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Boar-Dain is the second episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. Written by Brian Donovan & Ed Herro and directed by Rebecca Asher, it aired on October 4, 2017.


Having to make a presentation on the Spring Gala theme in front of dozens of parents, Katie feels like she can just wing it. However, when her initial idea for a beach party theme meets with resistance, she instead uses Oliver's idea of a Bollywood theme, which will be much harder to pull off. Greg makes an impulsive purchase of a special grill that he plans to use for roasting a pig, but his first attempt does not go well and he keeps the pig as a pet. Greg also pushes Eyo to convince Taylor to go to college, but Taylor instead inspires Eyo to follow his dream of being a manga cartoonist, upsetting his mother, Tara, greatly.

the episode starts with Katie and Greg in the kitchen. Katie wants to do something fun, Greg agrees, but Oliver doesn’t. The spring gala is a fundraiser, not a hoedown. The whole thing is about raising money. After Oliver says all that stuff, He gets a call from one of the girls who he broke up with. Anna-Kat and Franklin get an idea about getting a dog. Katie disagrees with that statement. Taylor and Eyo have arrived, Taylor asks politely to Katie and Greg to not embarrass her when Eyo is here. Taylor and Eyo are doing English homework upstairs in Taylor’s room. Tara has arrived, who she was almost killed with the big box. Greg tells Eyo to give him a hand. Taylor tells Greg to get friends. Katie asks Oliver who is he talking to. Oliver says it’s none of your business. Tara agrees with Oliver in that statement. Tara has a theme for Katie for the spring gala. Katie the great failure everybody saw it dash dash she sucks. Katie tells Tara to get out and she won’t stop annoying Katie so Katie slams the door in Tara’s face, so Tara is offended and leaves the Otto house. Eyo helps Greg with the barbecue. Anna-Kat disrespects Franklin with an idea. After she disrespects Franklin, Greg tells Anna-Kat to go to her office so him and Katie can speak with her about what kind of tone she used to Franklin, she was very mean to him. So Greg and Katie teach her a lesson so she can apologize for being disrespectful to Franklin. Greg tells Katie that she needs to say OK to him he says OK to her all the time. Katie then says OK in a nervous tone. Katie is shy of saying OK so Greg is helping her with it. Doris tells Katie to get a complaint bracelet. If Katie wants to yell at Greg for some bone-headed idea, she snaps it. Katie and Greg set up the table for the barbecue. Katie is in her and Greg’s room saying this is why I don’t say OK. She snaps the bracelet and tells Greg how it works. At school, Katie meets Tara that Tara is telling her she’s here to watch her crash and burn from the audience. Katie then says non-meat stuff sadly, which means Tara is annoying Katie. So Katie blames Tara for setting such a bad example. Katie takes Oliver’s advice. Katie annoys Tara back for the meat. Then, everyone starts applauding except Tara. At the barbecue, Doris asks Katie if she knows Nathan Fillion. Katie then answers yeah. Then, Doris snaps the bracelet and saying that’s for you. Katie listened to Oliver not Greg. Oliver says we’re not men, we’re ottos. Eyo upsets Tara about college about something else is his passion. Katie and Eyo have ruined Tara’s life. Greg asks Taylor about college and Taylor supported Eyo like they’ve been talking about. Taylor picks the worst time to listen to Katie and Greg. In the last scene, Anna-Kat names the pig Hans Gruber. Greg snaps the bracelet. Then Katie apologizes to him saying she’s sorry. After that, Greg was touching Katie like she was going to cry.

Are you crazy? Oliver to Katie about Alice McCarthy.


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This is the last episode in which Eyo appears in.

Anna-Kat doesn't annoy Taylor in this episode.

It is mentioned that Oliver is 13.


Taylor: Hey guys my boyfriend is here please don’t embarrass me.

