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Boo-Who? is the fifth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. Written by Kat Likkel & John Hoberg and directed by Melissa Kosar, it aired on October 25, 2017.


Having given up on the possibility that her family will ever be "booed" (where a neighbor places a ghost placard on someone's door and leaves a gift basket), Katie is shocked when she is booed by Chloe Brown Mueller. Meanwhile, Oliver enlists Anna-Kat's help to cure him of his girlish scream, so that he won't embarrass himself at an upcoming haunted house party.

the episode starts with Katie and Greg in the dining room. Katie mentions about boos. When the ottos don’t get booed, Oliver blames Katie and Greg. Taylor and Anna-Kat agree with Oliver in that statement. Oliver gets scared because of Anna-Kat. But Anna-Kat overcame her fear of water by going into the water, so Katie tells Anna-Kat to scare Oliver more, but Oliver says that is a terrible idea. But Anna-Kat says too late I’m doing it. Katie is happy, but Oliver isn’t. Oliver tells Katie does she ever feel like a good mother right now ( I agree with you on your question Oliver). Katie gets offended by that question. But sees Greg mowing the lawn. Katie tells Greg why is he mowing the lawn. Katie and Greg are at the diner where they get breakfast. Katie is at the hallway with Oliver and Anna-Kat. Anna-Kat is still scaring Oliver, so Katie is not on her side anymore. She is on Oliver’s side. Anna-Kat begins to feel ashamed of herself and goes to her room without Katie yelling at her. Taylor goes as a pregnant prom girl, but Katie tells her no and to find another costume. Katie tells Taylor to give her the baby. Then, Taylor pops the baby so Katie can’t take it away from her, making Katie feel very sad. Greg tells everyone it is a proud day because they were booed. After Greg says that, everyone is happy and Anna-Kat claps really loud because the Ottos have been booed. Katie tells Angela and Doris about her getting booed. Doris tells her that boos are the dumbest thing in the world (Doris drops the f bomb before thing). Katie doesn’t know who it was until Doris tells her it’s Chloe who booed her. So Katie goes to Chloe’s shop to confront her why she booed Katie. Taylor tells Katie that she is going to go as a ladybug instead. She says it to Katie sarcastically. Katie then says sure. Katie asks Greg how was the zombie run and he says amazing. Taylor then yells at Katie that everyone else’s parents are fine with the girls being pregnant, making Katie upset even more. Taylor stomps because of Katie. Katie and Greg talk about the boo, and she says it was a mistake. So Greg goes to the shop to confront her, but he can’t do it so he destroys the shop as a confrontation. After Greg destroys the shop, Chloe breaks down in tears. Taylor tells Katie that she has to go as a pregnant prom girl. Katie agrees with Taylor and lets her to go as the prom girl. Greg ruined Chloe’s life instead of Katie. Anna-Kat is still scaring Oliver. So Katie tells Anna-Kat to stop because Katie putted her to bed an hour ago. So Katie is on Oliver’s side and grounds Anna-Kat, but instead of grounding Anna-Kat, Katie has something very special to the kids. Taylor appears with her pregnant belly, Oliver appears as Dane and Anna-Kat is a zombie princess. Taylor and Oliver go to a party while Katie takes Anna-Kat trick or treating. At the end of the episode, Anna-Kat is hiding like a dog she sees Greg, then she sees Taylor so she comes out of the basket for a little bit to hug Taylor because she loves her so much. Then Anna-Kat sees Katie, who is trying to clean her eyes, then she scares Oliver.

Do you feel like a good mother right now? Oliver to Katie about Anna-Kat.


Main Cast[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Jessica St. Clair as Chloe Brown Mueller
  • Julie Meyer as Maria
  • Brian Donovan as Manager
  • Chris Aquilino as Waiter
  • Amanda Greig as Westport Housewife
  • Shelly Bhalla as Woman #1
  • Angela Sprinkle as Woman #2
  • Cory Jacob as Gardener


This is the first episode in which Maria, who is Chloe Brown Mueller’s assistant at Chloe’s shop, appears in.

This is the first time that Chloe cries.

This is the second episode in which Anna-Kat annoys Oliver.

This is the fourth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.

