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Field Trippin is the twentieth episode of the third season of American Housewife, and the sixty-seventh episode overall. Written by Jonathan Fener and directed by John Putch, it aired on April 30, 2019.


Upon realizing that work has kept her from spending quality time with Anna-Kat, Katie decides to chaperone Anna-Kat's class field trip, only to find that her daughter doesn't want her there. Meanwhile, Taylor and Oliver jointly fake being sick so they can play hooky with Trip and Cooper, respectively. But Greg has some fun spoiling their day upon figuring out the lie.


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Katie and Anna-Kat fight a lot in this episode.




Maddy: oh hey Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: hey Maddy.

Maddy: are you wearing a belly long sleeved shirt like me?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Both: twinsies. (Gasps) belly shirt selfie. (Takes pictures with their phones and they giggle)

Maddy: I see your belly button.

Anna-Kat: (giggles) I see your belly button too.

(both hug while giggling)

Maddy: (gasps) Anna-Kat check it out.

Anna-Kat: (gasps) it’s a cute boy who is our age.

(Both) our favorite age. 9 (both giggle)

(The boy looking at Anna-Kat and Maddy)

Maddy: (gasps happily) he’s looking at us.

Anna-Kat: I know. I think he’s hot.

Maddy: I agree with you. I think he’s hot oh my gosh. (Both giggle and wave with their fingers moving and not their hands to the boy like they love him)

(the boy waving back to Anna-Kat and Maddy)

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) he waved to us back.

Maddy: I know he’s so cute.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Both Anna-Kat and Maddy hug while giggling)

(both Anna-Kat and Maddy shake their butts and giggle while doing it then hug)

Anna-Kat: (sighs) my favorite BFF.

Maddy: my favorite BFF too.

(Both Anna-Kat and Maddy giggle while hugging)

Katie: (groans) I hate it when this happens.

Doris: oh you mean the way that you are? Yeah. It happens to me too.

Katie: I know. It suffers me like Greg who is with Taylor and Oliver.

Greg: what the hell is going on?

Taylor: Oliver and I saw a post of Anna-Kat with a belly crop shirt.

Greg: what? (Looks at the post) oh no she’s wearing a belly shirt. (Offended) did she get her own clothes today for the trip?

Taylor: did I think that they gave me new stuff like this?

Oliver: I don’t know. It’s supposed to be $1.99 now they changed it to $2.99.

Taylor: (gasps seriously) you’ve gotta be kidding me.

(both Anna-Kat and Maddy rapping) its everyday bro with that Disney channel flow. By a one that’s made of ice and that’s one that’s made of hot. But don’t worry we know you. And you’s everyday bro. It’s everyday bro and we know that because it’s awesome. (Both giggling)

Katie narrating: if I let Anna-Kat wear a belly shirt, her and Maddy are going to be wearing crop shirts at school from now on and the students in Anna-Kat’s class will be so shocked.

Taylor: (crying) but Trip, I know but it’s not fair when I get shocked on.

Trip: babe I know it’s upsetting to you but maybe your a bit sad today. Are you?

Taylor: (looks extremely sad) mm-hmm.

Trip: baby I know. But don’t worry it’s ok. (Hugs Taylor while Taylor is still crying sniffles)

(both Anna-Kat and Maddy singing) I don’t remember you you don’t remember me it’s not fair to everyone in the world. I don’t remember you it’s not fair to everyone in the world. (Both clapping rhythmically)

Katie: damn it.

Doris: I know. There skunks sometimes.

Katie: yeah.

(both Anna-Kat and Maddy hugging and giggling at the same time because they’re spending time with each other and using their phones because they’re looking up stuff on them with each other.)

Katie: this is ridiculous.

Katie: Anna-Kat, who is this?

Anna-Kat: this is Maddy. My BFF. Maddy this is my mom.

Katie: hi I’m Katie. Anna-Kat’s mom.

Maddy: nice to meet you.

Anna-Kat: stop ruining the field trip.

Katie: now I’m ruining the field trip.

Anna-Kat: (looks extremely upset and sad at Katie)

Greg: you get punished ten times harder.

Taylor: yeah that really turns my day around.

Principal Ablin: Katie, did they give me the call yet?

Katie: not yet Ablin.

Principal Ablin: OK Thank you. (Walks away)

Katie: you’re welcome.

Greg: they gave him the call yet.

Katie: (laughs)

Greg: Katie

Katie: alright they did.

Greg: alright just checking.

Katie: OK. I love you.

Greg: aww I love you too. (Both kiss and hug)