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Field Day[1] is the sixteenth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. Written by Taylor Hamra and directed by Chris Koch. It aired on February 28, 2018.


It's the school's annual field day, and Katie's team makes her the "anchor" for the tug-of-war. When Chloe Brown Mueller suggests that's the only thing a woman Katie's size is good for, Katie vows to get her revenge by winning the mother-daughter three-legged race with Anna-Kat. Meanwhile, Oliver has decided he no longer wants to help his father with the chili cook-off contest, so Greg gets help from Taylor's boyfriend Trip instead. This angers Taylor when Trip shuns her to spend all his time preparing the chili with Greg.

the episode starts at the school where Katie, Anna-Kat, Penny and Chloe are picking teams for the annual field day competition. Anna-Kat tells Katie that they want to do the three legged race. Katie agrees with Anna-Kat and Anna-Kat and Penny hug after Katie agrees. Chloe is so happy that Katie is signing up so she can’t pick her. Katie is at the diner with Angela and Doris talking about Anna-Kat’s field day competition. Oliver doesn’t want to help Greg with the chili because he has other plans. So Greg asks Trip to do it, but Taylor tells Greg to get his own boyfriend. But Trip wants to make chili with Greg, which makes Taylor very jealous, especially Oliver and plot to break up the two. Katie and Anna-Kat practice for the three legged race. Anna-Kat listens and dances to music which makes Katie yell out her name. But Anna-Kat lies to Katie about hurting her ankle and starts crying. So Katie comforts her about the field day competition and tells Anna-Kat that it’s going to be ok. Taylor and Oliver put a ghost pepper on Greg and Trip’s chili. But Greg and Trip like it so Taylor and Oliver’s plan doesn’t go quite well until everyone’s mouths go to the heat. Louie tells Oliver that the ghost pepper takes 2” seconds to kick in. So the heatness is delayed. Anna-Kat and Katie are ready for the race to beat Chloe and the other moms. After Katie wins, Katie makes a speech. After that, Penny starts clapping and Chloe tells her to stop. Chloe and the other mean moms get mud on their face. Greg applauds for Katie because she won. At the end of the episode, Katie invites Chloe and tries to taste the chili until their mouths go on fire.

Dad, get your own boyfriend. He’s here to be with me not make chili with you. (chuckles) come on Trip. Taylor to Greg.


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Sydney Brower is Penny on the show from now on.

This is the only episode in which everyone but Anna-Kat tries spicy food.

This is the third episode in which Trip appears in.

Katie and Taylor do not interact with each other in this episode.

Greg and Anna-Kat do not interact with each other in this episode.

Katie and Oliver do not interact with each other in this episode.



Anna-Kat: mama, Penny says her and Chloe are signed up and we should sign up too. (Both Anna-Kat and Penny hug and giggle)

Katie: if we can sign up, we can do it.

(both Anna-Kat and Penny scream, giggle, hug and clap)

Chloe: I’m so glad your signing up. So I can not pick you.

Katie: (chuckles) well I am not picking you.

Chloe: well you have one team captain so you’re out of luck.

Katie: (signs up as captain) There. In your face.

Chloe: (offended) well.

Carly: so field day is coming up.

Everyone: (cheers)

Kiki: I know this is so fun and I love it.

Elizabeth: I know right. Do you love field day Katie?

Katie: yes I do.

Sam: great. (Laughs)

Anna-Kat: (sighs and giggles with Penny) I’m so happy for you mama.

Katie: thanks sweetie.

Anna-Kat: your welcome. Penny this is gonna be the best field day ever.

Penny: I know. You know what Anna-Kat? maybe we should be each other’s favorite best friends. Aka bffs. Well we were since last year.

Anna-Kat: I know. (Both Anna-Kat and Penny giggle while hugging and make a video from Penny’s phone about themselves waving flirty then giggle while hugging and they clap to the beat after they hug)

DJ: hey Kristina.

Kristina: oh hey, (Both hug) how are you?

DJ: I’m good. How are you?

Kristina: I’m good I’m good. Wanna meet my friends?

DJ: sure.