Greg and Oliver do not interact with each other in this episode.



Katie: (sighs) we didn’t get a boo. We’re poor.

Anna-Kat: great. Now I’m never gonna be happy like this again. (Goes upstairs to her room and sleeps)

Katie: aw sweetie it’s ok.

Anna-Kat: but we’re poor and I’m very sad about it.

Katie: but sweetie it’s ok that we are.

Anna-Kat: oh ok. I didn’t understand. I love you.

Katie: I love you too.

Oliver: (sighs) whenever the time I think we hit rock bottom, (looks at Katie and Greg and blames them) you two, your fault. (Walks away)

Taylor: (agrees with Oliver, smiles at Katie and Greg rudely and walks away. Also agreeing are Kristina, Molly, Elizabeth, Jason, Sam, Carly and Sonny)

Oliver: This sucks. I had plans to go to Cooper Bradford's haunted house this year with Alice McCarthy.

Sam: Damn you didn't see her at all today?

Oliver: No. I haven't. I had plans to go to Cooper's house this year with her. Alice McCarthy.

Anna-Kat: Ooh Alice you love her. (Giggles)

Sam: (Glares at Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: Sorry.

Oliver: What am I gonna do?

Katie: I don't know?

Anna-Kat: I overcame my fear of water by going into the water. Maybe Oliver needs his own exposure therapy session.

Katie: That is not a terrible idea.

Oliver: Uh, no it is.

Sam: Oliver does make a good point.

Katie: Go for it Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: Roger that.

Oliver: No please don't.

Anna-Kat: Well so I wanna spy on you.

Oliver: No please don't.

Anna-Kat: Gotcha. (walks away)

Oliver: (to Katie rudely) Do you feel like a good mother right now?

Katie: Hey, Not all parenting decisions are home runs.

Sam: (rudely) Oh really? Then why is it ok for Anna-Kat to scare Oliver then? Huh Katie? Let’s see what happened here. (Shows Katie the photos about Anna-Kat)

Katie: were did you find that?

Sam: (rudely) you’re Instagram. You love Anna-Kat more than Taylor and Oliver.

Katie: well yeah. because she’s my favorite. Everyone knows that.

Sam: (rudely) well that’s just a hell of a lot of work for you. You really are sometimes a bitch. (Walks away angrily)

Katie: (offended)

Oliver: I have no need for a costume. Because the scare therapy is not going well.


Oliver: (screams)

Anna-Kat: it’s rubber. Like your pants should be. (Giggles and walks away)

(another flashback)

Anna-Kat: (scares Oliver)

Oliver: (screams)

(flashback ends)

Anna-Kat: I waited in that hamper for 3 hours.

Katie: is this true Anna-Kat?

Anna-Kat: ok it is. But I now know things about all of you. I wish I didn’t. (Begins to feel ashamed of herself and goes to her room)

Katie: I know she annoys you a lot. she acts like cuckoo pants every day because she gets all happy and giggly so I drag her to CVS and by all the crap that’s on sale.

Sam: really?

Katie: yeah.

Sam: I think I was with you guys. Let me think back.


Anna-Kat: (acts like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants) I wanna go to CVS. (Continues acting like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: alright. We’ll go to CVS.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and claps her hands)

(another flashback)

Sam: oh my god. That is the vacuum that we have. Wow. I love this CVS here in Westport.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) mama, look at that. I love the vacuum we have. (Acts like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: (chuckles) my little cuckoo pants. We might have one in our backyard.

Anna-Kat: (giggles)

Katie narrating: Anna-Kat is like cuckoo pants every day because she gets all happy and giggly.

Anna-Kat: (hugs her stuffed animal bird while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: (chuckles) sweetie you’re gonna earn a tally in one minute because you’re being so good.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and jumps up and down) yes. Thanks mama. (Claps her hands for Katie)

Katie: your welcome my sweetheart. Come here cuckoo pants. (Both hug while Anna-Kat is still acting like cuckoo pants)

Anna-Kat: (giggles while her and Katie hug)

Katie: (giggles with Anna-Kat while her and Anna-Kat hug and rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug while Anna-Kat is still acting like cuckoo pants)

(flashback ends)

Katie: it’s been happening every day because she acts like cuckoo pants every day. Now she gets all happy and giggly every day and she always annoys you and Taylor.

