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"Getting Frank with the Ottos" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of American Housewife and the hundredth episode overall. Written by Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz, from a story by Sarah Dunn and directed by Melissa Kosar. It aired on February 24, 2021.


For his 100th "Getting Frank with Franklin" podcast (a nod to the 100th episode of American Housewife), Franklin decides to interview the entire Otto household. His interview questions dig deep, as he explores Greg's tendency to be a pushover, Cooper and Oliver's "lapdog-and-owner" relationship, Taylor hiding her affection for Andre from Trip, and Katie's tendency to discourage Anna-Kat from trying things that might lead to failure. This causes Greg to hire Lonnie Spears to help him fight back against Ablin's misleading campaign ads, while Cooper becomes brutally honest about following Oliver to Harvard and Katie confronts her mother about treating her like she's treating Anna-Kat. Meanwhile, Taylor accepts a lunch date with Andre and sees Trip walk in with another girl.


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This is the 100th episode.


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Anna-Kat: (rudely) you a ho. Is that modern enough for you?

Taylor: (rudely) that’s it. (Slaps Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (gasps) Taylor, why would you do that to me?

Taylor: because you don’t know the definition of shut the (bleep) up.

Anna-Kat: Taylor, you are being such a little harsh with me. You have to think about how you speak.

Taylor: well I don’t have to because I’m 19 and I can do whatever the hell I want. (Walks away angrily)

Anna-Kat: (sighs offendly and starts crying) I can’t believe it. She has no idea how she’s talking to me. She never looks at me when I’m talking to her. (Sniffles) it’s not fair. (Continues crying and sniffles)