Greg: Hey Eyo Eyooooo, Eyooooo,

Eyo: (chuckles)

Taylor: Or just ignore me. (Rolls her eyes angrily)

Eyo: quite a set of pipes Mr. Otto.

Greg: Thanks. What are you guys up to?

Eyo: Taylor and I are gonna do some English homework.

Katie: great. And Taylor remember don’t copy word for word, mix it up a little bit.bit.



Tara: (opens the door) I almost killed myself on that big box by the door.

Greg: it’s here. Eyo give me a hand.

Taylor: Dad get friends.

Greg: I’m joking. I have insane friends. (Laughing) (to Eyo) come.

Taylor: (rolls her eyes angrily and goes upstairs to her room waiting for Eyo)

Katie: I thought I smelled kale. What do you want Tara?

Tara: just making sure everything’s safe in this lawless house. Did you have a vegan option for Eyo? We’re vegan now.

Katie: Tara you’re gonna have to get used to it.

(Greg and Eyo come with the big box)

Katie: your shoe just fell off. If you would keep it down in your way out that’d be great.

Oliver: oh yeah one second.

Katie: who are you talking to?

Oliver: it’s nunya.

Katie: what does that mean?

Oliver: nunya business. (Walks to Greg’s office)

Tara: yeah Katie it’s nunya business.

Katie: (groans) on one of those days I’m gonna realize that nunya isn’t a person.

Tara: so have you picked your theme yet for the spring gala? Because I already have one. We’ll call it Katie colon the great failure everyone saw it coming dash dash she sucks.

Katie: Tara it might be the final frontier or mm-mm meat.

Tara: I’m leaving. Call, text, email or post on Facebook if Eyo needs anything. Here’s his eppy pin, his backpack and his toilet seat covers.

Katie: do you bring toilet seat covers for everywhere he goes?

Tara: no.

Katie: (rudely) good slam Tara. Here’s mine. (Slams the door in Tara’s face and Tara gets offended because of that)

Franklin: I’d think it’d be fun.

Anna-Kat: it’s a bad idea Franklin. It’s a hard no. Discussion’s over.

Franklin: but

Anna-Kat: I said over.

Franklin: (sighs) I think you’re right.

Greg: Anna-Kat, can we talk to you in my office?

Anna-Kat: do I have to be here for this?

Greg: sit.

Katie: you were very rude to Franklin.

Anna-Kat: but I didn’t like his idea.

Katie: you can’t shut people down like that. You’re gonna be losing a tally. Remember what your working for? Right?

Anna-Kat: (starts crying) right.

Katie: (sighs and rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still crying and she says this stuff to Anna-Kat while she is rubbing Anna-Kat’s back) now where did you get that from? If your gonna treat them with disrespect they won’t be your friends anymore.

Greg: that’s true honey we have to support the people we care about. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK. (Sniffles)

Greg: so for instance if Anthony boar dain would love to throw a pig roast, then it’d be ok. Right?

Anna-Kat: yeah. (Sniffles)

Katie: aw (rubs Anna-Kat’s back some more) so next time when you’re talking to any one like Franklin, we’re gonna be nice. OK?

Anna-Kat: ok. I’ll try. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: I know I know. (Both hug during the rubbing) it’s ok my baby princess sweetheart it’s ok.

Carly: So this is why we have to keep our words to ourselves.

Molly: Yeah. When is Sonny coming?

Carly: He's not because he had a doctors appointment so I went here by myself.

Molly: How long is the appointment?

Carly: Two hours.

Molly: Damn that sucks.

Carly: I know right?

Greg: I’m serious you need to just say ok to me sometimes like I do for you. I say ok to you all the time.

Katie: yeah. Well that’s because my ideas are always good.

Greg: really?


Katie: pull that thing off the steering wheel. It’s driving me crazy.

Greg: ok. (Air pops in Greg’s face)

(flashback ends)

Katie: (laughing)

Greg: it wasn’t funny.

Katie: I know it was the look on your face when I saw it.