Oliver: yeah because Anna-Kat is always on your side and she’s never on mine and Taylor’s. I’m always on Taylor’s side. And after you say something you don’t want us to do, Anna-Kat starts annoying us. Then you tell Anna-Kat to stop and yeah.

Katie: well yeah because she loves to annoy you guys. But I’m doing reward systems with her and for annoying you and Taylor, she’s been losing tallies. So maybe you should ignore Anna-Kat just like I said it to Taylor.

Oliver: (rolls his eyes angrily and goes to his room)

Sam: (scoffs) whatever. (Goes downstairs)

Katie narrating: every day Anna-Kat is always cuckoo pants. So she giggles every day and Her and I always hug every day. We hit two houses then I take her to CVS and buy all the crap that’s on sale.

Taylor: (appears with her costume)

Katie: Look at you. You’re so.. pregnant.

Taylor: yep, I was invited to do the group costume this year, and we’re all going as Norwalk prom girls.

(Both laugh)

Katie: Funny but no, go find another costume.

Taylor: Mom, this is were all my friends are going as there is no other costume.

Katie: oh there is another costume. When I was a kid, I was the same burlap sack 3 years running. First I was an Indian princess then a peanut, then just a sack. So you need to think of something else or else it’s gonna be Norwalk prom girls and their friend potato.

Anna-Kat: Ooh you don’t get to be pregnant anymore. (Giggles)

Taylor: UGH MOM!

Katie: Anna-Kat stay out of this or you’re losing a tally.

Anna-Kat: (gets all sad and gives Katie puppy eyes)

Katie: (sighs) here’s some Haribo.

Anna-Kat: (claps her hands and gets the haribo from Katie and eats it)

Katie: give me the baby.

Taylor: (fixes her earrings and pops the balloon angrily)

Katie: (looks very upset and sad)

Greg: guys get down here quick.

(Everyone gets downstairs)

Greg: my fellow ottos. Today is a proud day because we got booed.

(everyone screams and Anna-Kat claps her hands really loud)

Taylor: (sarcastically) oh hey Mom, (chuckles) I’ve been thinking. Since I’m not allowed to go as a Norwalk girl for Halloween, I’m gonna go as this ladybug instead. What do you think?

Katie: (sarcastically) oh sure. This inappropriate sexy outfit is the only one that I was looking forward to. Gee. I guess I’ll have to let you go as a pregnant prom girl after all.

Taylor: I can’t tell If your being sarcastic.

Katie: you can’t tell if I’m being sarcastic. Are you sarcastic?

Taylor: now I’m confused.

Katie: let’s start over. Find another costume.

Taylor: (growls at Katie)

Katie: (gets offended because Taylor growled at her)

Greg: (opens the door and closes it)

Katie: hey hun. How was the zombie run?

Greg: amazing.

Katie: good. I’m so glad to here.

Taylor: Mom

Greg: (growls at Taylor)

Taylor: will you just think about it?

Katie: you both know I won’t.

Taylor: you never understand.

Katie: Taylor, I’m already dealing with the fact that we lost our boo, I do not have the mental energy for a costume fight right now.

Taylor: (rudely) everyone else’s parents are fine with them being pregnant. (Clomps away to Greg’s office)

Katie: (gets all offended because Taylor stomped away from her)

Greg: do I need to

Katie: (interrupts Greg) no. I got it.

Greg: oh good. So what were you saying about losing our boo?

Katie: turns out it was a mistake. Chloe meant it for someone else.

Greg: why are you upset? I thought you didn’t like getting booed.

Katie: it’s just nonsense Greg.

Taylor: Mom, I know you don’t like wanting to fit in and our likes are still the same.

Katie: is it important to be friends with these girls?

Taylor: I like them and they’re a really fun group. Being invited to this costume party is kinda like you getting a boo.

Katie: OK. You can go as a pregnant prom girl.

Taylor: THANK YOU! (Both hug and Taylor walks upstairs to get changed)

Anna-Kat: (scares Oliver)

Oliver: (screams)

Elizabeth: oh god. (Goes upstairs and knocks on Oliver’s door and opens it) what the hell is going on?

