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Here we have fanfiction recommendations from AO3 because wattpad is a mess and it's hard to get things from there. You can add as you please and choose whatever fics you'd like. Now I may tell you that, it's pretty sparse but here's some good ones! They will be categorized by rating then by most about of Kudos.

!Warning! Most fics in this fandom are Cooper Bradford/Oliver Otto or Insest so be warned!

General Audiences (G)

Endearment by pajama_cats -

Home by FoxxyGoddess -

Family Dinner by pajama_cats -

American Housewife - What if...? by Anakin133 -

Softie by pajama_cats -

Crom? by fvckinggallaghers -

Mi Amor by fvckinggallaghers -

Truth or Dare by Trashpotato -

Westport Cotillion by Life_On_Repeat1 -

Teen and Up Audiences (T)

Mature (M)

Someone to You by Life_On_Repeat1 -

Explicit (E)

Not Rated