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Angela is a hip, black lesbian going through a messy divorce from her wife Celeste, and one of two best friends of Katie Otto. She is played by Carly Hughes.


Angela is one of the Westport housewives. She is best friends with Katie Otto and Doris, who she often butt heads over with good advice. She was married once but got divorced because she cheated.


Angela has a complex personality. Sometimes she promotes manipulation, deception, and trickery when offering advice to Katie, but she does come with good morals. She often butts heads with Doris when giving advice because Doris’ advice can be eccentric and don't usually have positive outcomes. She is a very loose-goosey mother, who lets her children do anything they want when they want. But nevertheless, she has a heart of gold and a good sense of humor.


  • Angela is Katie's legal council.
  • Angela had a crush on Katie when they first met.