Greg: you know you can support me the way I support you.

Katie: (sighs) fine. I’ll ok this. But

Greg: (interrupts Katie) no no. No ok buts just ok.

Katie: ok you know what.

Greg: no you can’t say it like that it’s not sing songy.

Katie: I’m sorry. This is new to me. (Breaths) but I’m saying (in a nervous tone) ok.

Greg: Katie,

Katie: I can’t do it. I’m shy.

Greg: Yes I know. But don’t worry I’m sure you can say it.

Doris: What you need is a complaint bracelet. If you wanna yell at your husband for some bone-headed idea? (snaps the bracelet) You snap it. So you don't have to think about $5 of memorabillia.


Doris: (gets angry and snaps the bracelet)

(flashback ends)

Doris: (about her husband) He's a pain in the ass and I'm a living nightmare. Still married.

Sam: When does this get set up?

Greg: probably Now because I have it set up at this point.

Sam: Cool.

Molly: Sam, We need Hot Dogs.

Sam: OK. Greg and I will run to the Deli on the way back from getting a pig.

Katie: That's great Sam. See it's important to be supportive of your friend's ideas.

Anna-Kat: (rudely) Then we should be supportive of my idea to get a Dog.

Katie: I'm not your friend I'm your mother. We'll be friends when you're old enough to drink.

Anna-Kat: (offended)

Oliver: (cellphone rings) Ooh Alice I got to take this. (talks to Alice) Go for Oliver.

Katie: (hangs up) Uh-uh.

Oliver: What you've done?

Katie: It doesn't matter. I don't want you seeing her ever again.

Anna-Kat: Ooh You won't be able to see your crush again. (Giggles)

Oliver: UGH MOM

Katie: Anna-Kat makes a good point.

Anna-Kat: Ha.

Katie: (to Anna-Kat) But Oliver isn't wrong. You have to stop annoying him about things that He is not aloud to do.

Oliver: Ha.

Molly: (rudely) Hello are we going to finish or not?

Katie: (offended)

Tara: safely segading safety before surgery is your passion. One afternoon this house and he must’ve thrown his life away on doodles. (Grabs Eyo’s hand from Taylor and runs away angrily)

Katie: bye Tara see you never I hope not kidding hate you get out.

Greg: so you wanted him to go to college you decided not to go to college?

Taylor: I just supported him like you guys have been talking about.

Greg: you kids honestly pick the worst time to listen to us.

Katie: yeah.

Anna-Kat: me and Hans Gruber are going upstairs. I’m going to give him a bath.

Katie: I love your dress.

Anna-Kat: thanks mama.

Katie: are you wearing underpants under it?

Anna-Kat: (checks her private part) no. Why?

Katie: just checking.

Anna-Kat: ok mama.

Greg: you renamed the pig Hans Gruber?

Anna-Kat: yep. He almost killed Bruce Willis in my new favorite movie Die Hard.

Greg: you watched Die Hard?

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. With mama.

Sam: (looks at Katie curiously) who the (bleep) watches Die Hard with an 8 year old?

Katie: (offended)

Sam: you don’t have to be offended I’m just curious.

Katie: (sighs) (to Anna-Kat) sweetie, what is the rule of mama Anna-Kat movie time?

Anna-Kat: (tries to think but giggles over Katie’s question to her)

Katie: (giggles with Anna-Kat) what’s the rule of it?

Anna-Kat: (Continues giggling) I don’t know? (Continues giggling)

Katie: (giggles with Anna-Kat) come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while they’re giggling) what is the rule of it? Remember mama Anna-Kat movie time? Just tell me or you’re losing a tally. (Continues giggling with Anna-Kat)

Anna-Kat: (talks while giggling) when daddy asks we always watch Despicable Me. (Continues giggling)

Katie: (continues giggling with Anna-Kat while both hug and rub each other’s backs during it)

Anna-Kat: (gasps and talks while giggling) Hans Gruber’s a minion. (Continues giggling)

Katie: (continues giggling with Anna-Kat while both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while giggling) are you gonna take Hans Gruber to the bathroom for a bath?