Kristina: this is Katie, Kiki, Carly, Josslyn, Molly, Elizabeth, Sam and Chloe.

DJ: nice to meet you all. Now who are those girls?

Kristina: oh one of them is my stepsister Anna-Kat and the other is her friend.

DJ: so nice to meet you all.

Katie: thanks. And now, are you the DJ of field day?

DJ: yes I am. I’m gonna be putting on cha cha slide, party rock all of that.

Kiki: oh cha cha. I’m ready to cha.

Kristina: (laughing) my man. (laughing)

DJ: so when the everybody clap your hands line comes after it, you just push this button. (Makes the clapping from the cha cha slide)

Kristina: ok. Let me try. Anyone want to clap along when I do it?

Katie: no thanks. Our youngest daughters have it.

Carly: Yeah We have our phones out. Do you want us to start recording?

Kristina: Sure.

Kiki: OK. (Katie, Carly, Kiki, and Molly start the video of Kristina pushing the clapping buton from the DJ)

Kristina: great.

DJ: Alright. 1,2,3.

Kristina: (Puts it on) freeze. Everybody clap your hands. (Touches the clapping button while Katie, Carly, Kiki and Molly are taking videos of Kristina pressing the clapping button with their phones and Anna-Kat and Penny are clapping along while Kristina pushes the button and Chloe freezing and rolls her eyes during the clap your hands part where Kristina pushes the clapping button)


Carly: damn.

Kristina: I can’t believe I’m doing this. Thanks.

DJ: you’re welcome. Alright. See you later.

Kristina: ok. Bye. (DJ walks away smiling at people) I can’t believe it. Holy (bleep). I’m going to push the clapping button after the everybody clap your hands line comes on.

Katie: cheers to Kristina.

Everyone: cheers. (cheering for Kristina)

Taylor: Dad, get your own boyfriend. He’s here to be with me not make chili with you. (chuckles) come on Trip.

Katie: come on Anna-Kat. Do we want to earn tallies for the rewards board?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: then come on. We don’t wanna keep starting over the three legged race.

Katie: ready for field day?

Elizabeth: damn right I am. (Both cheering)

Katie: Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: (crying)

Katie: but sweetie I know it’s sad but you did the best as you can.

Anna-Kat: (crying) I know but you try to do it for me but it’s too hard. I wanna quit now. (Crying)

Katie: I know sweetheart it’s ok. (Both Katie and Anna-Kat hug)

(The day of field day)

Mr C: freeze. Everybody clap your hands. (Everyone claps their hands while Kristina pushes the clapping button)

(when Katie and Anna-Kat got home)

Katie: (opens the door and Anna-Kat closes it)

Greg: Give it up for your mom. Then big winner. (Clapping for Katie and Anna-Kat)

Katie: Thank you.

Anna-Kat: I’m so proud of you mama.

(the day after field day)

(12:12 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat lunchtime.

Anna-Kat: (comes downstairs)

Katie: this is chili.

Anna-Kat: (tastes it) it’s too spicy. (Makes nervous sounds and show Katie her tongue)

Katie: aww my little sweetheart it’s ok. Someone might’ve got the chili spicier.

Anna-Kat: (still feels the spice in her mouth)

Katie: hey hey hey, calm down. It’s ok. (Both hug while Anna-Kat’s mouth is still spicy) do you want milk to make it feel better?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm.

Katie: (gives Anna-Kat the milk)

Anna-Kat: (drinks the milk) (sighs) that makes me feel better. (Giggles)

Katie: I’m glad you like it sweetheart. It’s the weekend. I need you to come to the store with me.

Anna-Kat: why?

Katie: because I told you to.

Anna-Kat: but I’m shy of strangers. Remember the last time.

Katie: when Tara was annoying me about you as a vegan?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: don’t worry. Do you want to bring your stuffed animal bear with you?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: cool. You can stay in your pjs when we’re out. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK.

Katie: come on. (Her and Anna-Kat go to the store)

(1:30 PM)

Anna-Kat: mama, can Penny an I have a play date later today?

Katie: of course you can sweetie.

