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Finding Fillion is the twenty-third episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the forty-sixth episode overall. Written by Bill Callahan, Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz and directed by David Bertam. It aired on May 9, 2018.


Katie is giving an update to the Spring Gala board, proud of all she's accomplished and hoping to rub it in Tara Summers' face. Tara gets revenge on Katie to watch her crash and burn. Katie then gets revenge back on Tara by Nathan Fillion calling her stupid stupid Tara. Katie’s attitude changes when a board member reminds Katie she promised to have Nathan Fillion riding in on an elephant. As fate would have it, Angela learns that Fillion will be at a sci-fi convention in New York City the same day Taylor wants to go there to get a prom dress at half price. Meanwhile, Greg starts to bond with Tripp and thinks he may be a good guy for Taylor after all, until he finds a printout for a prom night hotel reservation in Tripp's backpack. An angry Greg calls Katie just as she's located Fillion at the convention. Katie confronts Taylor, who says she made the reservation, not Trip.

the episode starts with Katie, Greg and Anna-Kat. Anna-Kat says Greg rudely hey google translator, I know what I said. Katie asks Anna-Kat does she have something better besides be rude to Greg, and she says no. Katie signs up Anna-Kat for a team sport in the spring, which makes Anna-Kat feel uncomfortable. Kiki comes down to confront Katie because Katie was the one who didn’t pay Kiki back. Taylor comes down with Katie’s broken zipper prom dress. Taylor and Anna-Kat ask Katie how clues can Katie get, and Anna-Kat and Taylor start giggling about it. Greg tells Katie the kids are being mean to us. The kids made Katie cry, but made Greg very angry and upset at them. Katie meets Tara at the school, so Tara can watch Katie crash and burn. Katie told Tara that she is going to arrive safely at the perfect temperature. Tara tells her that she’s already imploding. Katie tells Tara that she put the I suck post it on her back at Derrick Shlosher’s party. Tara gets very offended. Katie talks to the ladies of the gala board about Nathan Fillion. Tara calls Katie stupid stupid Katie. Tara tells Katie that she is screwed. Katie keeps talking about the post it that she put on Tara’s back and walks away, which makes Tara feel uncomfortable. Katie is at the diner with Angela and Doris. Angela tells the ladies about a double sign. Doris gives the middle finger to Angela about a double sign (that sure is a double sign Doris). Katie tells Taylor to go with Katie. Trip agrees with Katie in that statement, and Taylor says fine. Katie and Taylor are having an awesome car ride. The dizziness they are having fun is annoying Oliver, but he doesn’t care about it anyway. At the convention, Katie tells Oliver to go see how long the line is. Oliver tells Katie no and confronts her that she did something wrong to him. Taylor tells Katie it’s 10:17. Greg calls Katie and tells her that trip made a motel reservation on prom night. Greg confronts Trip about the reservation. That is how Trip repayed Greg. Greg kicks Trip out of the Otto house. But Taylor made the motel reservation not him. So Katie confronts her at the hall, but Oliver tells them to take it into a private location. Taylor and Katie are fighting at the Fillion spaceship. Taylor calls Katie Mrs prom dress with a broken zipper. Nathan agrees with Taylor’s statement. So Nathan teaches Katie a lesson. Taylor is not ready so she has to wait for Katie so she can be there for Taylor and Taylor agrees. So they let her go to prom, but no motel. Katie tells Taylor that she has to check in every two hours. Taylor asks her really, but Nathan stops her that him and Katie made that statement. Taylor agrees and the three of them do a group hug. Katie tells Tara about the Nathan Fillion thing. Tara tells Katie what a big liar she is, but Katie wants Tara to Here it from Nathan Fillion. Nathan calls Tara stupid stupid Tara. Tara is very angry, so Katie ruined her life. At Westport at the Otto household, Greg apologizes to Trip and they both agree to play football with Anna-Kat.


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  • Castle alum and The Rookie star Nathan Fillion is the guest appearance.
  • Taylor and Katie fight in some scenes of this episode.
  • This is the first time in which Greg Confronts Trip.
  • This is the twelfth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.
  • This is the first episode in which Anna-Kat disrespects Greg.
  • Carly and Sonny do not interact with each other in this episode.
  • Oliver and Greg do not interact with each other in this episode.



Katie: morning.

Anna-Kat: mama, what happened? How come you're not wearing a wrinkled flannel shirt covered in food?

Greg: that’s little kid for you look beautiful.

Anna-Kat: (to Greg rudely) Hey Google translator, I know what I said.