Oliver: Anna-Kat is still scaring me and I’ve had enough.

Elizabeth: Katie?

Katie: (comes out of her room and goes in Oliver’s room) what is going on?

Oliver: Anna-Kat has been scaring me all week and it’s creeping me out.

Elizabeth: yeah. I woke up from him screaming a second ago.

Oliver: I just want Anna-Kat to stop annoying me. Scaring me is not going good.

Katie: Ugh! Anna-Kat, a word in your room please?

Anna-Kat: (looks sad when her and Katie are walking to Anna-Kat’s room)

Katie: why are you scaring Oliver?

Anna-Kat: because you told me to. But I wasn’t going to.

Katie: really?

Anna-Kat: yeah. But you told me to.

Katie: yes but I’m on Oliver’s side and you can’t do that. I think you did it.

Anna-Kat: probably not. (Giggles)

Katie: you’re lying. I think you did.


Anna-Kat: (scares Oliver)

Oliver: (screams)

(flashback ends)

Katie: did you scare Oliver? DID YOU?

Anna-Kat: alright I did. But it was a minute.

Katie: I’m not going to ground you. Your not going to lose a tally. Instead, I have something for you three. You Oliver and Taylor.

Anna-Kat: (giggles)

Katie: (starts to giggle with Anna-Kat) what are you thinking?

Anna-Kat: (Continues giggling)

Katie: are you thinking about it?

Anna-Kat: no. (Continues giggling)

Katie: (giggles with Anna-Kat) come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while they’re still giggling) what are you thinking sweetie?

Anna-Kat: hmm. (Claps her hands)

Katie: (claps with Anna-Kat and they both clap their hands for 10 minutes)

Elizabeth: are you ok?

Oliver: yeah. It looks like I’m having a heart attack.

Elizabeth: well I heard your mom talking to Anna-Kat that she has something for you, Taylor and Anna-Kat.

Oliver: what is it about?

Elizabeth: I think costume checks and then you and Taylor might be going to parties.

Oliver: I’m going to a party with Taylor. HELL YEAH!

Elizabeth: WOO!

Taylor: why is everyone up?

Katie: because I told Anna-Kat that I have something for you, Anna-Kat and Oliver.

Taylor: costumes?

Katie: yes. COSTUME TIME! LET’S GO. (To Anna-Kat) get changed sweetie.

Anna-Kat: ok. But first, (hugs Katie and Katie hugs her back)

Greg: huh, I thought we had more candy than this?

Katie: no. You’re not a good candy estimator Greg. Alright. Everybody come on down and show us your costumes.

Kiki: (walks downstairs dressed up as a cop)

Katie: Kiki that looks great on you.

Kristina: (walks downstairs dressed up as Frosty the snowman)

Katie: Kristina that looks cute.

Kristina: thanks. I’m just trying to get this hat on. (Puts the hat on) better.

Molly: (walks downstairs dressed up as Trixie Mattel)

Greg: damn Molly that looks sexy on you.

Molly: (laughing hysterically because what greg said to her) thanks. She’s hysterical.

Taylor: (walks downstairs as a pregnant Norwalk prom girl)

Katie: oh honey look at you glowing even.

Greg: why do I wanna kill whoever fake did that o you.

Taylor: (rudely) really Dad? Really?

Oliver: bane is here.

Anna-Kat: (scares Oliver)

Oliver: (screams) it works I sound like a dude.

Katie: that’s good honey. Alright. Officer, Frosty, Trixie, Bane and Pregger you’ve got parties to go to.

Anna-Kat: aw.

Katie: what’s wrong?

Anna-Kat: I wanna go with them to have some fun.

Katie: well when you’re 12 you can go start going with them. You’re too young to do that.

Anna-Kat: aw. (Gets all sad)

Katie: (sighs) here’s my phone. You can play on it if you would want to.

Anna-Kat: yay. Thanks mama. (Hugs Katie and uses Katie’s phone to play some games that Katie downloaded on the App Store)

Kiki: alright. Are we ready?

Taylor: yep.

Kiki: ok. See you guys later?