Anna-Kat: yay. (Giggles)

(2 PM)

Chloe: (rings the doorbell)

Carly: (opens the door) oh hey Chloe.

Chloe: hey Carly.

Anna-Kat: Penny.

Penny: Anna-Kat. (Both scream and hug while giggling then go upstairs to Anna-Kat’s room to play with Anna-Kat’s stuffed animals)

Carly: thanks for bringing Penny over.

Chloe: where’s Katie?

Carly: she’s in her room talking to Greg and Sonny.

Chloe: ok. Well thanks so much.

Carly: your welcome. (Closes the door and goes upstairs to Katie’s room to talk with Katie, Greg and Sonny)

Taylor: How long until the makeup's done in my face?

Kristina: One second just wanna fix your dress and boom!

Taylor: (Looks herself in the mirror) This dress looks incredible.

Kristina: Yep. Just the perfect dress for your date with Trip.

Taylor: Sweet! I hope I show Mom this dress. She might think it's beautiful.

Kristina: Yep. She always might think it's comfy like every time I wear a dress to this house and she thinks it's pretty.

Taylor: Yeah. I'm gonna go get Mom!

Anna-Kat: so I was wondering if we would’ve played ponies and stuffed animals.

Penny: that’s a great idea.

Both: yay. (Giggle while hugging)

Taylor: (opens her door and closes it) where’s Mom?

Anna-Kat and Penny: (clapping for Taylor)

Taylor: what was that for?

Anna-Kat: you’re going out with Trip for dinner so the dress that you’re wearing looks pretty.

Penny: uh-huh. (Both clap for Taylor more)

Taylor: oh thanks. (Screams nervously and runs downstairs waiting for Trip)

(both Anna-Kat and Penny continue clapping for Taylor even though Taylor is running downstairs but they’re still clapping for her because she’s (Taylor) wearing a dress so they’re (Anna-Kat and Penny) still clapping)

Kiki: (on the phone with the bank) so then the check can be $12.99 and then the stars are $14.99. Right? OK great. Thank you so much. (Hangs up) (sighs) I’m so happy. (Jumps happily because she got the money so she’s rich)

Taylor: you got the money Kiki?

Kiki: yes. That means we’re rich. You are too. (Her and Taylor scream, hug and laugh hysterically)

Katie: Taylor look at you.

Taylor: Yeah. Anna-Kat and her friend where applauding for me for no reason.

Katie: yeah. I heard it.

Anna-Kat and Penny: (giggling while hugging) (sighs) best play date ever. Yay. (Both continue hugging and giggling while hugging and after they hug, they clap their hands to the beat)

Taylor: Trip and I are going somewhere fancy today.

Katie: That's sweet of him. (To Anna-Kat and Penny) Girls, lunchtime.

Anna-Kat and Penny: (gasp) lunchtime. Yay. (Giggles) (Gasp) let’s bring our stuffed animals to lunch. Yeah. (Both giggle while coming downstairs hugging their stuffed animals while giggling and coming downstairs for lunch)

Katie: so spaghetti and meatballs for Penny and spaghetti and meatballs for Anna-Kat.

Penny: thanks Mrs Otto.

Anna-Kat: thanks mama.

Katie: your welcome girls. Enjoy. (Goes upstairs and let’s the girls eat their lunch)

Anna-Kat: (puts sprinkled cheese on her lunch and then passes it down to Penny and Penny puts the sprinkled cheese on her lunch and then they both eat their lunch) mm. This is so good.

Penny: I know right?

Anna-Kat: yeah. (Giggles while eating) (her and Penny do the 5 clap beat during the game concentration 64 after their lunch for 10 minutes and then, Her and Penny clap to the beat)

Katie: so when I first got there, I was like, Greg, can you pass me down the salt please for my water? I love salt.

Everyone: (laughing hysterically for 10 minutes)

Elizabeth: that is the best sentence I’ve ever heard my entire life. (Continues laughing hysterically for another 10 minutes)

Katie: yep. And then he’s like sure my little honey bunny. I love to give you some baby. And then after that, him and I had sex and then I was like. (Says sex 10x)

Everyone: (laughing hysterically for 10 hours)