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Family Secrets is the seventh episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the thirtieth episode overall. Written by Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz and directed by John Putch, it aired on November 15, 2017.


Greg tries to put up a proper front for his visiting father and mother on Thanksgiving, but the surprise arrival of Katie's mother and Spencer, plus a video Anna-Kat makes for school, exposes some family secrets. Meanwhile, Taylor ponders how to respond to Eyo's "I love you" text, and Oliver starts to see Spencer as more than just a man with money.

The episode starts where Greg makes dinner for his mom. Katie says it’s good in a nice way. Greg covers the tv with dust. Taylor was going to look at the score. Greg tells Taylor and Oliver that Greg’s dad doesn’t want to know that they’re slaves in technology. Taylor gets the I love you text from Eyo but Greg takes their phones away for a couple hours. Greg tells them that they can have their phones back when Greg’s mom and dad leave so he tells them to communicate in the old fashioned way using words and eye contact. Taylor gives Greg the red faced angry emoji and Greg gets offended and he locks up Taylor and Oliver’s phones for a couple hours. Greg tells Anna-Kat to hide Hans Gruber upstairs in Anna-Kat’s room. Taylor fixes her hair and Oliver dresses up nice and tells himself he’s the man. Taylor finds a way to get her phone back by unlocking the door thing in Greg’s office. Oliver helps Taylor. Anna-Kat annoys them that they don’t have their phones for a couple of hours and then she giggles and Taylor slaps Anna-Kat. Anna-Kat gets a lot of pain and then she gets a pack of ice and makes the hurting from the slap that Taylor have her go away. Greg’s mom and dad have arrived and then Spencer arrives. Taylor speeds up thanksgiving to tell them to go to the dinner table and to screw the turkey. Katie says no. Anna-Kat annoys Taylor about her and Eyo and then she giggles because she annoyed Taylor and then Taylor pushes her and Anna-Kat gets very upset and Katie tells them to stop fighting so they both apologize and hug. Kathryn arrives and Katie gets very mad and angry. Katie tells her that Kathryn drives her crazy. (Katie drops the f bomb before crazy). Katie and Greg talk in Greg’s office. Anna-Kat keeps annoying Taylor while Oliver and Anna-Kat go upstairs to Taylor’s room and Oliver asks Taylor about her texts and Anna-Kat keeps annoying Taylor adding “and your boyfriend Eyo”. Taylor goes to Greg and talks about Taylor’s phone and Taylor starts to break down in tears and Greg comforts her. While the two of them are having the conversation in Greg’s office, Katie confronts Anna-Kat about annoying Taylor and Katie tells Anna-Kat that she’s lost a tally. Anna-Kat starts crying so Katie tells her nice try and tells Anna-Kat that she’s going to bed at 8:15. Anna-Kat says no but Katie says yes and keeps confronting Anna-Kat then she glares at Anna-Kat thinking she’s gonna kill Anna-Kat literally then Anna-Kat continues crying. Then Katie goes downstairs and tells Taylor that Anna-Kat lost a tally for annoying Taylor and Taylor thanks Katie. Later in the day, Greg’s father has had enough and him and Amanda leave and Katie tells Greg’s father to ska douche. Amanda tells Greg that Greg will always be Amanda’s favorite the other one isn’t her son. Taylor comes home and tells Katie that her and Eyo broke up. Katie feels very sad about it. Greg goes into his office and unlocks Taylor and Oliver’s phones and gives their phones to Taylor and Oliver.

Red faced angry emoji. Taylor to Greg.


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Eyo is mentioned but does not appear in this episode.

This is the only episode in which Greg’s parents appear in.



Greg: you can have them back when my parents have left why don’t we all do the old fashioned way using words and eye contact?

Taylor: (rudely to Greg) red faced angry emoji.

Greg: (gets offended)

Taylor: alright everyone’s here. Let’s all go to the dinner table.

Katie: the turkey still has two hours to cook.

Taylor: I say a screw the turkey and let’s get on with it (laughs).

Katie: no.

Anna-Kat: (to Taylor) aww Eyo will never get your text again. (Giggles)

Taylor: (pushes Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: hey why did you do that?

Taylor: because you annoyed me about me and Eyo.