Katie: Anna-Kat do you have anything better to do besides abuse your parents?

Anna-Kat: Better? No.

Katie: That’s it. You’re joining a team sport this spring.

Anna-Kat: why?

Katie: team sports build character, and most importantly helps you with somebody else’s problems for 5 hours a week.

Anna-Kat: (glares at Katie)

Katie: And your going to have to learn to like it because you will do as I say. And don’t ever glare at me when I say something to you. Got it?

Anna-Kat: got it.

Katie: so you have 19 tallies now. And you have one more.

Anna-Kat: how do you know that I have 19 tallies mama?

Katie: look. (Shows Anna-Kat the reward systems list) each one is for you for your best behavior right?

Anna-Kat: right.

Katie: and if you deserve to be good for the rest of the week, you earn it next week and I’ll bring you something very special.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) ok mama.

Katie: ok. Now go get ready for your first practice ok?

Anna-Kat: OK! (Both Katie and Anna-Kat hug)

Katie: aww I love you too.

Greg: I laminated pages for your spring gala.

Kiki: (comes downstairs with her dress)

Katie: Kiki, look at you.

Kiki: (rudely) Don't look at you me. This is how you're going to ruin my day? me going to a fashion show that Taylor likes and now, You not minding your own business? Who the hell do you think you are? (walks away angrily)

Greg: Wow. Kiki's a little cranky today huh?

Katie: Yeah. It always happens when I do something wrong to her.

Taylor: (walks downstairs with a prom dress with a broken zipper)

Katie: Look at you.

Taylor: (rudely) Don't look at you me. Is this how we're gonna save money? Me wearing your old prom dress to my junior prom? It's completely out of date, and the zipper is totally broken.

Katie narrating: Yes it is.

Taylor: Remember the dress I like? (Shows Katie the dress that she likes)

Katie: Taylor, we can’t afford that.

Anna-Kat: How clues can you get? (Taylor laughs and Anna-Kat giggles)

Greg: The kids are being mean to us.

Katie: Yeah. (starts crying)




Tara: Katie

Katie: Tara

Tara: I got a front row seat to watch you crash and burn.

Katie: Tara I’m gonna tell you something that’s gonna sting. (Goes up to Tara’s face and whispers to her) I was the one who put the I suck post-it on your back at Derrick Shlosher’s party. (Smiles at Tara and walks away)

Tara: (very offended)

Tara: stupid stupid Katie. When Nathan Fillion gets to you, you are so screwed.

Katie: oh don’t make me talk more about the I suck post it on your back that I put.

Tara: you are so so soooo screwed (giggles)

Katie: do you know that you suck a lot because everyone knows you’re a sucker. (Walks away)

Tara: (gets very very very offended)

Katie: ok Anna-Kat. Times up. Which sport are you doing?

Anna-Kat: I’m gonna do flag football with Franklin.

Elizabeth: uh Franklin can be kind of a weirdo so I don’t want you doing that sport with him.

Anna-Kat: but Elizabeth

Elizabeth: I’m just kidding.

Anna-Kat: ok. I don’t know the sport though?

Katie: well maybe we’ll add I’ll do a sport with my friends and we can add that to the reward systems list.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) ok mama. (Both hug)

Katie: (chuckles) she’s such a sweetheart. My little princess.

Katie: Taylor come on.

Taylor: I’m not going with you. I’m going with Trip.

Katie: come on. We’ll be the Gilmore girls or the gal pals.

Trip: babe she’s right. She’s very important and you’re important to her. Right?

Taylor: right.


Trip: I think you two should go. She’s cool and I think you guys love each other.

Taylor: (rudely) fine. (Her and Trip walk away)

(Walks away with Trip)

Anna-Kat: bye mama.

Greg: good luck. You’re gonna need it. (Both wave at Katie and Taylor when Katie and Taylor start driving to the convention)

Katie: Not as much as you.

Katie: You know we should talk about what’s going on in our lives.

Taylor: Yeah that’s a (bleep) dream Mom.

Katie: (sighs)

(the car phone rings from Katie's phone and Katie answers it)

Katie: Hello

Anna-Kat: Hi mama.

Katie: Hi Anna-Kat, What’s going on?

Anna-Kat: Nothing. I just wanted to call you because I miss you.

Katie: aw I miss you too. Are you practicing flag football with Daddy?

Anna-Kat: Uh-huh. I just got my first point.

Katie: That's cool sweetheart. You're gonna earn your last tally when I get home if you're gonna behave for Daddy.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) Yay. (jumps up and down for 10 seconds)

Katie: I know you're happy about it. You're almost getting there.

