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Cheaters Sometimes Win is the third episode of the third season of American Housewife, and the fiftieth episode overall. Written by Brian Donovan & Ed Herro and directed by Michael McDonald, it aired on October 10, 2018.


Katie's mother Kathryn arrives and immediately causes a stir when she tells Taylor it's okay to not attend college, and instead become a flight attendant like herself. Oliver gets suspended for turning in a store-bought bird feeder for wood shop class, which he fears will now ruin his chances of getting into Harvard. Katie worries that both Oliver and Anna-Kat may have learned from her that it's okay to cheat sometimes.

the episode starts with Kathryn coming over to the house and seeing Katie and Greg and tells Taylor that she doesn’t have to go to college. Kathryn gives Anna-Kat coffee without consulting Katie. Anna-Kat says that Katie says it’s ok to cheat. So the whole gang confronts Katie about what she did wrong. Kathryn says Katie she is so good herself. Taylor agrees with Kathryn, and Greg agrees with Taylor. Katie is judging her Mom for being a poor influence on the kids. So Katie goes up to the bathroom and starts puking and crying. Greg apologizes to Katie and comforts her when Katie is still crying. Kathryn asks the adults is everything ok, and Greg says yeah can you please let us have some privacy. Taylor needs to go to college. Principal Ablin is with Kathryn and she says bye. The whole gang looks offended because of Kathryn and Principal Ablin.


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This is the fourth time in which Greg confronts Katie.

Kathryn appears in this episode.

This is the first episode that Katie throws up.

This is the fourteenth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.



Greg: (to Katie about Anna-Kat) she cheated.

Katie: so

Greg: what did mean so she cheated.

Katie: kids can’t keep losing because everyone is giving a stupid trophy. So if she wants to win and break a few rules with it, I don’t see the problem with it.

Greg: I think that’s gonna come and bite us on the ass.

Oliver: do you wanna know who I’m more disappointed in? (about Katie) Mom! For setting such a bad example.

Katie: hey

Greg: (rudely) no. You let our kids know it’s ok to cheat and now they’re paying the price. Plus you get to keep it from me.

Katie: in my defense, I keep tons of things from you.

Greg: what?

Kathryn: oh like your so good yourself.

Taylor: yeah you always complain about grandma being a bad influence but the apple didn’t fall far from the sauce.

Oliver: see you don’t need to go to college you’re all set.

Taylor: (smiles at Katie rudely)

Kiki: (rudely) wow Katie. You have really lost control. (Walks away)

Katie: (sighs offendly)

Taylor: (rudely) well look at you Mom. With your bitchy attitude. (Smiles at Katie rudely)

Greg: you know. Taylor makes a good point. You’re judging your mom for being a poor influence on the kids and she is but your just as bad.

Katie: that is not true.

Greg: it totally is. You can dome cheating, manipulation, grape-stealing from the super market.

Kathryn: oh no that isn’t stealing it’s hospitality that’s featured ina diaphragm.

Greg: well whoever it is, he or she has no one to blame but his or herself.

Anna-Kat: stealing grapes was the only thing I was looking forward to. Now that’s bad? I’m feeling real good about dying a spinster.

Greg: right there. Generational bad influence in action your like your mom.

Kathryn: well what do you know? You grew up to be just like me.

Katie: (looks extremely sad and runs to the bathroom to start puking and crying)

Katie: (puking and crying)

Greg: Katie I’m sorry.

Kathryn: is everything ok?

Greg: yes but can you please have us a little privacy?

Kathryn: sure. (Walks away)

Greg: Katie

Katie: (crying) I would’ve been caring. (Continues crying)

Greg: aww Katie it’s ok. Aww (hugs Katie)

Taylor: I’ll did what you did. Your life was amazing.

Oliver: (rudely) that’s a terrible idea OK?

Taylor: Oliver why do you have to be so melancholy all the time?

Oliver: (looks at Taylor grossly)

Taylor: wait am I using that right? Oh no. I’m learning things.