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American Idol is the fifteenth episode of the third season of American Housewife, and the sixty-second episode overall. Written by Jordan Roter and directed by John Putch, it aired on March 19, 2019.


When Taylor expresses her desire not to go to college and to become a professional singer instead, Katy and her daughter have a big fight and Taylor runs away from home to pursue her career, Katie determines to get her back home and give her the biggest grounding ever. At home, Oliver and Anna-Kat help Greg create a viral message to promote membership in his historical society. Meanwhile, Katy is hired to plan a party for a Westport businesswomen's association, only to learn it is all her frenemies pretending to be important.

the episode starts were Taylor tells Katie and Greg that she doesn’t want to go to college and become a singer on American Idol. Katie and Greg disagree with that statement and tell her that she has to go to college. Taylor says dream crushers to them. Making Katie and Greg offended and disappointed. Greg tells Oliver and Anna-Kat that Abe Henderson died. He was in charge of supply lists. The three of them work it out. Katie and Taylor are at Taylor’s room talking about music lessons from Doris’ house. Doris shows Taylor the music space that she built for her kids. Her music lessons are torn out when Taylor fails so her teacher gives her an F. Katie comforts Taylor because she was the one who got an F. Taylor goes on American Idol and sings her heart out. The three judges say yes and tell Taylor that she’s going to Hollywood. It was a dream so Luthor was with her. The next day, Taylor sings her heart out at the music class. When her teacher gives her an A, Doris was upset and confronted Taylor that she has ruined everything and calls Katie. Katie talks to the ladies, especially Tara. Greg finishes his stuff with Anna-Kat and Oliver.

You owe me three more demoralized children. Doris to Katie.


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Taylor and Katie fight a lot in this episode.

Tara Summers, Nancy Granville, Suzanne and Sage appear in this episode.

This is the sixteenth episode in which Taylor disrespects Katie.

Trip is mentioned but does not appear in this episode.

It is mentioned that Taylor is 17.



Taylor: I’m not going to college so I can concentrate on becoming a singer.

Greg: for the thousandth time, your going to college.

Katie: and I know you want to become a singer but your not ready to do it yet.

Anna-Kat: (chuckles) (to Taylor) you still have to go to college. (Giggles)

Taylor: Mom

Katie: uh-uh. Anna-Kat makes a good point. You still have to go to college.

Anna-Kat: whether you like it or not, your still going to college. (Giggles) and PS your gonna be there forever. (Giggles)

Taylor: or I can go on American Idol, sing my heart out and boom. Do you guys get what I’m saying?

Katie: nah

Greg: uh-uh.

Taylor: DREAM CRUSHERS! (Pops the balloons and walks away)

Katie: that’s so annoying.

Greg: yeah.

Katie: Anna-Kat, I know your agreeing with us and being on our side but you can’t annoy Taylor like that. Do you understand?

Anna-Kat: (sighs) yes. (Walks away sadly)

Greg: your not gonna believe this Abe Henderson died.

Anna-Kat: who’s Abe Henderson?

Greg: he was in charge of supply books and stuff for social studies.

Oliver: wow that’s sad. Where’s Taylor?

Greg: in her room.

Anna-Kat: did you tell her that she still has to go to college?

Greg: yeah but you need to stop annoying her. OK?

Anna-Kat: OK.

Doris (knocking at the windows door looks at Taylor) YOU!

Doris: What the hell have you done? You and your joy have ruined everything. Your father said I was crazy by building a sound proof room with a window to keep an eye on things? Well? Who’s crazy now? (Looks at Mrs Belt) ah, fired.

Mrs Belt: (looks offended and looks down)