Anna-Kat: Uh-huh. It's so cool mama.

Katie: That's cool honey. I'm gonna go because I have to. Taylor just wants to see Nathan Fillion.

Anna-Kat: OK mama. I love you.

Katie: I love you too.

Anna-Kat: Bye.

Katie: Bye. (hangs up) OK. So Now let's go ahead and talk about the convention.

(Katie and Taylor scream when Katie makes the car go dizzy)


Katie: Oliver, go across the hall and tell me how long this line really is.

Oliver: Not now Mom. These posers are saying it was Shepherd who was leaf in the wind when we all know it was Wash. (Katie seems offended because of what Oliver said to her) You did this to me.

Katie: (begins to feel ashamed of herself)

Taylor: (rudely) Mom, it's 10:17. 10:17.

Greg: (to Trip) you

Trip: Me, what’s going on now?

Greg: I want you out of my house right now.

Trip: woah, Mr. A, what is going on?

Greg: you’re moving way to fast with my daughter.

Trip: Oh, right. Her hands are way too small to throw a spiral. Maybe some upper lifts.

Greg: (about Taylor) My other daughter. (Puts the paper down angrily) I made this smoothie for you. (Throws smoothie down in the garbage) this is how you repay me? By planning to take advantage of Taylor? Thank god I didn’t let you take her on that trip.

Trip: that’s me.

Greg: I meant to New York.

Trip: that and the big apple are my two

Greg: (interrupts Trip) get out.

Greg: Uh, Anna-Kat are your hands ok?

Anna-Kat: (chuckles) what do you mean daddy? My hands are fine. See? (Claps rhythmically)

Greg: (looks very offended)

(at Westport Unified)

Hayden: (walks into the school and finds Tara) So here’s Tara who’s planning revenge on Katie. Huh. (Goes up to Tara) Anything you like to tell me?

Tara: Not a thing.

Hayden: So when you were, lurking around Westport Unified you didn’t come across you knew damn well wasn’t yours.

Tara: Do you have a real question for me?

Hayden: (gets angry) I know you took my diamonds you little bitch. And I want them back. Now.

(at Spencer’s house)

Jason: (looks at the painting) Is this one of Jake’s?

Elizabeth: Yes. He made it so special for you.

Jason: Oh. That’s very sweet.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I can’t believe Spencer was gone a month ago.

Jason: He was a very nice guy and a very old man.

Elizabeth: Exactly. (Drinks her coffee) I miss him.

Jason: I miss him too. Did the plans for the spring gala work?

Elizabeth: Katie told me that she’s going to have some help from Nathan Fillion.

Jason: Holy (bleep)

Elizabeth: I know. Have you seen Castle?

Jason: Oh it’s so good.

(At Westport Unified School)

Tara: After a solid week of Katie not coming here, I’m the one who gets to make it happen.

Hayden: UGH. Aren’t you the clever one.

Tara: What can I say bring out the worst in me? Those diamonds don’t belong to you Hayden.

Hayden: Even they’re my father’s. They’re all I have left.

Tara: Oh please. Spare me the poor little rich girl story.

Hayden: Who do you think you are you hypocrite? With your wide eyes, your evil smile and your baby voice. Stupid stupid Tara who made your son Eyo break up with my cousin Taylor. You made Katie into a pathetic conspiracy almost all year long. You told her naughty things about the gala, you tricked her daughter into a vegan, you made zero donations for the auction. You set this all emotion Tara. Your husband should teach you some manners.

Tara: No don’t you dare.

Hayden: Don’t I dare what? Call you out? Speak the truth? I see you for the pathetic liar you are.

Tara: I didn’t steal those diamonds. I didn’t hide them from the feds. That was all of you. Too bad they don’t have family sweets in prison. You could be locked up with your old Dad.

Hayden: (slaps Tara and glares at her)

Tara: (looks offended and mad because Hayden slapped her)

Taylor: I made the motel reservation.

Katie: you got the motel room? You’re pressuring him?

Taylor: I really like him Mom.

Alien: I’d like to live in prosper with her.

Oliver: first of all that’s Spock. Second of all, shut the hell up. (Sighs) (to Katie and Taylor) maybe you two should take this conversation to a more private location.

(Katie and Taylor to a more private location)

Taylor: I don’t think we’re supposed to be in here.

Katie: look who’s suddenly you concerned with what shouldn’t go with where.

Taylor: You were all cool with me in the car and now all of a sudden you're full on momming me again.

Katie: listen. I've got to be a parent if I don't want to be a grandparent.

