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Cooper Bradford is a close friend to Oliver Otto. Part of the richest family in town, every grown-up in Westport tries to get on his good side in hopes of getting in good with his parents, who travel a lot and often leave Cooper at home. He forms a tight bond with Oliver Otto and is shown to care a lot for him.

Season 1[]

He is first mentioned in episode 4 season 1, where Oliver sees that he's throwing up a party and some rumors that he's giving an XBOX ONE get started. Cooper is physically introduced at Oliver's surprise party and is surprised that he lives in a house rather than a mansion like he does. When Oliver lies about his family actually being rich but having to be in deep cover, Cooper is skeptical but accepts it after Oliver answered a couple of questions. Throughout the party, he is seen with two other people standing behind him on his right and left side like bodyguards. 

During Anna-Kat's eighth birthday party, the other Westport mothers talked bad about Katie for letting her eight-year-old daughter walk three blocks to the library by herself. Cooper refuses to allow them to talk about her in such a manner and comes to Katie's defense. During his speech about how Katie is the best mother, he reveals that neither of his parents have even been in the same country as him for his last five parties. During the entire episode, Katie had been trying to get rid of Cooper by making him do chores and housework as well as following family rules such as not wasting food, causing Katie to force Cooper to eat the rest of the granola bar he had dumped into the bin (Oliver explained what chores were), but in the end of the episode, she says he's part of the family when they're going out to eat.