Katie: have fun. (To Anna-Kat) Hey Zombie Anastasia, do you wanna go trick or treating?

Anna-Kat: yeah. (Acts like cuckoo pants and giggles)

(during the party)

Taylor: this is an awesome drink.

Kiki: I know. One of the best.

(During trick or treating)

Anna-Kat: (rings the doorbell and someone answers it) trick or treat.

Carol: aw that’s an adorable costume. (Gives Anna-Kat some Kit Kat) there you go. Happy Halloween.

Anna-Kat: thanks Carol. Happy Halloween to you too. See what I got mama?

Katie: I know. Maybe Aunt Hayden can give you something when we get back.

(The day after)

(12:30 PM)

Anna-Kat: (hides in the hamper like a dog)

Greg: (shaves his hair)

Anna-Kat: (pinting)

Taylor: (fixing her hair and takes a picture of herself with her phone)

Anna-Kat: (barks, pints and comes out of the hamper and goes under Taylor and scares her)

Taylor: (screams)

Anna-Kat: it’s just me. (Giggles and hugs Taylor and Taylor hugs her back)

Taylor: oh I love you too.

Katie: (cleaning her eyes)

Anna-Kat: (pints and barks)

Katie: aw my baby is hiding in the hamper.

Anna-Kat: (Giggles)

Oliver: (goes to the hamper)

Anna-Kat: (scares Oliver)

Oliver: (screams)

Katie: Anna-Kat come in here right now.

Anna-Kat: (goes to Katie)

Katie: were you scaring Oliver? WERE YOU?

Anna-Kat: ok I was.

Katie: you lost a tally. (Erases a tally off the reward systems list)

Anna-Kat: but

Katie: no buts. You know better. You can have your tally back when you behave. you know what maybe you can have it back after lunch or something. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Gets sad)

Katie: (sighs) Do you wanna have your belly button out to cheer you up?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: ok.

Anna-Kat: (ties the back of her pjs shirt and her belly button comes out)

Katie: aw my little baby loves to have her belly button out.

Anna-Kat: (lays on the floor and giggles)

Katie: (Rubs Anna-Kat’s belly and tickles it to make Anna-Kat giggle) ok. Now, you can have your tally back because you were behaving for me for a couple minutes and I appreciate it. (Writes the tally on Anna-Kat’s reward systems list)

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and claps her hands)

Katie: I know you’re happy. Come here my favorite person. Who is my baby. (Both hug) I love you so much and no matter what. I will always love you.

Anna-Kat: I will always love you too. (Both hug more)

Katie: now do you want some Cheerios?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm. I love to eat that. (Runs downstairs like cuckoo pants) (rapping) it is Halloween.

Carly: well not anymore.

Anna-Kat: (continues rapping) I love to scare my siblings because they’re my best friends and we’ve got each other’s backs. Always. I love my mama as well and I’m so good at her for doing my hair and I love her so much with all my heart. Uh-huh. Oh yeah. I love her with all my heart. Oh yeah. I love my whole entire family.

Katie: sweetie, here are some Cheerios.

Anna-Kat: thanks mama. (Eats them) they’re so good mama.

Katie: that’s good to hear. Do you wanna stay in your pjs all day today?

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yeah. (Acts like cuckoo pants) (her and Katie hug for the whole day)

Katie: and that also means you can keep your belly button out too.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and screams) thanks mama. Your the best parent ever.

Katie: aw I’m so glad. Come here. (Both hug)

Anna-Kat: (sighs and says something while hugging Katie) my favorite person. Mama.

Katie: aw Anna-Kat, you just made my day super happy. My favorite person. Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: (smiles more while hugging Katie)

Taylor: (comes downstairs) morning Mom.

Katie: morning Taylor. I need you to take the garbage bag out and put it outside in the front porch in the garbage can.

Taylor: sure. (Takes the garbage bag and opens and closes the door, then she opens and closes the door when she comes back in) ok thank you.

Anna-Kat: (hugs Taylor good morning and Taylor hugs her back good morning)

Taylor: I used to wear a shirt like that.

Anna-Kat: I know. I love having my belly button out.

Taylor: yeah. I use scissors to cut them so they can be crop shirts. Anyways I’m going back in my room. (Walks upstairs to her room)

Kristina: I don't wear those kind of shirts.