Katie: alright girls, it stops now.

Both: alright. I’m sorry. (Both Taylor and Anna-Kat hug)

Oliver: what up with you with your texts.

Anna-Kat: (annoying her) and your boyfriend Eyo.

Taylor: I don’t know? I just wanted to get Dad to help me but he took my phone away and I wanted to get it back but Dad locked it up in his office and it was too late.

Oliver: well maybe your just a little aggressive with him. That’s because he’s getting more strict on you.

Taylor: I just need to go to him. (Walks away)

Anna-Kat: you’re still in so much trouble Taylor. (Giggles)

Oliver: (glares at Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: what?

Oliver: is that really necessary?

Anna-Kat: no.

Oliver: then don’t do it.

Taylor: Dad (hugs him)

Greg: oh hi. (Hugs Taylor back)

Greg: come here. (Him and Taylor go to Greg’s office) listen, I know you want your phone back because of Eyo but you need to know that life isn’t all about you. It’s about everyone. It’s about your mom, me, Oliver, Anna-Kat, your grandparents and you. You were just a little off on me because I took it away from you. Right?

Taylor: (sighs) right. But I wanted to text him back and when I saw it I said oh my god and then you took my phone away.

Greg: I did because we’ve been using the old fashioned way when they came here. I think thanksgiving isn’t good without your phone. Right?

Taylor: (crying) right. (Crying)

Greg: hey stop come here it’s ok. (Hugs Taylor while she is still crying and rubs her back) listen, I know you. I have been your dad since your mom and I were married. And we love you very much. And I think what’s best for you is to be positive. What do you think?

Taylor: sure. But Anna-Kat’s been annoying me about me and Eyo all day.

Greg: oh sweetheart I know. But your mom and I tell her to stop and then she gets all sad and you thank us because we got her into her room.

Taylor: I know but as an apology, she’s been giving hugs to me. She hugs me a lot and I get so surprised.

Greg: yeah, because she loves you so much and Oliver does too.

Anna-Kat: I can’t wait for Taylor to be grounded. She’s so screwed. (Giggles)

Katie: I’m sorry what?

Anna-Kat: nothing. (Giggles)

Katie: it was nothing? Really? Don’t lie to me about it. I know what you’re thinking.

Anna-Kat: (Giggles)

Katie: it’s not funny. It’s very disrespectful. I don’t like it when you annoyed Taylor. It’s not ok. You lost a tally.

Anna-Kat: but mama

Katie: no buts. You lost one for the week. That means no electronics for the week. (Erases a tally off the reward systems list)

Anna-Kat: but mama

Katie: again with the buts. I said no buts and you’re saying it again. No buts. If you annoy them again, I will take your electronics and put them in your dad’s office for a month. Is that clear?

Anna-Kat: (starts crying) yes. I’m sorry. (Continues crying)

Katie: nice try. You don’t get the results. You get the garnish. That’s what annoyers get. Also, you’re going to bed tonight at 8:15.

Anna-Kat: no.

Katie: yes.

Anna-Kat: it’s not fair. (Continues crying)

Katie: sorry. You are going to bed at that time and if you don’t lose the attitude you’re going to bed at 8 tonight.

Anna-Kat: great. Now I can’t go on electronics for the rest of the week. It’s not fair. (Continues crying)

Katie: well life isn’t fair and I am not happy with when you annoyed Taylor. You never annoy anyone again. You’re going to bed at 8:15 tonight and you will get used to it and if you don’t like it, too bad, so sad. It is my house and these are my rules and you will respect them immediately. (Walks away while glaring at Anna-Kat like Katie is going to kill Anna-Kat literally)

Anna-Kat: (gets scared because Katie feels like she’s going to literally kill her and continues crying)

Greg: this is why. Maybe you should leave her alone.

Taylor: but Oliver wasn’t annoying me all day. Anna-Kat was. And I don’t like it.

Greg: I know but your mom and I deal with it honey and we’re always here to help you especially Oliver and Anna-Kat.

Taylor: OK. But I’ve been ignoring her when she annoys me and it’s not working.

Katie: what are we talking about here?

Greg: Taylor’s upset because Anna-Kat has been annoying her about her relationship with Eyo all day.