Anna-Kat: (talks while giggling) uh-huh. (Her and Hans Gruber go upstairs while Anna-Kat is still giggling)

Greg: (snaps the bracelet)

Katie: in my defense, you weren’t supposed to think about that.

Greg: it was a good defense.

Katie: (looks sad like she’s going to cry)

Greg: Katie, (touches Katie’s hand when she starts to cry) Katie it’s ok. I love you so much and you just have to say ok and that’s it and I know it’s hard. But your doing great and I’m proud of you for the first time that you have stood up for yourself. So no more tears of sadness ok?

Katie: but I can’t have it. Every time it’s tears of sadness and I feel the sadness right in my eyes. I just feel sad because of what I did wrong.

Greg: Katie, hey I understand. I know you are in the sadness part but the happiness part is that you can spend your time with me and you can do it that way. OK?

Katie: OK. (Wipes her tears)

Greg: Katie, it’s ok. (Hugs Katie and touches her back while Katie is still crying)

Anna-Kat: (rapping while giving Hans Gruber a bath) J’s on my feet. (Says it 7 more times)

(the day after)

(7:45 AM)

Anna-Kat: (humming)

Katie: do you know sweetheart that you have the same pjs on the day I told you to sign up for an after school club? Remember?

Anna-Kat: (looks at herself her pjs in the mirror)


Katie: you are going to sign up for an after school club. And FYI, this is the last time I negotiate with an 8 year old. (Walks away)

Anna-Kat: that’s so unfair.

Greg: Ooh were two for two.

(another flashback)

Katie: I’ll spend quality time with Anna-Kat because I feel bad now for confronting her and I should’ve not. (Sighs sadly) I ruined her life. (Sighs sadly)

Greg: you know Katie maybe she loves you.

Katie: well yeah because she’s my favorite. And everyone in Westport knows that. (Opens Anna-Kat’s door and closes it) so sweetheart I’m sorry for confronting you about the clubs.

Anna-Kat: I’m sorry too mama. (Continues being sad)

Katie: listen. (Rubs Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still being sad and apprehensive)

Anna-Kat: (puts her hood up from her blue pjs shirt while being sad and apprehensive)

Katie: I know it’s hard but I’ll spend some time with you to cheer you up.

Anna-Kat: ok mama. (Continues being sad and apprehensive about the clubs while her hood is up from her blue pjs shirt)

Katie: (continues rubbing Anna-Kat’s back while Anna-Kat is still being sad and apprehensive about the clubs) (says this paragraph during the back rubbing) I know it’s hard but I’m just reminding you FYI. It’s ok. I know. It’s ok.

(flashback ends)

Anna-Kat: (looks herself her pjs in the mirror) yeah. (Giggles)

Katie: so I was just wondering what if you were going to stay home today instead of going to school?

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yes. (Jumps happily up and down) thanks mama.

Katie: your welcome sweetheart. My little baby princess sweetheart. You can stay in your pjs today too.

Anna-Kat: (gasps happily) yay. (Clapping)

Katie: aw you love it do you?

Anna-Kat: yeah. These pajamas are my favorite kind.

Katie: that’s cool.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. Because my shirt and pants match. Twinsies. (Giggles) it’s for me though. It has blue polka dots with a white background on it. These kind of pajamas are my favorite.

Katie: that’s cool honey.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh.

Katie: come here. (Both hug and Katie rubs Anna-Kat’s back during the hug)

(dinner 6:20 PM)

Katie: Anna-Kat you’re still on your pjs?

Anna-Kat: yeah, because there was nothing for me to do today.

Katie: (sighs) so Kristina you’re moving here I guess?

Kristina: yes. And I’m so glad to share Taylor’s room with Taylor. If the purple room with the color blocks that says her sister’s name on it when I want to sleep there for a night or two.