Kiki: Yeah neither do I. (walks away)

Katie: come in the couch and sit with me for a little bit. I need to talk to you something that is very serious. (Her and Anna-Kat go in the couch) (sighs) listen, I know you like your ponies. Right?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: well sad news, when you were hiding in the hamper for yourself to scare Oliver, I was I your room and seeing the ponies and I have to tell you something. (Stops for 10 seconds so she can tell Anna-Kat the bad news) they’re in heaven.

Anna-Kat: (gasps sadly and starts crying)

Katie: I know it’s sad. I know. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during their hug when Anna-Kat is still crying) but good news. You have your other ponies and you have stuffed animals. Do you wanna get a stuffed animal of yours to cheer yourself up?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm. (Sniffles while getting her stuffed animal then comes downstairs and she hugs her stuffed animal and Katie hugs her and her stuffed animal hugs Anna-Kat with Katie while Anna-Kat is still crying)

Katie: I know baby. I know.

(during the storm)

(1:04 AM)

Anna-Kat: (gets apprehensive, starts crying and goes to Katie and Greg’s room while hugging her stuffed animal bird)

Katie: sweetie what’s wrong?

Anna-Kat: mama, I’m scared. (Continues crying and sniffles and continues hugging her stuffed animal bird while crying apprehensively)

Katie: aw my baby princess sweetheart, (rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness) it’s ok. I know you’re a little apprehensive.

Anna-Kat: what does that mean? (Sniffles)

Katie: it means that your very nervous and very fearful. Are you very fearful?

Anna-Kat: yes. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: aw come in my bed for the night. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during their hug while Anna-Kat is still crying) my little princess it’s ok. I know I know. Don’t be fearful and scared because of the storm. It’s ok. (Kisses Anna-Kat during their hug and both hug more and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat is still crying) I know. It’s gonna be gone by the morning. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: aw. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat is still crying and Katie says this paragraph during the hug) it’s ok Anna-Kat. I know. It’s ok. (Kisses Anna-Kat during their hug) I love you so much and no matter what, I will always love you so much and you will always love me. It’s ok. Do you wanna bedtime story to cheer you up?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm. (Sniffles)

Katie: ok. You’ll still be here.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Sniffles)

Katie: it’s ok. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still apprehensive of the storm) (reads the title of the book) here. The little apprehensive girl. By Jane Lynch. Illustrated by John Fogerty. (Flips the page) once upon a time, long long ago, there was a little girl who was apprehensive about the storm. So she slept in her mama’s room and she felt even better, but the storm was snap so the little girl was crying tears of sadness because she was apprehensive about the storm.

Anna-Kat: how did the storm make her scared mama?

Katie: she was very alarmed and apprehensive just like you are for a lot of things sometimes and that’s ok. And I understand but don’t worry.

Anna-Kat: (starts crying over the storm in the story)

Katie: aw come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it) it’s ok to cry over it.

Anna-Kat: yeah. I’m also crying because of the song set fire to the rain by Adele. The let it burn part the last line, makes me cry so sad it makes me wanna be sad for the rest of the week. (Continues crying tears of sadness because she gets sad over the last few lines of the song set fire to the rain by Adele)

Katie: it’s ok. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness because she doesn’t like the last parts of set fire to the rain by Adele) do you wanna hear the story now to cheer you up?

Anna-Kat: mm-hmm. (Sniffles)

Katie: ok. (Reads the book) she was crying tears of sadness because she is afraid the storm was gonna hit her but then it was morning so then she felt all better by having a smoothie. And she lived happily ever after. The end. (Closes the book) feel better now?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: ok my sweetheart. I love you so much. (Both hug)

Anna-Kat: (says this paragraph during the hug) I love you too mama. (Both continue hugging and rubbing each other’s backs during it)

(after the storm Saturday)

(8 AM)

Anna-Kat: (yawns and touches Katie and rubs her)

Katie: (feels the rub from Anna-Kat) morning sweetheart.

Anna-Kat: morning mama.

Katie: feel better now after the storm that you slept in my room with me?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: good my baby princess sweetheart. (Both hug) come on. Let’s get you some breakfast.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Both go downstairs for breakfast)

Katie: so what would you like?