Taylor: She keeps doing it and she’s gonna be doing it all the way until I go to college.

Katie: not until you go to college. Sometimes she will and I’ll tell her to leave you alone because you don’t like it and Oliver doesn’t either. Right?

Taylor: right. It’s been happening since I was a teenager.

Katie: I know it’s hard. But she lost a tally for doing it.

Taylor: thanks mom. Thanks dad.

(both) of course. Anytime.

(Taylor, Katie and Greg do a group hug)

Taylor: Eyo and I broke up.

Katie: what?

Anna-Kat: (knocks on Taylor’s door)

Taylor: come in.

Anna-Kat: (opens Taylor’s door) I’m sorry for annoying you about you and Eyo all day. And I’m sorry for your breakup with him.

Taylor: that is very sweet of you to say for me. I accept your apology.

(both Taylor and Anna-Kat hug)

(The day after)

(9 AM)

Katie: do you want your tally back?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: so if you get dressed, you can have it back.

Anna-Kat: I’m not doing it. NO! (Throws a fit)

Katie: hey, you’re not getting your tally back if you don’t keep this up. Get dressed.

Anna-Kat: but these red pjs are my favorite. (Starts crying)

Katie: you can put those on tonight before dinner but you have to get dressed today.

Anna-Kat: I don’t want to. (Throws a spoon at Katie)

Katie: hey, you don’t throw spoons at me. You’re going to lose a tally in any second.

Anna-Kat: no mama.

Katie: excuse me?


Katie: (gasps) You know what? You’re not getting your stuffed animal bird back. (Takes the stuffed animal bird away from Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: mama give it back.

Katie: not happening. No. Put on your clothes then you can have your stuffed animal bird back.

Anna-Kat: UGH! (Stomps upstairs to her room and continues crying)

Katie: And you can think about you’re behavior because I do not appreciate it for this morning today.

(5 minutes later)

Katie: (knocks on Anna-Kat’s door)

Anna-Kat: WHAT?

Katie: Don’t say what to me like that. That was a rude one. Can I come in?

Anna-Kat: (rudely) FINE!

Katie: Don’t give me a yelling answer. And say fine nicely.

Anna-Kat: fine. (Continues crying)

Katie: (opens Anna-Kat’s door) Sweetie, why aren’t you dressed?

Anna-Kat: because I don’t want to get dressed. I want to stay on my pjs. (Continues crying)

Katie: well sweetie, do you know why your stuffed animal bird was taken away from you?

Anna-Kat: yes. Because I disrespected you because I don’t want to get dressed.

Katie: And you were talking back to me. So now, I think it’s time for you to owe me an apology.

Anna-Kat: (Sniffles) I’m sorry mama for being disrespectful and talking back to you. (Sniffles) (voice breaking) I’m sorry. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: I accept your apology. It’s ok. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying) here. (Shows Anna-Kat the reward systems list) I know how much you love your tallies and you still have some. There are 10 now. And since you apologized to me for being rude, you can have your stuffed animal bird back. (Gives Anna-Kat her stuffed animal bird and Anna-Kat hugs her stuffed animal bird while crying) (rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is hugging her stuffed animal bird while crying and sighs sadly) Listen, when I tell you to do something, you don’t give me a rude answer. Give me a nice one. And I understand it’s hard and it is but it’s ok. You have to earn for me when the spring gala is also earning day. So starting today, if we’re upset and angry over something that we don’t want to do, we’re not gonna yell. We’re not gonna scream. We’re not gonna be rude. We can cry but no yelling. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. (Continues crying)

Katie: Come here my little princess. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat is still crying) you know what? I know how much it’s hard and it’s ok to cry because you didn’t get dressed. It’s ok. I’ll tell you what, if you’re good for me for the rest of the day, and you do not give me any attitude, and you’re being respectful, I’ll get you a little slurpee.

Anna-Kat: (gasps) really?

Katie: Yes. But now, here’s the question I need to ask you. Do you want some eggs?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: then put on your clothes.

Anna-Kat: Aw. (Gets sad)

Katie: I’ll let you have your belly button out.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and gets dressed)

(10 AM)

Katie: sweetie you want eggs?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: then come on down to eat.

