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All Coupled Up is the seventeenth episode of the second season of American Housewife, and the fortieth episode overall. Written by Donald Diego and directed by John Putch. It aired on March 7, 2018.


To continue dating Gina, Oliver decides he can't reveal his materialism, causing him to blow off his rich friend Cooper when he wants to hang out with them. Though initially hurt, Cooper later asks Katie to help him become less of a spoiled brat. Greg is becoming annoyed with the constant PDA between Taylor and Trip, especially because they only engage in it when Katie leaves the room. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat realizes she is the only Otto not in a relationship, so she starts treating her oblivious playmate Franklin like a boyfriend.

the episode starts where Anna-Kat and Franklin are playing ponies. Greg tries to halt the PDA between Taylor and Trip. But they tell Greg to get his own life. Katie calls a sock a bitch. Oliver gets ready for her girlfriend Gina to come over. Anna-Kat and Franklin are a couple when everyone else has their hands on each other. While watching a program on a TV, Taylor and Trip are trying to kiss but Greg stops them because their PDA is unacceptable. Taylor then tells Greg that her and Trip like each other. Taylor guesses that she is wrong. Greg feels bad for confronting Taylor. Franklin leaves without saying goodbye to Anna-Kat which makes Anna-Kat cry and listen to the sad song from Mulan. Cooper comes to the house, but Katie tells him to leave because Oliver wasn’t here. Anna-Kat tells Dr Ellie that Franklin was very sweet to Anna-Kat. Dr Ellie tells her that Franklin doesn’t know if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Greg apologizes to Taylor for being rude. Taylor accepts Greg’s apology. Katie and Greg kiss in front of Taylor, but she tells them to stop just like Greg did between Taylor and Trip. At the bowling, Taylor bowled and got a strike and everyone started applauding and her and Trip started to kiss and Greg glances at them but she says you apologized so let us do it. At home, Anna-Kat tells everyone about her breakup with Franklin. But Franklin rings the doorbell and she says Franklin you came back, then Anna-Kat hugs Franklin so Franklin hugs her back.


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This is the first episode in which Anna-Kat and Franklin are a couple.

This is the second episode in which Taylor disrespects Greg.

Katie and Taylor do not interact with each other in this episode.



Anna-Kat: now if you excuse me, (rudely) I have to teach Franklin how to make pony noises correctly.

Katie: Anna-Kat, a word. Were you rude to me?

Anna-Kat: (gets sad) yeah.

Katie: you should not or else you’re gonna lose a tally. Remember what your working for? Right?

Anna-Kat: yeah.

Franklin: can I go home yet?

Anna-Kat: (rudely) this play date is over when I say it’s over.

Katie: uh-uh-uh. Your gonna lose a tally.

(couple hours ago)

Weatherman: this is a weather thundercloud. And this is an actual thundercloud. And this is…

Katie narrating: A bored housewife closing her eyes. See ya.

(Taylor and Trip laugh and kiss)

Greg: (clears throat) Taylor. (Gives Taylor the side eye)

Taylor: Woah Dad are you ok? Is your behavior still acting up?

Greg: I’m fine. Just focus on the program.

(Taylor and Trip laugh and kiss again)

Greg: (clears throat and gives Taylor and Trip the side eye again)

Trip: Mr. A, my dog made that face you’re making now. We need to get you to a vet. ASAP.

Greg: Trip, the only thing that’s wrong with me is the fact that you two won’t keep your hands off each other.

Taylor: Dad, you’re being so uncool right now.

Greg: I don’t care. Taylor, your PDA is completely unacceptable. And I will not have it in this house anymore. Are we clear?

Trip: Of course sir. I should go. (Leaves the house)

Taylor: Trip and I like each other. We’re just doing what couples do. I expect Mom to freak out but I thought you were cooler than that. I guess I was wrong. (Walks away angrily)

Greg: (sighs sadly)

Katie: Move over Bruce Willis. There’s a new bad cop ahead over you.

Greg: yippee dabba Doo mother May I. Did I use that right.

Katie: No.

Greg: Taylor, can I talk to you for a minute?

Taylor: WHAT???? (stomps footsteps downstairs angrily)

Greg: I just wanna say that I made a mistake. Your and Trip’s PDA is normal and I was wrong to get in the way of that.

Taylor: (rudely) I accept your apology, and no more intersecting my back rubs.

Greg: Fine.


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