Taylor: UGH! (Walks upstairs angrily)

Katie: (goes up with Taylor)

Taylor: Getting a motel reservation doesn't mean it's gonna happen. and Besides Who are you to talk? You are the biggest hypocrite.

Katie: (gasps upsetly)

Taylor: Mrs, prom dress with a broken zipper.

Nathan: ooo HOO-HOO.

Katie: Excuse me nerd, we’re trying to have a private conversation.

Nathan: That’s cool. I’m trying to have a private peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Katie: (gasps) Oh my god. Nathan Fillion, what are you doing here?

Taylor: I’m going with Trip, and you can’t stop me.

Nathan: Well technically, she can because she’s your mom.

Katie: Don’t listen to him.

Nathan: I’m agreeing with you.

Katie: He knows what I’m talking about.

Taylor: He agrees because he doesn’t know what’s going on. My mom couldn’t get out of her prom dress that fast enough, yet when I wanted a motel room with my boyfriend, she’s all (mocking Katie) Wow. Oh my.

Katie: (groans)

Nathan: Is this true Katie? Because if it is, it’s going to affect my decision.

Katie: What decision? Who says you get to make a decision?

Nathan: (scoffs) Katie, I’m an actor. Acting is all about decisions. I decide whether I’m going to furrow my brow…now.

Taylor: I don’t know if Trip is ready.

Nathan: Well how do you know that you’re ready.

Katie: Nathan please. (To Taylor) How do you know that you’re ready?

Taylor: I’m not.

Katie: Then, you wait. I want you to come to me, and we’ll work this out. And I don’t know if I’m gonna be a Mom, or a buddy, or both…But I will be here.

Taylor: OK Mom.

Nathan: so will let you go to prom, but no motel.

Katie: mm-hmm. And you have to check in every two hours.

Taylor: Come on really?

Nathan: Hey, your mother and I have decided.

Katie: yeah.

Taylor: deal.

Nathan: ok. (Him and Taylor hug) I’m proud of you. Katie get in. (Katie joins the hug) Ahh, I love these memories.

(when Katie and Taylor come back from the convention)

Katie: (honks horn for Greg and Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and comes outside) mama.

Katie: hi sweetheart. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it) were you good for daddy?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Hugs Taylor and Taylor hugs her back)

Taylor: (says this line during the hug) oh hi.

Anna-Kat: I missed you guys.

Katie: aw I missed you too.

Greg: so how was it?

Katie: Nathan is going to the gala.

Taylor: yep.

Anna-Kat: (gasps and claps her hands)

Greg: that’s great honey. (Everyone hugs together) where’s Oliver?

Katie: he’ll be here. He’s just telling someone about his day on his phone.

Greg: oh cool.

Katie: hmm. I’m gonna go to the school to show Tara Nathan Fillion from my phone. (Drives to the school)

Katie: Tara, I really need to talk to you about the Nathan Fillion thing.

Tara: oh you’re finally going to admit to what a big liar you are. I’m gonna roll on this. (Records) continue.

Katie: actually it might be ok for you to here it from someone else. (Shows the video to Tara)

Nathan: Hi Tara. I’m Nathan Fillion. You may know me from such shows as two guys who go to a pizza place, or Castle, or Firefly, but probably Castle. I’m coming to your spring gala.

Tara: how did you get

Katie: now say that thing we talked about.

Nathan: oh it’s an inside joke she’ll think it’s funny?

Katie: absolutely.

Nathan: OK. I’ll see you there stupid stupid Tara.

Tara: (glares at Katie)

Katie: (smiles and walks away)

(4:45 PM)

Katie: (opens and closes the door) Hello.

Greg: hey honey.

Katie: so I was wondering for dinner, we should do........tacos.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yes. (Jumps up and down happily) thank you mama.

Katie: your welcome my little princess. We’ll start at 6.

Anna-Kat: ok. Can I go on the iPad?

Katie: were you you gonna think about that?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. I’m also on my pjs because I had a long day.

Katie: you did?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: ok. You can go on the iPad.

Anna-Kat: yay.

Katie: but after dinner, it’s done for the night. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. I have my pj dress on.

Katie: great sweetie. Are you wearing underpants under it?

Anna-Kat: (checks when private part) no. Why?

Katie: just checking.

Anna-Kat: ok.

(6:30 PM)

Katie: dinner.

(everyone comes down to eat)

Katie: so how were things everyone?

Everyone: good.



American Housewife 2x23 Promo "Finding Fillion" (HD) ft. Nathan Fillion

This was the promo for the episode.