Carly: damn you go girl. Man, you know that room with Anna-Kat’s name on the blocks over it is also my office. If you wanna sleep in their in the bed for a night if you decide, that’s my guess.

Kristina: thanks Carly.

Carly: your welcome.

Anna-Kat: but that’s my room.

Katie: well sweetie I know but maybe you should do it with Kristina. She’s your step sister and she loves you.

Anna-Kat: yeah but, (starts crying tears of sadness) I don’t want to leave my room. It’s my favorite. (Continues crying and sniffles)

Katie: aw sweetie, I know it’s your favorite room but you might share it with Kristina.

Anna-Kat: but then I’ll never have my room again. (Continues crying tears of sadness and sniffles while she is still crying tears of sadness)

Katie: aw sweetheart it’s ok. Come here. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness because about Kristina staying in the Ottos house for a couple days) (says this paragraph during the hug) it’s ok.

Taylor: (continues eating while Anna-Kat is still crying tears of sadness)

Katie: (says this paragraph during the hug) (sighs) listen. I know you don’t like it when someone takes other people’s rooms to sleep over for a couple days and I understand, but don’t worry. Some of it is still featured in the hall of fame. You’ll always have your room and I love you so much. I always love you so much and I understand it’s sadness but sometimes we cry over it and I know that you’re crying because you don’t want to leave your room I know. (Both hug more) it’s ok.

Kristina: so this dinner is great and this place is very cool.

Katie: aw. Thanks Kristina. (To Anna-Kat) do you wanna sleep with me in my room tonight?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Katie: ok. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs)

(9:12 PM)

Anna-Kat: (exhales)

Katie: I love you cuckoo pants.

Anna-Kat: I love you too mama. (Both hug and rub each other’s backs during it)

Katie: (puts on sprout’s play play play)

Anna-Kat: (claps to the clapping beats from the song silently with the other performers from the song)

(after it was over)

Katie: I love you. (Kisses Anna-Kat and they both go to sleep)

(the day after)

(2:45 PM)

Anna-Kat: hey Taylor, can you play with me?

Taylor: I’m busy. Sorry.

Anna-Kat: but Taylor I didn’t annoy you yesterday. Can you please play with me? Please? (Gives Taylor puppy eyes)

Taylor: (sees Anna-Kat’s puppy eyes)

Anna-Kat: (talks while giving Taylor puppy eyes) I’ll give you lots of hugs and hugs. Please? (Hugs Taylor while giving Taylor puppy eyes and Taylor hugs Anna-Kat back while Anna-Kat is giving Taylor puppy eyes)

Taylor: OK I’ll play with you.

Anna-Kat: yay. (Acts like cuckoo pants and her and Taylor go upstairs) Mom and Dad aren’t here but you, me and Oliver are so you and I would play stuffed animals together.

Taylor: ok.

Anna-Kat: you’ll be my bear and I’ll be my bird.

Taylor: ok. (Clears throat) (as Anna-Kat’s stuffed animal bear) oh hey. I’ll just think about you for myself today.

Anna-Kat: (as her stuffed animal bird) ok. I’ll just think about you for myself today too. (Giggles) (normal voice) you know what Taylor? I just gotta say I love you so much and you are my favorite sibling.

Taylor: well your my favorite sibling especially when you give my puppy eyes because I said know for the first time for the first question when I can play with you and now all of a sudden, you give me puppy eyes when you say please for the 2nd time.

Anna-Kat: uh-huh. I give puppy eyes to you and Mom. Just you two. That’s it.

Taylor: so not Dad and Oliver?

Anna-Kat: I don’t think so. (Hugs Taylor and rubs her back during it and Taylor hugs her back and rubs her back during it while they both smile at each other) I love you. (Continues hugging Taylor)

Taylor: I love you too. (Continues hugging Anna-Kat)