Anna-Kat: um probably some eggs.

Katie: ok. There probably gonna be a little while. is that ok to you?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

(when eggs were done)

(8:45 AM)

Katie: here you are Anna-Kat. The one and only eggs.

Anna-Kat: (gasps and claps her hands)

Katie: thanks sweetie.

Anna-Kat: your welcome mama.

Katie: you love to clap.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Eats her breakfast)

Katie: aw. Come here cuckoo pants.

Anna-Kat: (acts like cuckoo pants while her and Katie hug and rub each other’s backs during it) I love hugs.

Katie: I know. You hug me and Taylor the most. You know that?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. (Giggles when she acts like cuckoo pants)

Katie: (rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still acting like cuckoo pants)

Anna-Kat: (hugs Katie when she is still acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: aw hi. (Hugs Anna-Kat back and rubs her back during it) I love you.

Anna-Kat: I love you too.

(1:30 PM)

Anna-Kat: hey mama, can we watch a movie now?

Katie: of course.

Anna-Kat: yay. (Gets her stuffed animal bird and Katie makes popcorn and they both watch despicable me and they eat popcorn during the movie) I love this movie so much and I love you mama.

Katie: I’m so glad you love this movie so much and I love you too Anna-Kat. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while watching despicable me) you know maybe you should tell Ms Meltzer about despicable me.

Anna-Kat: I should?

Katie: mm-hmm. So she knows what the movie is all about.

Anna-Kat: I like that idea from you mama.

Katie: that’s great Anna-Kat. Come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat acts like cuckoo pants)

Anna-Kat: I love you so much mama.

Katie: I love you so much too cuckoo pants.

Anna-Kat: (giggles and her and Katie hug more while Anna-Kat is still acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: aw my little cuckoo pants loves despicable me.

Anna-Kat: yeah. (Pints and barks like a dog then pints some more)

Katie: aw my little cuckoo pants doggy. You want a hamburger?

Anna-Kat: (pints like a dog) yeah. (Continues pinting like a dog)

Katie: get it girl. (Throws Anna-Kat the hamburger and Anna-Kat eats it from her mouth)

Anna-Kat: thanks mama.

Katie: your welcome my little princess sweetheart.

Anna-Kat: (acts like cuckoo pants and becomes very giggly while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: you still have your pj dress on so yeah. You can stay on them for the whole day today if you want.

Anna-Kat: thanks mama. You’re the best parent ever in Westport Connecticut.

Katie: aw your the best 8 year old ever in Westport Connecticut. Come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it) you have your pj dress on so we’re still watching despicable me so it’s not over it. Your pj dress looks comfy.

Anna-Kat: thanks mama.

Katie: are you wearing underpants under it?

Anna-Kat: (checks her hooha) no. Why?

Katie: just checking.

Anna-Kat: ok.

Katie: now let’s continue despicable me.

Anna-Kat: ok. (Barks like a dog and acts like cuckoo pants and giggles while acting like cuckoo pants)

Katie: (rubs Anna-Kat’s back and continues despicable me from the scene where Gru does a minions assemble)

Taylor: (opens the door and closes it) hey Mom.

Anna-Kat: (barks and jumps on Taylor because she’s home)

Taylor: oh hi. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is acting like a dog pinting and barking)

Katie: hey Taylor. How was it?

Taylor: it was good.

Katie: (to Anna-Kat) wanna have another hamburger?

Anna-Kat: yeah. (Barks and pints like a dog)

Katie: (throws the hamburger to Anna-Kat and Anna-Kat picks it up from her mouth and eats it and barks and pints some more)

Taylor: (about Anna-Kat) so she’s our dog now?

Katie: no. She’s acting like one.

Taylor: (about Anna-Kat) then what the hell is she doing?

Katie: she’s acting like cuckoo pants.

Taylor: what does that even mean?

Katie: it means that Anna-Kat is very happy and giggly today.

Taylor: yeah. It happened when she scared me last week when I was coming down to drink the coffee that you didn’t tell me to do.

Katie: I think I remember that.


