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Body Image is the sixth episode of the third season of American Housewife, and the fifty-third episode overall. Written by Rick Wiener, Kenny Schwartz & Sarah Dunn and directed by Ken Whittingham, it aired on October 31, 2018.


Now that the formerly fattest housewife in Westport has had gastric bypass surgery, Chloe Brown Mueller can't wait to flaunt the woman in front of Katie. Convinced that Chloe has had work done, Katie enlists Doris and Angela to help her dig up an unflattering photo of Chloe from a high school yearbook. At the same time, Katie worries about her children becoming too body conscious. Taylor tries to do something about the thin lips she inherited from Grandma Kathryn, Oliver becomes obsessed with developing well-defined calves like the new guy in his ballet class, and Anna-Kat is curious about her teacher's new boob job.


Main Cast[]

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Chloe Brown Mueller appears in this episode.

Taylor doesn’t disrespect Katie in this episode.

When Katie asks Taylor why did she suck up the bottle, Taylor says the answer in a nice tone.



Anna-Kat: (gasps) dr Ellie your back.

Dr Ellie: yep. Always.

Anna-Kat: (gasps) she just got her boobs done. (Her and Franklin giggle)

(3 minutes later)

Anna-Kat: (Shakes her butt and giggles while doing it while clapping her hands)

Franklin: I love to clap my hands.

Anna-Kat: why don’t you do it with me.

Franklin: ok.

(Anna-Kat and Franklin clap their hands for 3 minutes)

(3 minutes later)

(Anna-Kat and Franklin giggle while hugging each other for 2 hours)

Katie: what did you do?

Taylor: I sucked up into this bottle. You can do whatever you want with it so you know how it works.

Katie: your shoes. They’re on the wrong side.

Oliver: (rudely) you don’t know whats being like to a more cafe committee.

Katie: alright I have had enough. Family meeting. Everyone is not in the way that they’re not happy with. But if people want to treat like Dr Ellie, They should. But we are not going to judge them.

Greg: I agree we should stay fully who we are.

Anna-Kat: do you want to know what your new nickname is?

Greg: it’s gonna be hurtful.

Anna-Kat: Boldie Locks.

Greg: and it was.