Anna-Kat: (comes downstairs to eat her breakfast)

(5:45 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat, you want your pjs on now?

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and acts like cuckoo pants) yeah yeah. (Giggles while acting like cuckoo pants and puts on her pjs from this morning)

Katie: Anna-Kat dinner! So you were happy today I can here.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (eats the baked ziti and acts like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: aw. Come here cuckoo pants.

Anna-Kat: (acts like cuckoo pants while hugging Katie) (says this paragraph during the hug) I love hugs.

Katie: (says this paragraph during the hug) I know. (Chuckles and giggles)

(the day after)

(11 AM)

Taylor: Oliver and I are heading out.

Katie: ok. Have fun. Just let me know when you guys get there. Do both of you have your phones with you?

Taylor and Oliver: yes.

Katie: sweet. See you guys.

Taylor and Oliver: bye.

Taylor: we’ll be back in 4 hours.

Katie: I will be here.

Taylor: sweet. (Her and Oliver leave and they both go out to their friends‘ house where they’re having a party that’s happening)

Anna-Kat: aw. I really wanted to go with them. I want to be like them. It’s not fair. (Gets all sad because she misses Taylor and Oliver)

Katie: I know. It’s ok sweetie. They’re teenaged adults and you’re still a kid and you can’t go by yourself. You have to go somewhere in public with me or anybody else.

Anna-Kat: but Oliver doesn’t have a license but he’s allowed to go wherever he wants.

Katie: yes because Me, Daddy, Taylor, Oliver, Carly, Sonny, Brook Lynn, Sam, Elizabeth, Molly, Kristina and everyone else who’s apart of our family are adults and you’re still a kid and you can’t go anywhere in public without me or anybody else.

Anna-Kat: but they’ll be gone for 6 hours. (Gets all sad)

Katie: don’t worry. Maybe tonight, we’ll go to a fireworks show. Just you and me.

Anna-Kat: ok.

Katie: so for now you can use the iPad for a half an hour. OK? Since you’re being so good. I really appreciate it.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Gets the iPad and uses it)

(8 PM)

Anna-Kat: (says this paragraph during the hug while acting like a weirdo) I love you.

Katie: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you too.

Anna-Kat: (says this paragraph during the hug while acting like a weirdo) I love you more.

Katie: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you more. (Both continue hugging and Katie continues rubbing Anna-Kat’s back during the hug for 10 minutes)

(at the party)

Taylor: (using her phone while checking something on Facebook) oh my god.

Oliver: (uses his phone while checking something on Facebook) what is it?

Taylor: Mom posted a picture of her and Anna-Kat spending time together.

Oliver: sweet.

Taylor: yeah. (Her and Oliver continue using their phones for 5 minutes)

(10 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat it’s time for bed.

Anna-Kat: aw.

Katie: do you want a little time outside in the backyard where we can see the nighttime sky?

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yeah. (Giggles)

Katie: ok honey. Come on. (Both go outside to the backyard to see the nighttime sky)

(while seeing the nighttime sky)

Anna-Kat: why is the moon awake mama?

Katie: I’ll tell you a story about it. So when the nighttime sky comes, it comes very nice and it’s always here the time sunset happens. It has lots of skies that are very black and lots of cloud that travel to the south. If you check this thing we are in the north and the south is ten miles away from us.

Anna-Kat: really?

Katie: yep. And I know how much it is when it gets very dark out. It loves us just as much as I love you Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: I love you too mama. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while they are still hugging for 10 minutes) (says this paragraph during the hug) I’m glad we went to the fireworks show.


(Lots of cheering from the fans)

Anna-Kat: I feel super happy.

Katie: I know. (Giggles and they both hug for the rest of the fireworks show)

(flashback ends)

Katie: ok. (Both stop hugging) are you ready for bed?

Anna-Kat: yep.

Katie: ok.

(10:15 PM)

Katie: goodnight my sweetheart.

Anna-Kat: goodnight mama.

Katie: come here. (Both hug) (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you.

Anna-Kat: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you too mama. (Both continue hugging for 1 minute and then, Katie shuts Anna-Kat’s light off and closes her door)