Anna-Kat: I’m gonna go in my room for a little bit, but first I wanna scare Taylor. (Goes behind the staircase waiting for Taylor)

Taylor: (comes downstairs) morning Mom.

Anna-Kat: (to Taylor) boo.

Taylor: (screams and falls down the stairs to the floor)

Anna-Kat: it’s just me. (Giggles)

(flashback ends)

Katie: totally.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. Mama remembers that totally and so do I.

Taylor: so I have my drivers license.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily and claps her hands for Taylor because Taylor got her license)

Taylor: (takes a bow while Anna-Kat is clapping for Taylor) thanks Anna-Kat.

Anna-Kat: your welcome my favorite sibling. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it)

Katie: I am very proud of you Taylor.

Taylor: thanks Mom. (Walks upstairs to her room and bees happy because she got her license)

Katie: alright. Let’s continue despicable me. (Continues watching despicable me and her and Anna-Kat eat popcorn while watching despicable me)

(Monday 3:15 PM)

Anna-Kat: (comes in the house crying because she has homework)

Katie: (closes the door) (to Anna-Kat) Where is your homework?

Anna-Kat: (groans angrily and takes out her homework while crying)

Katie: I don’t appreciate you being whiny. Take it out. Let’s go. We’re not doing this today.

Anna-Kat: (rudely) I TOOK IT OUT. OK?

Katie: Ah. Watch your tone and don’t talk to me like that.

Anna-Kat: ok I’m sorry. (Continues crying because she has homework)

Katie: I know you’re sorry but you need to show me your sorry.

Anna-Kat: (throws a fit)

Katie: Sweetie, no throwing fits. There is nothing to cry about. It’s just homework.

Anna-Kat: UGH!

Katie: Anna-Kat, let’s go.

Anna-Kat: UGH!

Katie: Don’t ugh me or you’re not getting any electronics.

Anna-Kat: (throws a fit)

Katie: No throwing fits either. Do your homework. Come on.

Anna-Kat: (sighs angrily and says fine rudely) Fine.

Katie: Ah. That wasn’t a nice fine. Try that again and say it nicely.

Anna-Kat: Fine. (Goes to the dining room and does her homework while crying)

Katie: (sits with Anna-Kat while Anna-Kat does her homework)

Anna-Kat: (writes her name on the top of her paper while crying) This is so unfair.

Katie: I know it’s unfair. When I was your age, I had a lot of homework from my teacher but I just did it and got it done.

Anna-Kat: (wipes her eyes and sniffles while she’s doing her homework)

Katie: (sighs sadly and puts her hand on Anna-Kat’s back and rubs it while Anna-Kat cries a little because she has to do her homework) I’ll help you with it sweetheart. Don’t worry. I’m sorry for getting upset at you. But you can’t just talk back to me when you’re being told to so something. I know how hard it is for you to control yourself. I understand.

Anna-Kat: (sniffles) It really is hard for me because I just get so upset because I just don’t like to do something sometimes when I’m told to do it.

Katie: I know but you can’t refuse to do things when you’re told. When I tell you to do something, you just do it. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Sniffles and continues crying while she’s doing her homework)

Katie: Aw honey, (rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat’s still crying) Don’t worry. It’s ok. I’ll help you with your homework. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Sniffles)

Katie: So, when we multiply, right? We do an x symbol, like this. (Gets a blank piece of paper and draws the x and shows it to Anna-Kat) Right?

Anna-Kat: (in a sad tone) Mm-hmm.

Katie: (gets more sympathetic towards Anna-Kat and rubs Anna-Kat’s back) Don’t cry sweetie. I’m helping you. So what is 9 x 3?

Anna-Kat: 18.

Katie: Good. So it’s 18. Now, I want you to try the rest by yourself. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Sniffles)

Katie: I’ll watch you.

Anna-Kat: (does the rest of the other work independently) I’m done mama.

Katie: ok. (Checks Anna-Kat’s homework) See? Wasn’t that hard?

Anna-Kat: (looks all happy) No it wasn’t.

Katie: That’s good. You just have to try. Ok? There is nothing to cry over homework. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok.

Katie: Come here. (Her and Anna-Kat both hug) I love you.

Anna-Kat: I love you too.