is it ok?

Anna-Kat: (sighs sadly and starts crying) It’s not. (Continues crying)

Franklin: Hey it’s ok. Come here. (Both hug and Franklin rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the huge while Anna-Kat is still crying)

(at home)

Anna-Kat: (rapping) I love my best friend so much. He’s always sweet. (Claps while rapping) he’s always caring. He’s always nice. He’s always here. I love him just, as he loves me. (Continues clapping to the beat without rapping and continues clapping her hands to the beat for 15 minutes)

(15 minutes later)

Anna-Kat: hey Franklin.

Franklin: hey Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: you like my sweater? It’s so shiny and cozy. (Giggles) and look. The hood’s on it. (Pulls the hood up and takes the hood off)

Franklin: you like sweatshirts with hoods?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Shakes her butt and giggles while doing it)

Franklin: huh? You love to shake your butt?

Anna-Kat: yeah. Penny and I do it all the time during the day.

Franklin: yeah. I’ve seen you do that like a million times.

Anna-Kat: (Giggles)

Franklin: (hears his watch) oh I’m ready to clap my hands. Are you?

Anna-Kat: yeah. I do it every day. So does Penny.

Franklin: yeah so do I. I do it like almost all day. Alright here we go. (Both clap their hands for a half an hour)


Anna-Kat: I love it.

Franklin: I know right? (Both giggle and hug while giggling)